John Dailey Wins NEBA Mayoral Debate

John Dailey Wins NEBA Mayoral Debate

The Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA) hosted a Tallahassee mayoral debate on Tuesday at the Capital City Country Club.

Approximately 170 people attended the forum which lasted about an hour and featured four candidates, which included current Mayor John Dailey, current Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, Michael Ibrahim and Whitfield Leland.

The straw poll – which was open to only NEBA members – was won by Dailey who garnered 65% of the vote while Dozier finished a distant second with 21%. Ibrahim finished third with 13% of the vote and Leland finished fourth with 1%.

In the past, these NEBA forums have favored moderate to conservative candidates. During the last mayoral cycle NEBA forum, Dailey won the straw poll.

The attendance to the forum was double the normal attendance to the monthly luncheon. This can be attributed to the anticipated match-up between Dailey and Dozier, who have each held public office for over 10 years.

However, the expectation of fireworks between the two Democratic politicians never really materialized.

Tallahassee Reports talked to a number of people who attended the forum and provided below is a summary of their general impressions:

-Mayor John Dailey demonstrated more energy and displayed a high level of confidence when discussing his position on the issues.

-The only major difference between Dailey and Dozier appeared to be the vote on the use of Blueprint economic development funds for the FSU stadium improvements. Dozier, who voted against funding the project, said that this is the main reason she is running.

Dailey defended his vote for the use of economic development funds for FAMU and FSU by stating that Tallahassee is a higher education town and we need to support our partners

-Dozier addressed the civility issue. She criticized Dailey for being angry when people dare to question ideas in the public space.

-Dozier, who supports Blueprint, voiced concern over the provision that allows for 12% of the sales tax to be used for economic development projects. She said the economic development allocation has become a slush fund.

-On ethics, Dailey took credit for changes that have been implemented since he took office. Dozier noted that more needed to be done.

-Attendees were expecting more confrontation between Dailey and Dozier However, the inclusion of the other two candidates made it impossible for the two front runners to engage in a true debate on the issues.

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  1. I would have been there had I known about it. TR should do a List of all the up coming Debates & Forums.

  2. The election process has already been tainted. It doesn’t matter if anyone else jumps in or not… there should be NO “endorsements” or “debates” or “forums” before the candidate qualifying period has passed. No one ever said that the Democratic process was easy, or that it should be hurried or tied to the preferred calendar scheduling of special interests.

    Unfortunately, no matter who prevails in this cycle… we are destine to go around the mountain again until the voters/citizens/taxpayers have had enough… and seek REAL change in elected leadership

  3. I like to look at NEBA as you would typically look at the nerds and geeks back in your high school math and science club. NEBA is basically a political club and everyone knows politics is as close to being a cool kid as nerds and geeks will ever get.

    So here is the actual numbers.
    110 of the less nerdy and geeky of the dweeb club like Daily.
    36 of the 4 eyed pimple faces who have not been on a date yet like Dozier.
    22 of the kool aid hair dyed skater ambiguously sexed ultra radicals like Ibrahim.
    2 of the ultra weird nerds who none of the other nerds, geeks, or dweebs even know their names like Leland.
    There you have it: Local Politics in a Nut Shell.

  4. “Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates Supports Their Bought and Paid for Politician.”
    There, fixed the headline for you.

  5. Thank you, Peggy! It is refreshing to hear an opinion not in the tank for the usual suspect.

    That is exactly what we don’t need, a politician, so I will certainly look into this candidate, Michel.

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