Local Campaigns: Endorsements, Dropouts, & Campaign Trail Chatter

Local Campaigns: Endorsements, Dropouts, & Campaign Trail Chatter

As the August primary gets closer, local campaign activities are beginning to ramp up. Listed below are some noteworthy campaign trail events

-The Tallahassee Professional Firefighters (TPF) recently announced a round of endorsements. The union is endorsing Tallahassee mayoral Candidate Kristin Dozier, City Commission candidate Adner Marcelin, Leon County Commission candidates Nick Maddox (At-Large), Rick Minor (District 3) and Leon County Commission candidate (District 5) Jay Revell.

The TPF had previously endorsed City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow in his re-election bid back in March. In a statement to FloridaPolitics.com, union members said they are backing Matlow because of “his willingness to support public safety in our community and his decision to stand with firefighters and paramedics in their push for equitable pay and benefits.”

The TPF is the local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters union that represents firefighters in the Tallahassee Fire Department and Wakulla Fire Rescue Department. Their endorsement comes with a $1,000 donation to each candidate through the union’s PAC, The Big Bend Professional Firefighter and Paramedics PAC. Union members will also go door-knocking for endorsed candidates beginning in July.

-Ben Crump, nationally known civil rights attorney and Tallahassee resident, has upped his involvement in local campaigns. He recently endorsed City Commission candidate Jeremy Matlow. Crump told FloridaPolitics.com that “Matlow didn’t just show up. He has been here working to better the lives of the people of Tallahassee for many years.”

Crump also endorsed Paula DeBoles-Johnson in her bid for the Leon Commission District 5 seat. DeBoles-Johnson is one of five candidates running to fill the seat currently held by Kristin Dozier.

In addition, Crump gave $1,000 to Adner Marcelin who is running against incumbent City Commissioner Dianne WIliams-Cox. Marcelin previously worked for Crump for more than 10 years.

-A couple of candidates have dropped out of races, others have jumped in. Benjamin Horboway has exited the Leon County Commission At-Large race and David Hawkins has withdrawn for the Leon County Commission District 5 contest.

Two candidates have filed to replace Dee Dee Rasmussen who recently announced she will be stepping down two years ahead of the expiration of her term on the Leon County School Board. Laurie Cox and Stephanie Hodges will face off in the August election.

-Candidate David O’Keefe announced he submitted 435 verified signatures and qualified by petition in his campaign for Leon County Commission District 5.

-Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier (Dist. 5) will be debating at the upcoming NEBA luncheon on May 24th.  This is the first mayoral debate in the 2022 election cycle, which will set the tone for this race moving forward. Costs for the luncheon are $20 for members and $25 for guests. The buffet line opens at 11:30 and the program starts at 12 PM.

-A number of people have recently confirmed being part of a poll related to the Tallahassee mayor race. One of the questions asked respondents to give their level of favorability of John Dailey, Kristin Dozier, Jeremy Matlow, Jack Porter and the Tallahassee Democrat.

8 Responses to "Local Campaigns: Endorsements, Dropouts, & Campaign Trail Chatter"

  1. Don’t be too quick to criticize Crump’s endorsement of Matlow. Keep in mind that there’s a somewhat significant number of voters in Tallahassee that really like the work Crump has been doing all across the country. They’ll most likely cast a vote towards Matlow only because Crump endorsed him and they respect Crump’s opinion.

    That’s a real plus for Matlow. God only knows what Crump’s motivation was to make that choice. But Matlow sure doesn’t care. He just wants votes, any votes.

  2. Mike L,

    I agree that a Ben Crump endorsement is a kiss of death, but sometimes a candidate has to kiss a toad.

    Matlow was against the Children Services Council; he listened to conservatives and he is a business owner who understands what it means to be fiscally responsible and a hard worker. He also did not vote for the Blueprint infrastructure 27 million dollar giveaway.

    I don’t agree with many of his issues, but I respect his wanting to be fiscally responsible, his humanity, and his business experience.

    He has identified some very troubling long-standing issues that have held Tallahassee back, causes corruption and he is fighting for change. He has also made some mistakes.

    Being from a privileged upbringing and being able to witness some of the most hardworking successful humanitarians I have to believe that Commissioner Matlow is the best candidate for his seat and I will vote for him, but I agree with everyone about Ben Crump.

    For Tallahassee to move forward our only hope is to vote out Mayor Dailey and keep Commissioner Matlow providing no other candidates enter these two races. The old guard, buffoons, corruptors, and the fiefdom will end. If you keep Dailey and vote out Matlow things will stay the same.

  3. Hope, it’s unfortunate, but a vast number of Leon County residents don’t have a clue regarding Blueprint, not how it effects them. 🙁

  4. I’m glad Crump endorsed Matlow. I was going to vote for Jerry just for the grief he gives Dailey, daily. But there is no way on God’s green earth that I can vote for anyone Ben Crump supports. No way, Jose’… I don’t care what they voted for or against, all incumbents have to go.

  5. Unfortunately, it seems we have several choices between the devil we know, and the devil were not sure we want to know. But I must say, for me… that anyone Crump supports is a pass. Sorry, but I know too much about the man to support those that welcome his support.

    And for what it’s worth, there should be NO candidate forums and/or debates held before the qualifying date has passed… it’s presumptuous and lacks fairness, and it’s another blemish on the notion of election integrity… and if there’s anything we DON’T need in current divisive political environment, it’s anything that floats – perceived or otherwise – a cloud over the integrity of our elections.

  6. Due to Family matters (and possible soon to be Medical Issues), I felt it would not be fair to the Citizens of Leon County or the Commissioners so, I decided it would be best to end my Campaign. Just because I had to pull out of the District 5 Race does not mean I am out of the Game. Watch for my Podcast to start up soon on Local and State Politics and Candidates. Thank you to all who supported me.

  7. Any incumbent candidate who voted FOR the Blueprint Infrastructure $27 million giveaway will be voted out:

    Mayor Dailey, Commissioners Nick Maddox,
    Dianne Williams-Cox, and Bill Proctor will not be able to recover from this misguided vote.

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