City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow & Jack Porter Target City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow & Jack Porter Target City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

In a break from tradition, two Tallahassee City Commissioners are publicly supporting an effort to defeat a colleague, City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox.

Seldom – if ever – have two elected officials from the same political party, serving on the Tallahassee City Commission, publicly teamed up to target a colleague.

When asked about the situation, City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow told Tallahassee Reports the approach is about policy.

“In the face of no-bid land deals, questionable procurements, and the reckless $27 million taxpayer giveway for Doak stadium improvements, we’re supporting all candidates who will bring ethical reform and fiscal accountability to local government,” said Matlow.

Jon Ausman, a local political analyst and the longest serving member of the Democratic National Committee in Florida’s history, told Tallahassee Reports that these kind of efforts are usually done behind the scenes. (Disclosure – Ausman has endorsed Williams-Cox.)

“This is a rare occurrence.  In most instances it is a case of fellow commissioners coming to the defense of a colleague threatened by a challenger,” noted Ausman.

“In the past when a sitting commissioner launched an attack against another up for re-election it was normally done sub rosa behind trusted allies who would attempt to defeat the target without exposing the initiating commissioner,” said Ausman

In contrast, the efforts by Matlow and Porter are very public.

The duo is providing campaign help to Adner Marcelin, who has said he is challenging Williams-Cox because of her vote to fund FSU stadium upgrades and his belief that she voted to militarize the Tallahassee Police Department.

Matlow and Porter have formally endorsed Marcelin.

Also, both Matlow and Porter are featured on mailers supporting Marcelin and are active in helping with campaign activities.

Provided nearby is a picture of Matlow and Porter, shared on social media by a campaign volunteer, making calls to unseat Williams-Cox.

The caption on the social media post by the volunteer reads, “Today is a great day to make phone calls for Jeremy Matlow and Adner Marcelin for Tallahassee City Commission !! Join Jack, me, and other Dems from 3-7 pm at Dreamland BBQ!! Let us know if you can join us please.”

And just this past Friday, City Commissioner Jack Porter was promoting Marcelin at a political rally and her participation has been used to create a campaign video.

Ausman notes that Matlow and Porter are focused on taking control of the Tallahassee City Commission – a commission that has produced a number of 3-2 votes over the last two years.

“In order to create a majority to implement a shared agenda, Mr. Matlow and Ms. Porter have recruited a candidate to defeat Ms. Williams-Cox.  They are openly campaigning for this candidate.  There is great risk in this maneuver. If unsuccessful it may foreshadow their own doom. If successful it will give them control of the Commission,” said Ausman.

For information on the race, TR’s story is here: City Commission Seat 5: Two Candidates Challenge Dianne Williams-Cox

82 Responses to "City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow & Jack Porter Target City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox"

  1. All the rhetoric, name calling and fear mongering only boils down to one major factor influencing my vote. I will vote for those who listen to and vote according to the wishes of their many and varied constituents. That’s Matlow, who has a proven track record of listening to taxpayers, and hopefully Marcelin or Green.
    I will not vote for those who turn deaf ears to the taxpayers and vote according to the developers, chamber of commerce (COC), and FSU boosters who own them. Bellamy has admitted he has made donations in the past based on what the Florida Medical Association told him to do. His history makes me believe that as a commissioner he will vote the way his big donors, developers/COC/Boosters, tell him to.

    And no, I am not Max Herrle in disguise. But I may be old enough to be his mother…don’t know cuz I never met him or his mother.

  2. I voted for both these progressive clowns. They lie to get office then act like children until they get their way. I’m done with it. Next stop – De-annexation!

  3. How is Adner in any way compatible with conservative world view? The text I got from his campaign says all the liberal key words. Affordable housing, equitable investment, hold developers and corporations accountable, corporate tax breaks bad, unjust evictions, etc.

  4. We need term limits. One and done. The more residents who take part in decision making in this city the better off we will all be. Vote out Cox, Matlow, and Dailey. Vote in Green and Bellamy, and put some fresh ideas in.

  5. Accusing somebody of accusing somebody of committing identity theft over anonymous an message board handles is like accusing somebody of accusing somebody of stealing a baseball cap by wearing one with the same logo.

