National Progressives Target Tallahassee, Dozier Embraces Endorsements from Extreme Groups

National Progressives Target Tallahassee, Dozier Embraces Endorsements from Extreme Groups

For years, local Tallahassee elections have avoided the influence of national progressive groups with extreme positions. Previously, these groups have focused on larger metro areas like Austin, Seattle, and Portland.

However, during this election cycle Tallahassee voters are being targeted by groups that openly support the defund the police movement, attack capitalism, and label themselves as socialists.

The groups have endorsed local candidates, including Tallahassee mayoral candidate Kristin Dozier.

These groups have support from well-funded national non-profits that include The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD). In 2019 the CPD directed $36 million in funds to progressive state and local groups promoting various initiatives, including a program called Local Progress. Local Progress is CPD’s most prominent campaign, “an effort to pool policy ideas and activism from municipal councilors in America’s most liberal cities and spread them to more cities.”

Local Progress published a platform in 2016 that sought to influence the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President, emphasizing gun control, advancing left-wing labor and employment regulation, reversing school choice, and demanding environmentalist energy policy.

In addition, the CPD has also played a role in the debates surrounding policing reform and the Black Lives Matter movement. For example, CPD was involved in a 2015 Democracy Alliance-associated conference kickoff dinner strategizing on how progressives could fund the efforts of anti-police activists.

The Tallahassee Connection

Tallahassee mayoral candidate Kristin Dozier is embracing endorsements from these far-left progressive groups. On Dozier’s website, the endorsements of these groups are listed under a tab that states, ”Proudly Endorsed By.” These groups include Florida Rising and Florida For All. Dozier is also endorsed by the Dream Defenders.

It turns out that these three groups are also part of a Florida coalition funded, in part, by CPD. The Florida For All website states, “Since 2014, six Florida[1]based organizations — Florida Rising, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Faith in Florida, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Dream Defenders, and SEIU — have built a deep, long-term collaboration with each other across constituencies and geographies.”

The most recent non-profit filing by Florida Rising

Non-profit documents show that these groups have been funded by national left-wing organizations that include the CPD ($534,00) and the Tides Foundation ($2.3 million). Between 1998 and 2018, George Soros organizations have donated $32 million to the Tides Foundation.

In Tallahassee, these groups have picked out their preferred local candidates and have scheduled events to help with the respective campaigns. In addition to Dozier, Florida For All has endorsed Josh Johnson, who is running against Leon County Commission against incumbent Nick Maddox.

The Florida For All coalition will be helping endorsed candidates ahead of the November 8 election.

Tallahassee Implications

These groups have adopted extreme positions on several local issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the Tallahassee City Commission. For example, Florida Rising advocates for progressive positions related to housing and policing. The group states that “Housing is a human right not a profit tool for greedy landlords. We fight for safe affordable homes, rent control, and development that doesn’t displace us.”

A tweet – which now appears to be deleted – indicates Florida Rising supports replacing capitalism with socialism.

On policing, a statement on their website indicates the group is “For investing in our communities, not policing them.”

In addition, recently an open letter signed by 30 of Florida’s 67 county Sheriffs argue that Florida Rising is the largest Florida-based anti-cop group of its kind, deploying its infrastructure, resources and endorsements exclusively to like-minded Democrats up and down the ballot.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FR1.png

In July 2020, it was announced that the Sandler Foundation would be donating $200 million to “racial justice groups” in response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests. New Florida Majority – which changed its name to Florida Rising in 2021 – was one of the eight grantees to receive funds that will help recipients advocate for left[1]wing policies in battleground states and create long-term constituencies that support these issues.

The Dream Defenders – another group that endorsed Dozier – states on their website that, “Dream Defenders are Socialists…..We are against Black capitalism because we believe that Black people as a whole will not be freed even if some of us have more money. “

Election Implications

The emergence of these groups, with financial ties to well-funded national progressive organizations, coincides with the rise in the local Tallahassee progressive movement. With the recent elections of Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter to the city commission, the progressive movement has become emboldened and more focused on electing like-minded local politicians.

