Leon County Unemployment Rate at 2.5%, Below Pre-COVID Number

Leon County Unemployment Rate at 2.5%, Below Pre-COVID Number

The latest jobs report shows that there were 153,650 people working in Leon County in May, which is basically unchanged from the 153,645 people working last month.

The May unemployment rate came in at 2.5%, up from the 2.4% reported last month.

One year ago, the May 2021 unemployment rate was 4.1%. In May 2019 – before the impact of the COVID pandemic – the unemployment rate was 3.0%.

Due to the COVID pandemic, job comparisons are not as meaningful when using data from the COVID time frame. Therefore, the Leon County Jobs Report, provided below, includes job data before the onset of the pandemic.

The number of people working in May 2022 was 5,708 more than those working in May 2019.

The May 2022 labor force – those looking for jobs – came in at 157,617, which is 5,165 greater than the number reported in May 2019.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last 37 months with a 12-month average trend line. The highlighted numbers relate to employment levels for the month of May back to 2019.

5 Responses to "Leon County Unemployment Rate at 2.5%, Below Pre-COVID Number"

  1. A count of how many open positions there are in Leon county would be helpful. I still see help wanted signs all over town and this report says only 5 jobs were add in of May 2022.

  2. It’s not just the unemployment numbers, but also the total employed. this shows that there are more people working in Leon County now, so the slackers aren’t being well represented and probably are meaningless at this point.

  3. @ Pat I feel you are correct about the slakers having been dropped from the unemployment %’s.

    Amazon would have never come to our leftist back water communitty had Govorner DeSantis not already set the stage with Florida being the most pro business State in the USA. Same for every business deal like whats been reported by Steve and T. R. that is going on at the airport.
    Our lame woke elected Nannies are just riding America’s Govorner’s coat tail and claiming the credit.

  4. I think the members of the community that do not want to work are not included in the study but I could be wrong.

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