    Is your identity so wrapped up in your anonymous commenting of my anonymous commenting handle that you actually think you are being wronged like I am being wronged is what I am saying? Very strange….

  6. Accusing somebody of committing identity theft over anonymous message board handles is like accusing somebody of stealing a baseball cap by wearing one with the same logo.

    Is your identity so wrapped up in your anonymous commenting handle that you actually think you are being wronged? Very strange ….

  7. Hope’s days of running this site are over.

    Matlow = Reagan? LOL

    Why don’t you just tell Republicans you think they’re all morons and be done with it.

    So insulting and offensive and demeaning to true conservatives.

  8. Defending the truth – is not bullying. – and accusing someone of that for defending the truth is bullying in and of it’s self… and a perfect example of gaslighting.

    And, it is true if you write something about someone that is false and inflammatory you can get sued.

  9. @Hope,

    “Jeremy Matlow looks like Ronald Reagan”

    Gaslighting alert !!!

    As far as commenters being sued for calling politicians communists, what a bully tactic. And of all people, you are constantly calling people (politicians and fellow commenters) names and often accusing politicians of crimes. You just called Edward a lunatic and said he needed to be evaluated at the Apalachee Center. (You should think half as clearly as Edward)

    Stop gaslighting and bullying!

  10. @ Edward..

    You sound like a lunatic and you’re going to get sued for calling people communists. There is no one listed as a communist at the Supervisors of Elections office as far as I know. Fact. So a million Pinocchios for you!

    The people you are purporting to be Progressive have been the ones to be open to Republicans initiatives and even vote conservatively because it was the right thing to do.

    Your actions are disheartening and mean when you attempt to destroy the facts.

    Jeremy Matlow looks like Ronald Reagan next to John Dailey and John Dailey looks like LBJ. Perhaps you should get your glasses prescription updated, some fresh air and be evaluated at the Apalachee Center.

  11. @ commonsense… You’ve presented some valid points. I’m particularly fond of #3. Apathy is indeed the biggest hurdle we face when seeking to elect true representatives “of the people”. I have no problem with substantive debates and less than unanimous votes on important issues. Much of the agenda items presented to the Commission are perfunctory in-nature, so unanimous decisions are not terribly concerning. However, important and more impactful issues should be debated. The whole purpose of having a Commission is to bring a balance of representation, perspectives, and ideas to the table. Sometimes the discussions and sharing can bring about a change in support or nonsupport of a given issue, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, when the debate is over and a motion is made, a vote is taken and the Commission should accept the results and move on to the next item. If you have a body that is comprised of like-minded people that vote in unison on all issues, then there no reason to even have a Commission. We might as well dissolve the body and just have a Mayor. Then we can use the cost savings to fill some potholes and repair some sidewalks.

    This unprecedented move by the two progressive/communists currently on the board shows that the self-proclaimed “diversity and equality” folks have no real interest in diversity or equality. What they want is control of the body with complete disregard for any opposing viewpoint. In this lay the true danger. If they’ll disregard the opposing viewpoint of a board colleague and team up to attack that colleague… what do you think they’ll do to the taxpayers/citizens/voters of the City – who oppose their agenda – if they gain the majority.

    Again, I’m more in-line with your 3rd point, but for me, this is a vote to block the progressive/communists from gaining control of the highest seats within our City government. I’ll first work to block the progressive/communist regime from gaining control… then take on the corrupt regime from there. This mess didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t be fixed overnight either.

  12. Look can’t we all just agree that things are better when our politicians can be trusted to accept hundreds of dollars in campaign contributions by local mom-and-pop Universities in exchange for a teensy-weensy $27 million of taxpayer money?

  13. @Barb
    Communist minded elected politicians and some staff members already hold positions in both the city and county.governments.
    My stated fact #2 is the main reason I believe things will be pretty much as they are now with perhaps a couple more communist minded people added to the regime.
    For what it’s worth, after the smoke clears, we’ll probably see Dailey and Cox still firmly in place. Bellamy will probably knock Matlow out since Dailey would be very content having him on his team. Now city votes will start coming out 4 to 1 at least until Porter is up for reelection. She’ll be voted out, votes will become 5 to 0 and the regime’s transition will be complete.

  14. “In Florida’s state capital, the Tallahassee City Commission passed a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to protect abortion policy and access to abortion. The resolution was passed 3-2 with MAYOR JOHN DAILEY and Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter voting in the affirmative.”

