Volunteer Florida CEO, Ex-FSU Star, Corey Simon to Challenge Ausley

Volunteer Florida CEO, Ex-FSU Star, Corey Simon to Challenge Ausley

By the News Service of Florida

With the backing of Senate Republican leaders, former Florida State University and NFL football player Corey Simon will try to unseat Sen. Loranne Ausley, D-Tallahassee, in November.

Simon, who was appointed in 2020 as CEO of Volunteer Florida, filed paperwork Monday to run in Senate District 3. His candidacy likely will make the race one of the most closely watched legislative contests this year.

Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, incoming President Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, and Sen. Ben Albritton, a Wauchula Republican expected to become president in 2024, endorsed Simon, which signals he will have heavy financial support.

“Leaders are born on the field, in the arena,” Albritton said in a prepared statement. “No one has ever had to tell Corey Simon to pitch in. He has stood up, showed up and worked his tail off to ensure those most in need have the backup they deserve.”

Simon was an All-American defensive tackle at Florida State before playing eight years in the NFL.

Ausley, a former House member, was elected to the Senate in 2020 in a costly race against Republican Marva Preston. Ausley received 53.4 percent of the vote, while Preston received 46.6 percent. Ausley had about $243,000 in cash on hand in her campaign account as of May 31, according to a newly filed finance report. She also has received in-kind assistance from the Florida Democratic Party, which has covered costs of campaign staff.

Due to recent redistricting, Senate District 3 has become more “Republican friendly.”

13 Responses to "Volunteer Florida CEO, Ex-FSU Star, Corey Simon to Challenge Ausley"

  1. We need someone that can get things done for us in Leon County. Ausley is a Democrat and therefore has no power in the legislature.
    I find it amazing that minority voters would vote for the great grand daughter of slave owners. They have torn down statutes of great Americans for that.

  2. Going down in flames in November:
    Nikki FRAUD
    “I’m marrying a WOMAN, AGAIN!” Charlie
    Mayor Flintstone
    Lorraine Down-the-Drain Ausley

  3. This is going to be a real soul searcher for our local caucasion privledged leftist voters as they search their better than thou brains for who to vote for.
    The decendent of slave owners or the black guy. What will they do this time?
    Ignore the virtuious BLM mural painted on Gaines Street and vote for the slave owner Ausley?
    Yeah they are all going to vote for Ausley.

  4. Pretty sure Ausley’s from a local old plantation and slave owning family. But shes a Democrat so that can be overlooked. The plantation I believe was around the Bellvue Rd/ Ausley Rd part of town.

  5. The article fails to mention that SD 3 turned more to the GOP this year with addition of Suwannee, Dixie and Lafayette counties. Ausley will have a hard time holding on to that seat.

  6. Corey Simon a refreshing candidate!
    Slam dunk!

    Local races should take note.

    Hopefully district #8 contenders are not in the closet and bring more substances to the table other than FAMU ties…good grief yall

  7. Mr. Corey Simon has MY Vote and NOT because of the FSU tie in. Because I believe he WILL get things done and in a timely manner.

    @ Hope & Pat A = SOOOOO True.

  8. Ausley hasn’t accomplished anything to improve her constituency’s lives. Florida will benefit if she, U.S. Rep Al Lawson and Gadsden County Commisioner Dr V all lose this year.

    How is your life better since Ausley, Lawson, Biden and Dr V have been in office?

    And toss Nikki Fried Chicken out, also.

  9. She’s going down…and I’m sure it won’t be the first time. She probably thought all that was behind her.

    Yuk it up people, I got a million of em.

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