Florida Senator Rick Scott Offers Support for Federal Red Flag Law

Florida Senator Rick Scott Offers Support for Federal Red Flag Law

Amid a debate by elected leaders on how to respond to the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has indicated he would support a federal red flag law.

Axios reported that Scott said he was “OK with supporting a federal red flag law but added that generally such laws should be up to the states.”

Scott supported red flag legislation in Florida in the wake of the Parkland shooting that resulted in the death of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when he signed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act into law in 2018.

The legislation created a process for a law enforcement officer or law enforcement agency to petition a court for a risk protection order. The order temporarily prevents persons who are at high risk of harming themselves or others from accessing firearms when a person poses a significant danger to himself or herself or others, including significant danger as a result of a mental health crisis or violent behavior.

Scott commented on the legislation in 2019. “In Florida, about three weeks after the Parkland shooting – and after the views of experts in mental health, education and law enforcement were taken into account – I signed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. … The steps we took in Florida, in addition to committing $400 million to increasing school safety, included a “red flag” provision. Properly constructed, the extreme risk protection order, as it’s known, is a common-sense public safety measure”, said Scott.

On Wednesday, The Hill reported that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a key swing vote on any gun legislation, identified red flag legislation as a promising avenue for compromise. “We talked about the red flag. It’s worked. It works in states such as Florida. It’s been very effective,” Manchin said.

Many gun rights advocates, including the National Rifle Association, oppose red flag laws, saying they do not protect a person’s due process rights, CNN reported.

However, Scott pushed back on that narrative.

“Let me be clear: I am a gun owner, a member of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. But the horror of Parkland demanded a swift, practical legislative response to try to prevent future such nightmares. … Anyone who has threatened self-harm, has threatened to harm others or is mentally unstable should not have access to a gun. At all. You can call it an infringement on rights if you want. I don’t care. Just get guns away from such people,” said Scott.

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  1. I’m sorry but red flag laws are a violation of the second amendment and the accused’s due process. You are taking away someone’s rights without them be convicted of a crime. This is not what America stands for. .

  2. @David, your carry permit, and I have one, shouldn’t even be required as it is in infringement on 2A. Constitutional carry should be the law of the land. And sorry Tricky Rick, states should have no way of usurping the federal constitution. Any state law is an infringement.

  3. There are already Baker act laws. There are already laws against shooting people. Let’s add another law and see if that makes evil people behave. Yeah, OK. Makes perfect sense.

  4. Red Tide Rick …guess y’all forgot all the garbage that happened… He only won by like 5000 votes… Don’t make the same mistake twice..

  5. According to Scott’s office’s generic response, he is a yes vote on Red Flag laws. He concluded, “….yadda yadda yadda, thanks for writing vote for me”.

  6. Tallahassee gun background checks are performed by FDLE. And what used to take 20 minutes can now take hours. If a new Federal Office is created for “universal background checks”, it will hinder future purchases, generate more fees and regulations and grow government.

  7. Pat, When I bought my Semi-Auto Hand Gun they did a Back Ground Check on me which I was told was done by the FBI. What is the difference between that and a Universal Background check because I do not know? I just feel that if the FBI is the one that did my Back Ground Check that, that isn’t that considered a Universal Background check? I also feel that my Carry Permit should be 50 State Legal. As of now, just 12 States plus 27 with Restrictions which I do not know what those Restrictions are.

  8. Red Flag: you’re soon to be EX- gets you “Red Flagged”. The Sheriff takes all your guns and ammo for at least one year. When, if, you get your guns back they will be all rusted and worthless. Than Scott and Hawkins.

  9. @David T., the 18 yr. old shooter had a part-time job at Wendy’s. It’s been reported he had thousands of dollars in guns and ammunition. It doesn’t add up.

    Getting back to the main point, who is going to be flagged as too dangerous to own a gun and who is going to make those decisions? Given, it’s been reported, the Attorney General thinks parents speaking their mind at a school board meeting are domestic terrorists, it is totally irresponsible and tone deaf to consider Federal red flag laws.

  10. I live in Florida. Rick Scott did us a favor signing our Red Flag laws. If one makes any comment on hurting themselves or others, why not take their guns away for a year? Behave and they return them. In today’s world, people don’t lie when they threaten harm. I support the NRA and our 2nd Amendment but every gun I’ve ever bought required a background check. We already have the right laws in place in Florida. DeSantis and Scott aren’t perfect but they are good leaders, imho.

  11. @Hawkins. Why Universal Background checks. You really want another government agency interfering with my right to buy another gun? Do you know the difference between Law and Regulation? You really support an unelected bureaucrat putting up obstacles to buying another gun? It is already against the law to commit murder. Who do you think any additional laws and regulation will effect? Rick Scott is a disappointment…don’t join his camp.

