Leon County Commission Candidates Raise $279,076

Leon County Commission Candidates Raise $279,076

Candidates running for four Leon County Commission seats have raised a total of $279,076 based on the March 10th campaign reports filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

The candidates have spent $39,038 and have $240,038 left for campaign activities. The next report is due April 10th.

The table below shows the campaign fundraising activities for each of the 16 candidates.

Over half of the contributions ($147,000) have been raised by candidates seeking to replace County Commissioner Kristin Dozier – District 5 -who is opting to run for Tallahassee mayor.

For more detail on campaign finance visit here.

4 Responses to "Leon County Commission Candidates Raise $279,076"

  1. Josh Johnson and David O’Keefe are the clear winners, electorally and for the public trust.

    Obscene to see developers, real estate interests and inside power players squander so much wealth for such bad causes. Especially for Bellamy and Dailey on City side, and Revell and Maddox on County.

  2. I know how it is to live Pay Check to Pay Check just as many others in Leon County. I chose to self fund my Campaign for a couple of reasons. When Covid hit, it hit everyone hard, then the Economy started going south making budgets even tighter so, I feel the Citizens should spend their Money feeding their Families instead of my Campaign. The other reason that I am glad to be self funded is because with everything going on in the Press about the Campaign Contributions to the Campaigns of Candidates running for Re-Election and now with a few of the Candidates who threw their hats into the ring. Self Funding is the right thing to do, and besides, I wouldn’t know how to spend $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 or More on a Local Campaign, it would be a waste of good Money. I don’t want your Money, I want your Vote. David T. Hawkins for Leon County Commission District 5. Hawkins2022.com

  3. Nick Maddox and Bill Proctor are sellouts to the Blueprint vote for Stadium seats. They may as well close their campaign accounts and move on as they will not prevail.

    There are a few puppets for the chamber crowd and they will not prevail.

    Money will not be the driving factor as voters are paying attention and the more money raised the more voters are turned away.

    I believe the two top candidates who are sure winners are Rudy Ferguson and David Hawkins as they are reputable, have Sweat Equity invested in the community, Integrity, and the best interests of the citizens at heart.

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