Proctor Endorses Dailey, Ruth’s List Backs Dozier

Proctor Endorses Dailey, Ruth’s List Backs Dozier

On Tuesday, Leon County Commission Chairman Bill Proctor held a press conference to announce his endorsement of Mayor John Dailey. Dailey is being challenged by Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier.

Proctor noted that “I served with John for 12 years on the Board of County Commission and I have observed him as our mayor the last four years during the COVID pandemic. Let me emphasize I have also served for 12
years with Mayor Dailey’s opponent on the County Commission of Leon County.”

Proctor added that “I have singularly engaged both mayoral candidates in the realm of public policy for 12 years. My endorsement, therefore, is made from a seasoned perspective and arrived at from a range of tangible and intangible considerations.”

The issues that Proctor highlighted as support for his endorsement include Dailey’s advocacy for central sewer and urban services for the Southside, his support of the FAMU and FSU stadium upgrades and his personal growth as mayor.

Proctor stated, “Our community has invested four years in John’s freshman term. We should reap the benefits of his growth and leadership grounded in the gained insights obtained by him, over the last mayoral term.”

Mayor Dailey said in a Facebook post that ” I’m proud to have the endorsement of my colleague County Commissioner Bill Proctor . He has been a fierce advocate for the southside since well before his time in office and I have been honored to vote alongside him on countless important issues during our tenures.”

Ruth’s List Florida Backs Dozier

Ruth’s List Florida – an organization that supports pro-choice Democrat women candidates – announced their endorsement of Kristin Dozier in her campaign for Tallahassee mayor.

The president and CEO of the organization – Lucy Sedgwick – stated in a press release that “Ruth’s List is especially proud to endorse Kristin Dozier for Tallahassee mayor…Not only does she have the vision and tenacity to get things done, she’s a proven leader who has committed her tenure as District 5 commissioner to promoting economic development and bringing synergy to the Big Bend region.”

The press release also took a shot at Mayor John Dailey.

The press release stated that Mayor John Dailey’s “misogynistic and demeaning behavior toward women, including members of his own City Commission, has led to outrage from his colleagues.”

Dailey responded in a statement to the Tallahassee Democrat.

 “Let me get this straight. Someone from out of town, who I have never met, who never even picked up the phone to call me, places a salacious quote in an endorsement. No I have no comment.”

8 Responses to "Proctor Endorses Dailey, Ruth’s List Backs Dozier"

  1. @Rusty,

    A friend just shared with me your comments above regarding the “progressives” on Victory Garden Drive. I would like to provide some clarity for anyone reading this who may live on/near VGD:

    Regarding the sidewalks, I am opposed to them – at least on our (south) end of VGD – due to my attack on 9/11/2015 (we don’t want to encourage additional foot traffic – which may bring out those less-than-honest, etc.).

    Many other neighbors on VGD agree with me, as the south end has maybe one or two families (at most) with children. However, as a balanced compromise, I have offered to the City they could place sidewalks on the north end of VGD (beginning at Azalea Place Apartments to Park Avenue) as a pilot project, as the homes, apartment complexes, and townhomes with children and school-age youth are all there. This would satisfy those on both sides of the issue.

    Respectfully, AER VGD TLH

  2. @Barb, apologies for the sarcasm in my last two posts about Dailey. I understand that he’s not the conservative choice; I’m simply making fun of the fact that the local communists running for city commission this year were portrayed as the conservative choice two months ago during the primary campaign. Regardless, as Edward Lyle and others have pointed out, a vote for Dailey will most likely keep Porter and Matlow in check for another two years. Dailey is pro-abortion because it’s politically expedient to be so in liberal Tallahassee, but Porter and Matlow are True Believers™ who (with Dozier’s passive or active help) will use City Hall to promote the sacrifice of the pre-born at the altar of convenience (among other, numerous progressive causes).

  3. @Rusty,

    Dailey was one of the three that voted for the Tallahassee Resolution supporting abortion.

    Additionally, I believe he has been endorsed by Equality Florida (a pro-active LGBT group).

    It is a tough choice.

  4. Where is my previous comment? There was nothing wrong with my comment! I can say Proctor is crooked like the Mississippi river, this is America you commie. I supported this outlet previously. Now, with this censorship, lack of tough reporting and all the volleyball articles about your daughters team, I feel like TR is no different than the corrupt established, mouth piece media. Steve, you have ruined this outlet with you lack of a spine and non-willingness to report on what really matters in Tallahassee, not HS volleyball.

  5. So the race basically boils down to “Let’s Murder More Black Babies in the Womb” vs. “No Sidewalks for Children of White Progressives on Victory Garden Drive”? I can see how that would be a tough choice for the “conservative” voters of Tallahassee …

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