  12. I am OK with Universal BG Checks. I would like to see ALL Conceal Carry Permits be good Nation wide, not just certain States. My Conceal Carry Permit should allow me to carry in all 50 States.

  13. @ Barb……… AK’s are coming down in Price. There are times when Gun Store will sale Ammo by the Case. I could have bought 1000 Rounds of 9mm for $800 several Months ago.

  14. I called yesterday at his Wash., D.C. office; I had to leave a voice mail message which I did.

    Senator Rick Scott: 202-224-5274

  15. How did an 18 year old kid have the money to buy those guns and 300+ rounds of ammunition? In addition to the money question, how was he able to buy 300+ rounds of ammunition? That amount of ammunition is not easy to buy.

    Perhaps, he was supplied by criminals coming into the country through Biden’s open southern border.

    Senator Rick Scott, please, spend your time investigating what happened so rational and effective solutions could be put in place. Stop listening to and reacting to Democrat propaganda.

    I agree, @Edward, Scott and Rubio must not back this “path to confiscation”.

  16. @ Barb… you are 100% on point. The DLPs (Dems/Libs/Progs) are masters at deception, deflection, and the art of the slippery slope… and the Establishment Republicans walk right into their trap every time. How can the Republicans argue that Roe should be overturned “and left to the States”, when you willingly admit – as Scott has – that you yourself don’t believe that? Once again, the Establishment Republicans will walk right into it. The DLPs will not stop until they achieve total gun confiscation, and the Establishment Republicans will go right along with it.

    I remember when people were mocked and berated for suggesting that gay marriage was a slippery slope… now, they are using the public education system to groom children for their unnatural, unhealthy, and perverted sexual proclivities. Legalize recreational pot?, no problem… now our tax dollars are funding crack and meth pipe giveaways.

    This is why they use the ambiguous term “assault weapon”. You really think they’ll stop at AR 15s?… Every “thing” is an assault weapon, even a #2 pencil… just ask John Wick.

    Scott and Rubio need to go if they back this “Path to Confiscation”

  17. UPDATE:

    I know many of you do not read the Tallahassee Democrat. The Tallahassee Democrat has recently published a glowing article on the disbursements of taxpayer-funded CSC funding.

    This blatant cover up by TaMaryn Waters only shows the Tallahassee Democrat is in the Greater Tallahassee Chamber tank; I bet they have reservations for the Amelia Island junket in August. Another sad day for humanity and taxpayer’s of Leon County.

    Again, calling for special prosecutor to investigate the illegal disbursement of taxpayer funds by the CSC director to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber.

  18. Rick Scott is like Marco Rubio, you have to hold your nose to vote for them. I bet both of them “roll over” on our freedoms and rights.

  19. Democrats never “compromise”, aka cave, to Republicans. It’s always Republicans who cave to the Democrats and media pressure. Senator Scott says himself, ” generally such laws should be up to the states.”. Then leave it up to the states; don’t be bullied.

    Who’s going to lose their rights due to this red flag? It will be the same people who get cancelled for “disinformation”.

    He should spend his time demanding answers regarding the Texas shooting. Why did the teacher prop the door open? Why were the police told to stand down? etc., etc. etc.

    Senator Rick Scott: 202-224-5274

  20. O/T

    “Children Service Dollars will help Chamber buy Promotional Videos”

    And there you have it!

    That’s why the mayor wanted to put in a former Gillum operative so they could control where the CSC money goes.

    Now they are trying to funnel $120,000 into the Greater Tallahassee Chamber for “public relations” work to funnel and money launder this money to specific campaign managers associated with big campaigns…hmmmm… let me guess… Vancore Jones, Sean Pittman, Skip Foster, and Gary Yordon… associated with Mayor Daliey, David Bellamy, and Nick Maddox?

    Even though this is typical politics as usual in Tallahassee, this is criminal activity where the Chamber is also a political cartel oligarch.

    Special prosecutor, please!

  21. Senator Scott’s out there making headlines, kicking butt, and taking names like a presidental candidate.
    Scott is annoying the crap out of lefttist media generating headlines while DeSantis is busy with State duties, and Trump is laying low while doing a rally here and there.

    It may be a little early still to be stirring the pot for the Presidental election but it sure seems like that is what Scott is doing.

    Meanwhile the left seems to think they can generate that old Trump hate enough to win the White House again. Seems to be their only viable game plan after the 100% Biden failure. The left needs Trump to run at this point now more than Trump needs Trump to run.

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