Leon County Schools Offer Incentives to Fill Open Bus Driver Positions

Leon County Schools Offer Incentives to Fill Open Bus Driver Positions

According to Leon County Schools Super Intendant Rocky Hanna the district is increasing incentives for bus drivers, in hopes of filling the vacant positions before the new school year begins.

Reports have documented that school districts across north and central Florida are dealing with an urgent lack of bus drivers, 

Superintendent Hanna stated that the district is 35 drivers short of meeting their goal of 130 drivers for the 115 bus routes in Leon County.

The incentives include $18 an hour pay and waving the fingerprinting fee required for new hires. Hanna is hopeful that the district may fill some of the open positions in order to help alleviate the need for drivers to double up on routes.

“Be patient with us. We’ll have some kinks at the beginning of the year like we do every year but we’re working as hard as we possibly can to become more efficient and more effective while keeping our routes safe and keeping our children safe at all costs,” Hanna said.

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  1. @ Informed Parent…

    You are correct about the transportation situation and Rocky Hanna not taking responsibility.

    Unfortunately, Manny has gone to the dark side of the Democrats. When registered a a Republican and playing footsies with Democrats it is called being a RINO.

  2. Manny Joanos tried to bring technology forward that would allow the bus drivers a way to follow a simple route illustrated on an installed Ipad. Rocky also agreed it would be an improvement and signed off on the proposed enhancement. It would have provided critical updates pertinent to their transportation schedules. When the vendor failed to properly upload the routes it created chaos for the first week of school. Rather than work through it Rocky Hanna was quick to blame someone other than himself. He didn’t even try to find a solution. What did Rocky do? He dropped the program and subsequently threw away substantial taxpayer dollars already spent. Manny Joanos taking the fall is a classic example of Superintendent Rocky Hanna lacking the courage to lead. The Superintendent is a joke and his only leadership is a continuation of bad decision after bad decision. To the contrary, Manny will serve the people of District 2 well and we would be lucky to have him as a County representative.

  3. The ghost of Manny Joanos lives!

    Maybe the one candidate running this cycle more laughable than Scott Maddox’s close comrade Bellamy (D-Governance, Inc.)

  4. When I was in school students were trained and paid to drive the buses and brought them home and parked them in front of their house. The buses had governors on them so the buses could only go up to a certain speed. Not speeding like I see school buses doing today Never once did I know of a accident or problem.

  5. “The incentives include $18 an hour pay and waving the fingerprinting fee required for new hires.”

    Curious, will you Reimburse the Finger Print Money to those already Hired?
    Are the Drivers already Hired ALSO being Paid $18 an Hour?

    I hope so because, they COULD Revolt if not.

  6. Rocky Hannah is an incompetent, dishonest moron, as evidenced by his performance. So, they waved the fingerprint fee. Whose idea was that? Do the bus drivers have to pay for the gas too?

  7. Yar,
    They even charge volunteer mentor coaches a $100 (may be more now) fingerprinting fee with no reimbursement! You actually have to pay LCS to help out and work for free.

  8. Rocky and the Boys’ strength is as Groomers. They struggle with the actual management/running a school system. BTW, Rocky is raising your property taxes.

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