Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: June 22, 2022

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: June 22, 2022

Provided below are news brief from the June 22, 2022 Tallahassee City Commission meeting.

-The City Commission unanimously approved renaming the Capital City Amphitheater to Adderley Amphitheater at Cascades Park in honor of Julian “Cannonball” and Nathaniel “Nat” Adderley.

-Elected officials approved working with Burrell Aviation Tallahassee, LLC, and Flightline Development Corporation, Inc. to work on details for the lease and development of airport property and facilities at the Tallahassee International Airport. When more information is available, the item will return to the city for a vote to move forward with the leasing agreements.

-Elected officials approved in a 5-0 vote moving forward with working out an agreement with Project Alpha stakeholders for the lease and development of Airport property to accommodate Project Alpha. When more information is available, the item will return to the city for a vote to move forward with the leasing agreements.

-In a 5-0 vote, the commission approved drafting a letter to Florida’s Department of Transportation to join the Southern Rail Commission. The SRC is the only multi-state rail compact formed through an act of the U.S. Congress whose mission is to engage public and private rail interests to support and influence Southeast rail initiatives.

-The city commission unanimously approved awarding a contract to Talcon Group LLC. For the construction of the Pinewood Drive, Delta Office Park Stormwater Outfall. Funding for this item is to be provided by existing stormwater projects and is estimated to total $2.5 million.

-Commissioner Jeremy Matlow motioned to have the city manager meet with the Tallahassee Housing Authority and community members to return an item to the city commission providing information on options the city can take for low-income housing. However, the motion failed in a 3-2 vote, with Commissioners Jack Porter and Jeremy Matlow in favor and Commissioners Richardson, Willaims-Cox, and Mayor Dailey in opposition.

-The commission pursued a lively debate after Commissioner Porter motioned to approach the county to schedule a joint meeting to review “the growth management practices” after some showed interest during the joint meeting on June 14th. The motion would have died there; however, Williams-Cox suggested a town hall be held by the county first, possibly followed by a joint meeting to discuss the comprehensive planning process afterward. The amended motion by Williams-Cox passed unanimously.

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  1. @ Pat A…..You REALLY don’t know why you weren’t offered a Job here? You know TO MUCH on how it should run. You would have exposed them for what they really are, Corrupt. Why do you think the Democrats have been going after Trump for 6 Years now, he was exposing them all and he continues to do so even now, that is why they won’t stop, they are afraid he could Win if he runs again so they are trying to make it where he can’t run.

  2. @Hope: I retired from the Federal Aviation Aministration with 33 years of Air Traffic Control experience. My career took me to Anchorage Alaska Tower and Tracon. Anchorage is a giant freight hub and summer time was especially busy. I served as a Supervisor that worked the busiest part of the day 10am to 6pm. Additional, I was a controller, supervisor and second level manager at Indianapolis which hosted a FedEx hub. It takes a lot to run a large freight operation. I applied several times to work for the state and city at the airport. Not one offer. I don’t know why. My last three years with the FAA I served as a District Manager investigating near misses and manager performance. Connie Kalitta, famous drag racer, tried to open a freight business at Terre Haute, IN. Local government did everything for him and the operation fail. Terre Haute had a lot in common with TLH to include a similar airport, a college and vocational school and little demand for an airport. My biggest concern is the rise in crime. Not to paint with a broad brush but black crime concerns me a lot. Property taxes are very concerning and a threat to my budget.

  3. Pat A…

    Yes, you are exactly correct and you should be the chair of the airport board.

    Questions still remain as to what bar that they concocted this publicity stunt at, how many drinks it took, and what were they drinking, whiskey or tequila shots?

  4. Who knows more about the air freight business: FedEx or Burrell? UPS or Burrell? FedEx serves TLH with a B757 and a Cessna Caravan. Because of all the cancer business, they leave a spare B757. Now why would FEDEX hub in Memphis and UPS in Louisville? Because that is where the business is. And even the largest airports, ORD, MEM, SDF, ORD and IND are very slow between 11pm and 6am. Air Freight companies get outstanding air traffic service on mid shifts. You cannot honestly believe Burrell is going to bring in billions operating at night out of TLH. And to hub here is just stupid.

  5. Who do you think knows more about the air freight business…FedEx or Burrell Aviation. How about between UPS and Burrell Aviation? The reason FedEx and UPS base their hubs in large cities is because that is where the demand is. FedEx services Tallahassee with a single Boeing 757 and a Cessna Caravan. The other aircraft are spares. Successful air freight companies know that between midnight and 6 am, Atlanta, Memphis, Louisville and Chicago Ohare are very slow and can provide them expeditious service.

    You would think the city would at least offer up a kiss first before they…us.

  6. Good question, David.

    Talcon addresses listed with the Florida Division of Corporations are in Havana, Santa Rosa, and Destin, if that helps…

  7. The city manager’s and mayor’s attempted publicity stunt fizzled not to mention was overshadowed by the breaking news of a second former mayor being indicted on federal charges.

    What the mayor failed to put on the agenda and address was crime, addressing the shortage of affordable housing, and responsible growth.

    It was heartbreaking when a citizen spoke regarding the housing situation and concerns for the Congolese community who are refugees from the Congo. The mayor was aloof, arrogant and indifferent to people suffering from lifelong situations of political atrocities who have come to Tallahassee to seek refuge. I was appalled at the mayor’s disdain for humanity.

    Commissioners Matlow and Porter saved the day by asking questions and addressing these issues.

    There have been two political forums with a total of six candidates and let me report this: it is not looking good for Mayor Dailey. So far, not one candidate has publicly stated that they would support DAILEY when candidates were specifically asked who they would support for mayor.

  8. “The city commission unanimously approved awarding a contract to Talcon Group LLC. For the construction of the Pinewood Drive, Delta Office Park Stormwater Outfall” ………….. I never heard of Talcon…… by chance, could that be Talcor?

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