Job Posted for Executive Director Position with the Council on the Status of Men and Boys

Job Posted for Executive Director Position with the Council on the Status of Men and Boys

The Council on the Status of Men and Boys (CSMB), which was endorsed and funded by city and county government at the request of Sheriff Walt McNeil, is now advertising for an Executive Director.

The position requires a BA/BS/Undergraduate degree, minimum experience of 5-7 years and offers a annual salary range of $79,522 – $123,512.

Based on the job description, the Executive Director of CSMB will serve as the administrator providing leadership, continuous planning, evaluation, and engagement. A familiarity with the problems outlined in the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Anatomy of a Homicide Report is necessary for effective administration of this program.

The stated mission of CSMB is to” preserve life by preventing homicides and non-fatal shootings in Leon County. By providing support and services to the men and boys who are most at risk and addressing the underlying causes of violence, the council’s efforts will improve the overall quality of life for the individuals and neighborhoods impacted by violent crime.”

The job desription states that Executive Director will utilize the latest research and best practices with an intentional focus on reduction, prevention and intervention services to violence impacted populations.

The Executive Director is expected to implement programs that will show significant impact after four years. After four years, the goal is to reduce the number of homicides by 50%, reduce the number of expulsions from school by 50%, reduce the number of youths assigned to alternative schools by 50%, increase the number of males in our community receiving direct services by 50% and decrease overall crime rate by 20%.

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    Please read Todd’s comment posted on 4/7 at 10:05 am.

    Please do not allow people to puke in your comment section. Some of us like to read the comments but don’t like people puking on us.

    Thank you.

  2. @DEEP SIX:
    The Sherriff’s best case scenario is for Christ to get elected and appoint him back over Corrections si he can further eff up the prisions with their woke LGBTect…ect Bull Crap.
    However the Sherriff knows thats a snow balls chance in a hot place of happening. So this is the best he’s got to try and get the leftist voting sheeple to reelect him.

  3. What a bunch of crap. The southside is a freaking shooting gallery and this is what our stupid Sherriff comes up with? All of our elected officials are corrupt. Our Sherriff is not serious about reducing crime.

  4. I wonder if our local leftist voter population will accept this bogus scam – as our benevolant nanny leadership is anticipating – and see it as “well our benevolant nanny leadership is spending a boatload of taxpayer money so they must really care” – or will our local leftist voter population finally after all these years wake up and see our benevolant nanny leadership as the slackers they have been for so many years and accept the truth that this Council on the Status of Men and Boys has zero chance of doing any thing positive and is just another scam to make our irresponsable look like they care and thus are worthy of your vote.

  5. I always thought it was the duty and responsibility of the Leon County Sheriff’s Department and the the Tallahassee Policy Department to deal with crime issues and help prevent them from occurring. That’s what we commoners pay some of our taxes for.

    So, now we’re going to form another tax supported organization to help address the issues the two existing organizations don’t appear to be capable of dealing with.

    Brilliant! Why didn’t we think of this solution years ago?

  6. Let these boys skip the CRT and gender studies instruction and let them instead spend the time with someone who will teach them reading, writing and arithmetic.

    They are entitled to a real education so that they can succeed in society with dignity.

  7. Quit incentivizing single mother run households, especially in the minority communities.

    Or start using better aim and more lethal ammunition. If you can’t prevent the problem at least you can cut down on recidivism.

  8. Here is a free consult…

    Fatherless homes are an epidemic.

    “Limit hip-hop and rap music: The sexually overt lyrics in hip-hop and rap music promote promiscuity and irresponsible behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of fatherless homes. What goes in is what comes out. As much as you are what you eat, you are also a reflection of what you hear”.

    “Pass on the Adult Videos: Pornography negatively affects the psyche in regard to appropriate sexual behavior. It is a vice that skews the way men view women and their worth.”

    “Mentor a child being raised by a single mother: If you haven’t experienced the effects of being raised without a father, spending time with a child dealing with daddy issues can be enlightening. So much so that you make a point not to recklessly put your own child in the same situation.”

    Sheriff McNeill knows this, but wants an excuse to (mis)direct funds to a campaign operative or crony so the cycle repeats.

  9. The liberal citizens of Leon County will never elect a tough on crime sheriff (Grady Judd), so there will always be a high crime rate. Did we need a “study” to reveal the demographic of who is commiting a majority of the crime? Waste of taxpayer dollars. Up to you to protect your loved ones.

  10. I agree with Pat 100%. This is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars that will have no impact whatsoever on the problem… and why?, because they refuse to face/name the problem in the first place. This ignorance is nothing more than woke virtue signaling. When you have a law enforcement agency that is more interested in appeasing the progressive woke wackos than they are in protecting the public… then it falls on you to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

    You will never find a solution to a problem you refuse to recognize.

  11. You gotta be kidding me. If you want to prevent homicide get a concealed carry permit and buy some guns. The only thing for sure to come from job is the taxpayer will be out $620,000.00 in four years. Do your part to reduce crime. Read the stand your ground law, carry a pistol when you leave the house, get CCW insurance to cover your legal defence and take responsibity for your own safety. McNeil and the city reduce crime by redefining what is a crime. The City and County are Weak on Crime. The only fight they want is the opportunity to teach your 5- year old about homosexual sex. This is another idea that will raise property taxes and add the run away Biden inflation.

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