    The Tennessee Star

  15. @Commonsense, This election is not like previous elections. Communist minded politicians are trying to take control of our city and county. Don’t be complacent.

  16. According to Tallahassee Reports, October 28, 2021,

    “The [abortion] resolution was requested by officials with the Florida National Organization for Women, who are seeking support from local governments for pro-choice laws in Florida…..

    After public comment on the resolution, Commissioner Matlow made a motion to adopt the resolution, and Commissioner Porter seconded the motion.”

  17. All of these comments sound like the ancient discussion among Biblical Scholars who would spend considerable time debating how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. I think they finally settled on the number 10,473.

    For what it’s worth, perhaps a few basic reality facts may help bring all this back on track.

    Fact #1: The entire governments, and Commissioners, of the City of Tallahassee are corrupt as proven by the FBI investigations, arrests and prosecutions. More arrests will follow.

    Fact #2: Most voters will simply vote the incumbents back in because they won’t take or make the time to intelligently review the competing candidates.

    Fact #3: All the candidates suck.

    Fact #4: As has been the normal practice in most elections for years, voters will just have to hold their noses and vote for the candidate they believe sucks the lease.

    Fact #5: The local election outcome will produce insignificant change in how the “Tallahassee City Machine” is run.

    So, get ready to hold your nose, choose your suckers and just sit back and watch the corruption and stupid commission decisions continue. After all, remember your taxes are paying for it.

  18. Stop the Communist Progressive’s (Jeremy and Jack) attempt to take over our local government and turn Tallahassee into a cesspool like Chicago, LA, New York, et al…

  19. Didn’t Mayor John DAILEY “lead” the initiative for the PRO abortion resolution?

    Also to give $27 million of taxpayer funds away to appease his special interests that in turn furnished him with campaign contributions?

    Many children will not be able to eat or have sidewalks to walk on because money must be given to campaign donors for their luxury Sky Boxes.

    Wasn’t the environment destroyed on the land (Welaunee) that Mayor John Dailey gave special considerations and voted for to his developer mega donor?

  20. Do you deny Matlow is for almost all abortions?
    Do you deny he proposed a city-run grocery store?
    Do you deny he campaigned with and supported indicted former Mayor Andrew Gillum’s governor’s campaign?
    Do you deny he favors defunding the police?
    Do you deny he was late paying his taxes on multiple occasions?
    Do you deny he leased space from convicted felon J.T. Burnette?

  21. One who is in a state of desperation leads to extreme acts because they have a feeling of hopelessness…

    Bullying, false accusations, looking the other way, identity theft, are such acts that campaigns should refrain from, but unfortunately desperation kicks in.

    Again, thank you to the many (and most) candidates who are taking the high road.

  22. If professing to be a Christian is the standard, then one should feel compelled to go with the candidate who will result in the fewest number of black babies being murdered in the womb.

  23. @Hope — after who knows how long bullying these commenters, you’ve been owned in a couple hours.

    Any self-respecting Republican would disown the list of positions I posted. But you can’t. Because you agree with them.

    You’re not a Republican — your sole job is to try to trick real Republicans into thinking Matlow is somehow not a socialist.


    Mic drop.

    P.S. — you can’t steal the identity of an anonymous poster, Max.

  24. Sad that people who profess to be Christian look the other way at identity theft, desperate campaign acts, candidates taking money from special interests who were derived from corrupt regimes, and candidates who continually give our taxpayer dollars to special interests.

  25. Reposting — I still have hope these will be answered…..

    Do you deny Matlow is for almost all abortions?
    Do you deny he proposed a city-run grocery store?
    Do you deny he campaigned with and supported indicted former Mayor Andrew Gillum’s governor’s campaign?
    Do you deny he favors defunding the police?
    Do you deny he was late paying his taxes on multiple occasions?
    Do you deny he leased space from convicted felon J.T. Burnette?

  26. This

    Edward Lyle says:
    August 8, 2022 at 10:42 am

    Progressives backing a progressive… as I’ve stated before, we’re just one vote away from being Chicago.

  27. @Hope,

    I agree with @Hopeful NE semi-moderate

    You are desperately avoiding legitimate questions about your political stances, the candidates that you back and claims that you have made here.