The approach by the local progressive elected officials is to demonize law enforcement and cast local developers and business groups as dishonest. These views are consistent with the coalition of groups that are now interested in having an impact on Tallahassee elections.

It is clear that electoral success by this movement will result in local policies like those adopted in other progressive cities.

Dozier Remains Quiet About Endorsements

For her part, Dozier has accepted the endorsements from these groups without any public comment or acknowledgment of the extreme positions they represent.

The endorsements and their connections to national progressive organizations have also been ignored by the local media outlets.

Dozier’s silence on the endorsements will leave many voters guessing about her positions on the issues supported by these groups. However, the endorsements will also serve as a signal to a key local constituency that is critical to Dozier’s electoral fortunes in the upcoming election for mayor of Tallahassee

46 Responses to "National Progressives Target Tallahassee, Dozier Embraces Endorsements from Extreme Groups"

  1. Simply put… Capitalism represents freedom. Socialism, not so much.

    Just ask the citizens of Venezuela, for one example. What was once a thriving Capitalist system, is now a Socialist sh*thole – as someone once coined. Citizens who were once free to shop at the markets, were forced to steal zoo animals for food. You can keep your monkey stew… I’ll stick with a nice bowl of French onion soup.

  2. Thanks for answering part of my question
    But again I’d be interested to hear why Socialism is something to fear and Capitalism is deserving of such reverence in your eyes.
    And please be specific…

  3. So… basically, the money coming from the Marxist special interest groups and going to Dozier, is being wasted on cubicle and basement trolls. I think it’s safe to say – at this point in the cycle – that minds are made up with respect to who gets what votes in this race. I think it was Snidely who put it best – albeit bluntly – that this race boils down to a “feces versus vomit” choice. Both options stink, both will create a mess, both will leave a stain, and both will likely require a clean-up and sanitizer when they’re inevitably wiped away.

    As for me and mine, our vote is based purely on our hope to prevent the 3rd and deciding vote for the destructive and Marxist progressive agenda away from City Hall… and disappointedly, that option is the current Mayor at this point.

    So wax to your hearts content on comparative political sciences… this is about preventing a complete collapse of common sense and moral decency, in hopes that better options present themselves in the future.

  4. “It will be front page news, hopefully.”

    I think you meant “HOPE-fully.”

    “… bullying … bullying … bullying … bullying …”

    When concern trolling TR doesn’t work under one handle before the primary, try again and HOPE that it will work under another handle before the general.

  5. Why do you ever have a comment page and invite people to engage when all you do is delete any comments that doesn’t parrot your views?

  6. Hi Steve
    Just Curious
    Looking over these endorsements I’d be interested to know what exactly makes them “extreme”?
    Also I’d be interested to hear why Socialism is something to fear and Capitalism is deserving of such reverence in your eyes.
    And please be specific…

    1. Statements by the groups are included in the article. I consider any group with the goal of abolishing capitalism and demonizing law enforcement as extreme.

  7. I mean obviously this piece is written from a conservative stance, where the bias comes from the choice of which facts are highlighted rather than through an overt statement of opinion, etc etc (yawn). But if you can wade past that silliness, it does provide a high concentration of concrete details, which for this left wing voter, makes a clear case for why Dozier will easily have my vote.

    It’s also an interesting piece in that it gives the reader an update on an array of current conservative dog whistles. For example, that “Austin, Portland, and Seattle” are seemingly code for “liberal hellholes you do not want your town to become.” It’s not surprising that “defund the police,” challenges to capitalism, and gun control are still potent signals to get people’s hands wringing, but I was a little surprised to see “housing as a human right” listed as well. Didn’t realize that was a controversial issue, but I guess it makes sense, since it has to do with helping poor people and people of color with public funds.

