City Commission Seat 5: Two Candidates Challenge Dianne Williams-Cox

City Commission Seat 5: Two Candidates Challenge Dianne Williams-Cox

Tallahassee City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox is facing two challengers -Adner Marcelin and Shelby Green – in the August 23rd primary.

Williams-Cox was elected to her current position in 2018 and previously served on the Tallahassee Leon County Planning Commission.

Provided below is a table giving the positions of the candidates on six specific issues.

Also, links are provided to TR profiles based on in-person interviews of the three candidates on The Steve Stewart Show on RealTalk 93.3. These articles provided detailed discussions related to specific policy positions.

The Positions

The table below shows that Williams-Cox supported economic development funds for stadium upgrades for FAMU and then FSU. She also supported the Northeast Gateway project, an incentive for the Amazon project and the expansion of the Urban Services Area (USA) to facilitate three residential development projects.

Williams-Cox has also been a supporter of current Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad.

Marcelin has said he would have supported the economic development monies for FAMU stadium upgrades, but opposed funding FSU stadium upgrades.

Green has noted that she does not support economic funds going to FAMU or FSU.

Marcelin opposed the Northeast Gateway project and the the expansion of the USA for three residential projects on the southside of Leon County.

Green was opposed to the Northeast Gateway project, but would have voted in favor of one of the three southside residential developments.

Both Marcelin and Green voiced support for the Amazon project and stated that they would evaluate the performance of the city manager as an elected official before voting to search for a new manager.

Election Position Grid

TR Profiles of City Commission Seat 3 Candidates

City Commissioner Williams-Cox Discusses, Crime, Jobs, and FSU Vote

City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin: “I Am Not Anti-Growth”

City Commission Candidate Shelby Green: “They’re Not Doing Their Job”


Dianne Williams-Cox has been endorsed by Dr. Elaine Bryant, attorney Dana Brooks, the Florida Police Benevolent Association and Reverend R.B. Holmes.

See a full list here.

Adner Marcelin has been endorsed by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, City Commissioner Jack Porter, national civil rights attorney Ben Crump and the Tallahassee Professional Firefighters.

See a full list here.

Shelby Green’s website can be viewed here.

16 Responses to "City Commission Seat 5: Two Candidates Challenge Dianne Williams-Cox"

  1. Desperate campaigns have engaged in identity theft as their tactic.

    Desperation and taking the low road only props up those who are taking the high road.

    Those not funded by special interests and Ghazvini’s have conducted flawless exceptional campaigns. Those funded by special interests and Ghazvini’s are panicking, taking the low road, and desperate.

  2. More misdirection over here from socialist Matlow supporters hoping to trick Republicans into voting for a far lefty.

    Marcelin and Matlow are both AOC socialists. Any Republican that votes for these people will get just what they deserve.

  3. Voting in the past was easy. We voted for the best candidate who publicly stated what they stood for and would support. Now we have a secret darkness behind the scenes agenda that is only exposed after they are elected. So far, I have to vote for the known or least of evil candidate.
    My only hope is my hero Erwin Jackson and the fear he brings to the evil among our elected.

  4. @ Hope… we’ll just agree to disagree on some points. But if you’re ever interest in a good price for a bridge, I’m your man. 🙂

  5. @ Ed…

    I believe you are missing one of the most genius political moves made by Mr Marcelin, ever. After the election it will become clear.

    R B Holmes should not be endorsing candidates especially if he receives City funds for any of his ministries.

    Dianne William-Cox is more interested in attending a Kamala Harris event than attending her candidate forum in person.

    You claim to lean right, but you are voting for the Democratic Party candidates who drive the ridiculous Democratic Party agendas that you so adamantly oppose.

    Jeremy Matlow is the only incumbent up for re-election who has worked with the Republicans and has been fiscally responsible. You may want to watch some more commission meetings.

  6. As I’ve stated before, for me, anyone endorsed by Crump is a no-go… not to mention that Marcelin is also endorsed by the alt-left progressives currently sitting on the Commission. We do not need another activist on the Commission. Green is simply an opportunistic AOC wannabe… so she’s a no for me as well.

    I am not inline with most of what Williams-Cox stands for… but as I’ve also stated before, sometimes it’s better the devil you know.

  7. For those of you stuck on the Ben Crump merry-go-round it is very short sighted. Ander was once registered as a Republican.

    Also law enforcement endorsed Scott Maddox and Andrew Gillum.

    Ander has a plan an actual plan for youth to take when they are suspended or expelled from school. To move the youth forward with training for jobs and success rather than a path to crime.

    Northeast Moderate is the winner on this one and I believe Ander will win.

  8. Dianne has been weirdly left-wing actually, has talked about “redistributing the wealth” during forums very nasty towards elected Republicans and seems like a national Kamala Harris style, DNC/MSNBC blue meat fanatic.

    Adner’s actual local politics been fiscally and culturally much more compatible with conservative worldview

  9. We seriously need a candidate that will work with the community as whole it should not be a matter of black or white the problem with this city government is they group things based on color and not the true need of the voters they vow and promise to serve and turn their back when needed to be the ear for those that placed them to do a job it time for Dianne to stop switching up the game and be for the people that put her in office and stop acting like she was painted in her position. I’m sick of praising a person that doesn’t deserve to be a voice of the people or voters of Tallahassee.

  10. We cant have Adner in here voting the Ben Crump way every time. You know thats what is going to happen if Y’All elect him. Not good even for local Democrats.
    I likely will go with Williams-Cox that 27M and 14M for FSU and FAMU does not bother me. And I dont care how they spent the money. We would be worse off without our local universities and we broke off TCC a piece of the cheese too…money well spent.
    Green? Maybe but Williams Cox in my opinion is the one and only incumbent that will work well with whoever else is elected. The rest of the incumbants???? Please NO vote them out.

  11. The Election Position Grid doesn’t speak to me.

    Green seems racially divisive to me. I understand her to say that she entered the race to represent low-income black people. (Specifically, she was upset they had to pay their electric bill.). There is nothing wrong with representing low-income black people but, what if you are not a low-income black person? Off her radar screen, I guess.

    Marcelin, a long-time associate of Ben Crump and endorsed by him, is problematic for me. I’m concerned with racial divisiveness with him as well. Where does he stand on Florida’s anti-riot law?

    Williams-Cox isn’t perfect, I get it, but she seems to understand she is representing a wide spectrum of people. Additionally, I believe law enforcement is supporting her which is a good sign to me.

    I think the Grid should include endorsements. I think they are very telling.

  12. Don’t understand continuing to bundle the FAMU and Doak Blueprint projects.

    One was from savings from an existing project and was actually needed, unlike luxury club seating at Doak. It was not controversial and passed 11-1.

    The other one was loudly opposed by 80% of the community and nearly 3x larger. Dianne was a crucial vote to pass it 7-5.

    Adner was vocally against it, and that’s part of why he deserves the votes of TR readers. He wrote a great letter to FSU diplomatically asking them to rescind their inappropriate request and make peace, but instead a slight majority went on to ram through borrowing $27 million Blueprint hasn’t even received yet.

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