    Obviously, you don’t have to answer our questions, but vigorously supporting Trump, DeSantis, Matlow, Porter and Marcelin doesn’t add up.

  28. Again, desperate campaigns are using identity theft as a tactic. Identity theft is a serious crime. When you resort to committing serious crimes to bring attention to your fledgling campaign… not only are you taking the low road, you have driven completely off the road and put your campaign into such a state that it will never recover while disgracing yourself.

  29. Desperation never works in a campaign and we witnessed that when Mayor John Dailey last week held his zero in attendance PR stunt to announce he was filing a campaign election’s complaint against an opponent.

    Desperation backfires and I am proud to see that there are those who are taking the high road and not making desperate attempts.

  30. Do you deny Matlow is for almost all abortions?
    Do you deny he proposed a city-run grocery store?
    Do you deny he campaigned with and supported indicted former Mayor Andrew Gillum’s governor’s campaign?
    Do you deny he favors defunding the police?
    Do you deny he was late paying his taxes on multiple occasions?
    Do you deny he leased space from convicted felon J.T. Burnette?

    If these aren’t real issues, your denials should be quick and easy.

    Spoiler alert: no denials coming …..

  31. Bellamy is a Scott Maddox insider who supported raising our property taxes. Matlow is a business owner who opposed raising taxes.

    Dianne, Bellamy and John are all supported by pro-Doak developer special interest groups who employ Rick Fernandez. Gillum supported Reese Goad, like Bellamy’s good friend Scott Maddox and Curtis did.

    Porter and Matlow strongly oppose him. Bellamy won’t say how he feels, because he is willing to tell Republicans anything to try to get elected.

  32. You would think the candidates who have paid tens of thousands to a Scott Maddox linked campaign manager and recipients of Ghazvini “bundled contributions” could come up with a better campaign strategy than a feckless Internet troll.

    One word, Desperation… and something triggered off their memory of their failures in the last election. Desperation is driving the Crazy Train here.

  33. Yes just ignore his Gillum association, his Defund the Police stance his love for abortion his love affair with labor unions his city-run grocery store his association with radical socialists and only focus on the CSC. Good plan.

  34. The speculation is ridiculous and wrong. The public record shows clearly: Scott Maddox lobbyist/consultant is running David Bellamy. Him, Dianne and John supported raising our taxes. Dianne and John gave away $20 million in sales tax money to luxury stadium improvements… plus another $7 million for borrowing costs. Fiscally reckless, and now Grow Tallahassee is paying them back with campaign money.

    Matlow is the only actual business owner on either commission, who signs the front of a check and employs dozens of actual people. Talk about Portland or Gillum or whatever else you want, but Matlow opposed raising taxes, Bellamy, Dianne and John proudly supported raising them. Scott Maddox and Bellamy are old close friends and use the same middle man. That’s a matter of record.

  35. How’s Matlow’s city-run grocery store coming?

    I guess Hope thinks that’s a Reagan-inspired vision of limited government?

  36. Hahaha — Rusty ftw.

    Sorry, but anonymous posters don’t get to play the righteous indignation card.

    Shows us proof of who you are or consider yourself disregarded.

  37. @Hope, because I was a USAF subcontractor for many years, it would be interesting to know what your husband’s AFSC is.

  38. I feel a lot of love on this thread today… and a diversity of opinions too. That’s a good thing, right? … That will all end if you put a 3rd progressive communist on the Commission.

  39. Matlow is big pals with Ana Eskamani — the AOC of Florida. How does that fit in with his “Republican” creds. Lol.

    HUGE pals with Gillum — a real conservative! lol

    His buddy Jack Porter voted AGAINST Amazon coming here — totally anti-business.

    Also, Matlow is a big pro union guy – how does that fit in with conservatism?

    When socialists try to pretend to speak fluent Republican they end up being exposed.

  40. @Hope,

    I respectfully, fail to see the connection between your husband’s military missions and our local elections.

    I fail to understand your indignation regarding bundled contributions. It is a legal practice to combine small contributions into one large contribution. Most successful politicians accept bundled contributions because of the huge expense of running a successful campaign. In and of itself, it doesn’t tell you anything about the integrity of the politician.

    I just don’t understand why a Republican strongly supports three Democrats (Matlow, Porter and Marcelin) that have policies in line with the Communist faction of their party.