    I’m not sure why this paper showed up in my mailbox, but my takeaways are twofold: (1) it’s obviously a small-time operation with a tiresome conservative bias, but (2) it also does contain a ton of useful factual information about local goings on.

    I think if readers take into account the obvious right leaning slant, then TR could be seen a useful little rag with some real potential.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to craft a thoughtful comment. Although, I am not a fan of your use of “rag’. TR Editor, Steve S.

  8. TR

    That is untrue. The comment was factual and based off at Tallahassee Democrat article and it has been reported to the Tallahassee Democrat that you are censoring comments, taking money from Mayor DAILEY for campaign ads and censoring comments. It will be front page news, hopefully.

    1. Like I said, your comment did not relate to TR’s story, rather it related to – as you admit – a Tallahassee Democrat story. Steve S.

  9. TR

    Where is my comment from last night and why was it not approved?

    There was nothing inappropriate, it was factual, it was relative… would like an explanation as to why it was not accepted.

  10. This whole situation reminds me of a line from the film, “Return of the Musketeers”.

    “As if it mattered which lordly rascal misruled France in the name of little king Louis.”

    The only difference I readily see is that Dailey is a corrupted, local woke rascal and Dozier a corrupted nationally supported, woke rascal.
    The latter truly frightens me as we do not need these groups embedded in Tallahassee through a locally sourced politician.
    I do have little doubt though that Dailey would sell out to them(thus selling us) in a heartbeat if Dozier loses.

  11. Oh Nikki, Nikki, Nikki… the only “side” I have is the commonsense American side. By the way, still waiting on the response to my request… to wit:

    ~ Would you be able to provide me with the information whereby Dozier publicly denounced this action, and her public rebuke of the blm money extortion and laundering syndicate. Oh… and toss in her public rebuke of the foolish and destructive Marxicrat “Defund” movement while you’re at it.

    While you’re at it, how about citing the so-called “false facts” you accuse me on stating.

    Be careful, you’re Alinsky training is showing.

  12. “She did not give away $27 million … at the expense of infrastructure meant for citizens.”

    It should only be a few more posts before we start seeing the “we could have built more sidewalks for the children” argument.

  13. Mr Edward Lyle

    Stating false information and attacking me is expending energy that doesn’t help your side at all; if anything it detracts. Tired old rhetoric to deflect from your lack of substance.

    So predictable and disappointing.

  14. @ Nikki Weed… TOCs number is (850) 877-8174. And might I suggest taking along some salt and mustard to go with that pretzel you’re twisting yourself into. The Blue Print funds cannot – by governance or law – be allocated to the Police Department for personnel funding use. If reality and facts are silly to you, then silly I am proud to be. I’m more interested in keeping the 3rd vote for the progressive agenda of Marxicrat insanity away from City Hall.

    Now, you’ve earned your fee from Dozier… time for you to move along and get some yard signs out and in the ground.

  15. Mr Edward Lyle & Whiplash

    I have never had a back pain in my life. But you two give me a headache with your silliness.

    Feel free to vote your choice. I am voting for Dozier. She did not give away $27 million that law enforcement could have used, but Dailey gave away simply to receive funding for his campaign at the expense of infrastructure meant for citizens. Fortunately it has been reported.

    Voters will vote against Dailey for his $27 million giveaway, his high crime rate, and his failure to bring consensus to the City Commission. They want a positive change.

    People will vote for Dozier for her analytical and detail oriented approach to finding solutions, being able to bring consensus, and listening to citizens and not selling them out, making taxpayer dollar giveaways in exchange for campaign contributions.

  16. I have a question, in regards to police spending vs social spending, which is more? I remember when Defund the Police attacked NYC due to the police budget being 6% of the total budget. Their claim was if more of that money went to social spending, crime would be reduced. What they failed to mention was that social spending in NYC at the the time was 21% of the total budget, more than three times the police expenditures. Why does anyone think the people’s money should be focused on anything that does not benefit all of the people?