    @Edward said it perfectly:

    “Not because I support their agenda, but rather to block the dangerous and destructive agenda of the two progressive communists on the Commission until we can rid ourselves of their poison.”

  41. Awww, Max is getting upset. I better be careful or he’ll call me a “stupid little bastard” like he did Nick Maddox.

    Matlow will raise taxes like we’ve never seen before (remember, he campaigned for Andrew Gillum, the guy who tried to raise city taxes more than 20 percent). Some other “Republican” Matlow positions — huge pro abortion; supports defunding the police, supports hard-left Democratic candidates.

    If Republicans think voting against the CSC cancels out his socialist past, you deserve what you’re about to get. Hello, Portland!

  42. Hopeful NE…AKA Todd, Gro Tallahassee, and the numerous other “Bundled” Corporations..

    …Who fled Iran because their corrupt regime was ousted by an even more corrupt regime.

    Which now funnels campaign contributions into all our elected officials campaign accounts through numerous corporations. So let me get this straight, the people who accept contributions from people who’ve fled a corrupt regime because they were corrupt are accepting their money… and desperately trying to portray those that aren’t accepting the bundle contributions as the problem? Houston we have a big problem here. We have people with their head in the sands that know not what they do and need to wake up to the reality of what is going on here.

    Isn’t it the candidates and elected officials who are accepting these bundled contributions from the numerous corporations set up from a people whose country of origin was Iran or trying to make other candidates who do not accept bundled contributions as the problem.

    Bundled contributions are the kindling to corrupt regimes and they will go to any length at any cost and nonsense to use money to buy loyalty such as $27 million payouts for their Skybox seats that the mayor gladly went for. Now they are pouring money into a candidate that they found who is a doctor in an attempt to add credibility to their twisted diabolical scheme.

    Hopeful Northeast is The Bundler” and man behind the curtain of the corrupt regime and this is a prank by the Grow Tallahassee and bundled contributions crowd because they are desperate that they will lose the elected officials who they have bought and paid for for over two decades.

    Again, the “bundled contributions” are the kindling for a corrupt regime.

  43. @Hopeful If you want someone masquerading as Republican, that’s Dailey, Bellamy and Williams-Cox. All Chambercrats who are counting on GOP votes, but outwardly supported raising our property taxes.

  44. @Hopeful you seem deranged. To think that Dianne Williams-Cox is somehow good for conservatives, and to come here and pound the table on that, is pretty wild.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, but it’s clear you’re flustered by Dianne, John and David Bellamy supporting the CSC tax increase that raised my taxes and probably yours, if you live here.

    It’s not a reach of any kind to say that Bellamy is being run by Scott Maddox’s campaign apparatus, or that he supported increasing taxes like Dianne and John did. It’s been reported in the newspaper.

    It is not just false, but a lie to say Bellamy is better on taxes. Matlow stood with conservatives and all realistic people in opposing the CSC property tax hike boondoggle. TR wrote about that at the time, and he has to be given a lot of credit for that move.

    Bellamy’s heavily Maddox-influenced, pro-Doak giveaway funded campaign is currently attacking him for it, but it was the right move and credit is due there.

  45. Look, anybody with a brain knows Hope and NE are plants by the Matlow socialist regime trying to siphon off Republican votes so he can take over the commission and turn Tallahassee into Portland. If you love homeless camps, huge tax increases and far left policies, Matlow is your guy. He’s aligned with people who want to defund the police and all sorts of crazy socialist policies. Only somebody masquerading as a Republican could support Matlow. Nice try, Max.

  46. First comment on this thread… @Hope, I agree. I am sorry that I was not paying attention to approving comments on the school board article the other day as I should have noticed this effort to impersonate you (it was on an Our Tallahassee article). It is a shame some people do that.

  47. Oh for goodness sakes! Has the world gone mad including some people commenting here?

    Firstly, Snidely and Ed better get their heads out of the sand because it’s exactly the Dailey and the Dianne Williams Cox Democrats who ran up to Orlando the other day to see Kamala Harris who are behind the nonsense that went down last night at Mira Lago. You both have it oppositely wrong.

    Matlow and Porter have already proven that they will work with Republicans and they will vote with Republicans because they voted for the right thing they didn’t vote for the party-line thing. And the red tsunami is coming and Mattow and Porter will be a better fit.

    I am as Republican and as conservative as they come. My spouse is deployed and is making it safer for people here and around the world and you have no idea what’s really going on, and if you did you would be amazed. My spouse’s initial project that they worked on many years ago just saved an entire country; a missile aimed for a country was deflected from hitting that country and their Air Base.

    They made it safer for Air Force One to land. and countless other missions and projects that I can’t even begin to talk about and don’t know about. There is one country where the terrorists action is almost nonexistent because of his years of work.

    So every time someone uses my name “Hope” in identity theft to say I am going to vote for Stemle, I am someone else, or they are going to vote for Dianne Williams Cox or John Dailey it is sad day for me.

    The new poster “Hopeful Semi-northeast moderate” is making false allegations. Where truth is so important to me this is very hurtful.

    The incumbents backed by the bundled contributions from the developer who opens up multiple corporations original country of origin is currently listed as a do not travel. This developer drives millions of our tax dollars to benefit himself.

    It is of utmost importance that anyone who accepts a bundled contribution get voted out immediately.

    NE Moderate is correct and the most informed and intelligent poster here and the hero of the day!

    God Bless America!!

  48. I would say it’s pretty much the opposite, Ghazvini-funded developer groups are trying to manipulate the public into voting for Williams-Cox and Dailey without letting people know it’s because they support their taxpayer subsidies and giveaways, like Welaunee and the Northeast “Gateway.”

    Meanwhile, some conservatives are trying to trick people into voting for Scott Maddox Democrat Bellamy (who also supported the CSC tax increase). CSC tax hike raised rent, tax bills and housing costs for everyone in Leon County, while funneling graft to the local Chamber who is his main source of support. That’s just a fact.

    The thing about Doak is, it’s the biggest local issue in more than a decade, it was a crazy controversial sham involving all kinds of impropriety very controversial 7-5 vote. And issues after all is what campaigns are about. TCC & FAMU were not controversial, way more public benefit and no luxury skyboxes involved, and 1/3 the price.

  49. @Edward:
    Totally agree with the “vote for Williams-Cox to block strategy”.
    So over the constantly annoying drum beaters regarding 27M to FSU. The drum beaters seldom mention FAMU and TCC’s payments. Give it a rest already everybody knows already and have factored it into our voting plans. I personally see nothing wrong with the financial boost to FAMU, TCC, and FSU as all our local colleges are such a treasure and financial engine driving our local economy.
    Finally I have often wondered exactly what could be a man’s thought process be as he looks in the mirror and thinks “yeah I’m gonna be one of those guys that wears a man-bun”.

  50. The two progressive communists (Jeremy and Jack) have made certain that the City Commission will remain divided and combative with this unprecedented move. It’s clear that they are upset that their alt-left craziness has been out voted 3-2, and they’re trying to gain another vote for they’re warped anti-America hate-filled agenda by teaming up to attack a commission colleague. And as I’ve noted a few times already, Tallahassee is just one vote away from becoming Chicago South.

    I will be voting for Williams-Cox and Daily. Not because I support their agenda, but rather to block the dangerous and destructive agenda of the two progressive communists on the Commission until we can rid ourselves of their poison. My guess is that Porter will face a substantive challenge to her re-election bid in 2024… in fact, I’m sure of it.

  51. @NE Are you really trying to say that Adner Marcelin is more conservative than DWC? You are shamelessly trying to trick Republicans into voting for a socialist.

  52. @hopeful I am not that person. I’ve been commenting consistently for years which you can check if you want, while Justin! is clearly Justin Ghazvini whose family’s company (the biggest donor and former board member of Grow Tallahassee) employs disgraced former City Manager Rick Fernandez.

    Plain facts: Dianne supported the CSC property tax increase, she supported the $27 Doak bailout, and generally has been anything but a friend to conservatives

  53. Todd needs to lay off the weed and CNN. My guess is that he has trouble even deciding which bathroom to use. What poor little Todd doesn’t realize is that as the Democrats do their best to transition our country to a Communist Rule system, he and his ilk will be among the first they will target. They’ll first have to go after the weak-minded pansy man-bun’rs and dude wannabees to make sure they don’t revolt when reality sets in.

  54. Hope (aka Max Herrle) and NE Moderate (aka one of Max Herrle’s many other personalities) are hoping local Republicans flunk out of conservative school and vote for ultra-radical left wingers like Marcelin and Matlow who will ensure the city is overrun with homeless and crime. Their policies are so far left they’d make Bernie blush.

  55. Hot Todd!!!

    Taking a little break from #€\\ today are we?

    Have a nice trip back and don’t forget your sunscreen, you’ll need it!!!

  56. Dianne has been weirdly left-wing actually, has talked about “redistributing the wealth” during forums very nasty towards elected Republicans and seems like a national Kamala Harris style, DNC/MSNBC blue meat fanatic.

    Adner’s actual local politics been fiscally and culturally much more compatible with conservative worldview.

    Matlow is the only real business owner on either local Commission, and Dianne has fully thrown in with the local crooks. She supported increasing all of our property taxes (Matlow stood with us in opposing it, underrated great move for conservatives)

    At the end of the day, look at Dianne’s record (Doak, support for Scott Maddox’s city manager, rubber stamp on developer subdued, her massive newfound support from the Usual Suspects overrunning the Northeast and it’s not hard to see why Matlow and Porter are doing this. It’s common sense and I agree with it.

  57. I prefer the corrupt grifter who’s only in it for herself and her friends than the two communists who would like nothing more than to put me against the wall when the revolution comes.

  58. I’m so old I can remember when we didn’t have to decide which candidate’s shenanigans were the least odious.

    That was long before the leftists controlled this sinking ship.

    De-annexation: the only hope left for those north of I-10.

  59. The whole ‘defund the police’ movement is insane. The people who will suffer the most are the law-abiding minorities in high-crime zip codes. I am thankful to live in the county, where brazen criminals know better than to tread.

  60. Hmm. wait till they’re a majority. Then comes the talk of criminal and social justice reform. Maybe someone needs to ask them about no bail, and decarceration before the election…

  61. Matlow and Porter are mimicking what the AOC progressives have done to their party on a national level. As we all know, the new Progressive Democrat party has done terrible damage to this country. (Fortunately, they have also spurred a glorious backlash that will result in a successful new MAGA Republican party.)

    So apparently, Matlow (who fought tooth and nail against Florida’s anti-riot law) and Porter recruited Marcelin to run against Williams-Cox (a very AOC move). Then, Marcelin claims Williams-Cox voted to militarize the Tallahassee Police Department. That says it all.

  62. Progressives backing a progressive… as I’ve stated before, we’re just one vote away from being Chicago.

    Some of you may remember that Porter courted the Republican/Conservative vote claiming she was a Democrat but open-minded and would consider all opinions. It did not take long for her true progressive, anti-America, defund the police mentality to take over. I made a mistake and backed her – and I admitted that mistake… not again. I’ll stick with the devil I know.

  63. “Jon Ausman, a local political analyst and the longest serving member of the Democratic National Committee in Florida’s history,” and supported the most candidates indicted on federal charges, found guilty, and serving time in federal penitentiaries.

    Ausman was running a not so subtle campaign manipulations for Nick Maddox and look how well that has worked out for us and the Boys and Girls Club.

    Dianne Williams-Cox has been a train wreck because she is fiscally irresponsible and a Democratic party operative, beholden to special interests, and cares nothing for the people she took an oath to serve.

    Matlow and Porter get points for humanity on this one.

  64. “it was normally done sub rosa behind trusted allies who would attempt to defeat the target without exposing the initiating commissioner,” said Ausman” …… Like Daily is doing with Bellamy? Getting Bellamy to run and getting people to throw lots of Money at him for his Campaign hoping he can beat Matlow? One Month Daily (and Campbell) saying they need to FIND SOMEONE to beat Matlow and the next Month Bellamy is Registered and already has $64,000 in his Finance Account.

  65. Jon Ausman ran the local Democrat Party like a personal fiefdom, and citing him as an authority on anything is hilarious.

    Good for Matlow and Porter. People are tired of crooked developer money running the show, and the only way to change things is to get involved.

    Dianne supported the CSC property tax increase, the $27 million Blueprint Doak giveaway, and Grow Tallahassee is essentially running her campaign.

    Nothing on Dailey and Williams-Cox teaming up to oust Matlow by supporting David Bellamy’s Scott Maddox consultant-run campaign?

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