  17. @ Nick Weed… Might I suggest you contact TOC to get an appointment with a new Spin Doctor. Your twisting must wreak havoc on your lower back. As Snidely has so aptly noted, this particular election boils down to a choice between feces versus vomit. I did not imply that the current Mayor was in any way against the fraudulent Marxist blm money extortion and laundering syndicate. I simply implied that the scam has played out on many levels across the nation, not just here in Tallahassee. Might you recall that it was this Mayor and City Commission (save for Porter, who wasn’t in office at the time) that clearly violated the Sunshine Law and approved the misappropriation of taxpayer funds to paint an entire intersection with a “Marxist Welcome” sign, in support of the scam.

    Would you be able to provide me with the information whereby Dozier publicly denounced this action, and her public rebuke of the blm money extortion and laundering syndicate. Oh… and toss in her public rebuke of the foolish and destructive Marxicrat “Defund” movement while you’re at it.

    I do apologize if my use of the word “hell” challenged your delicate sensibilities. I know how you prefer a more sensitive loquacious approach… but as I noted – quite “genuinely” I might add – “…I truly wish there was a better option, but I’ll be damned if me and mine will help these progressive lunatics take over and destroy our City.

  18. There’s two choices, Dailey and Dozier. Neither one in my opinion is a good choice. Dailey has showed his inability to lead our city so let’s vote him out. If Dozier does the same we’ll vote her out as well. Our lack of viable candidates continues to be disturbing.

  19. Well I was going to vote in Dozier because she is more likely to get caught dirty and brought up on charges in court than Dailey.
    My intent was to vote Dozier into office for my own selfish entertainment.
    Sigh…I really enjoyed the Gillum/Maddox/Burnett sideshow and was selfishly hopefull for more such entertainment. And I feel everyone in Tallahassee would also get a kick out of watching Dozier sell her integrity once again to a developer like she did with that J. T. Burnett Terrace Street property.
    But for the good of our communitty I must man-up and vote for Dailey.
    Once again conservatives must settle for the same old feces vs vomet choice here in Tallahassee. I hate the smell of feces a little more than I hate the smell of vomit. Therefore my beloved citizens I shall reluctantly pull the lever for Dailey.
    Thank you Steve for getting my mind right enough with your timely informative information for me to see the clear path for what’s best for Tallahassee. I will cast my vote for Dailey.
    I understand there is some pending court activity soon against Gillum and his co-defendent and that will have to suffice for my future entertainment.
    Sigh…here we go feces vs vomet once again.

  20. If we are reporting on who supports Kristin, why are we not also talking about Dailey’s proponents in the same article? Why the one-side? Could this publication not find a single group supporting Dailey that has an “extreme” opinion?

    I’ve received mailers from several far-right groups accusing Kristin of providing “needles on every street corner” and all manner of other nonsense. Dailey is clearly supported by this newspaper this article and the other opinion piece this morning makes that clear. I just think you should be upfront about it.

  21. Mr Edward Lyle

    I’m sorry I missed Mayor Dailey’s denouncing BLM. He was in the forefront of the Tallahassee BLM movements so could you please provide any information on the mayor publicly denouncing this movement?

    Would you be able to provide information regarding Mayor Dailey asking for more funding for more police patrols?

    Does the truth scare – in your words – the “hell” out of you, that the mayor’s opponent exposed his inaction for deterring crime?

    Are you being – in your words – “disingenuous”?

  22. I feel like TR works for the Daily campaign…that’s not good. I’m not voting for Kristin, but this seems more like something the Dailey Campaign would put out. No balance.

  23. Good reporting. Dailey is definitely the lesser of two evils and already got my vote. I’m glad Dozier is no longer representing the 5th district, not that the alternatives were any better. Okeef is friends with Porter, wonder how that’s going to turn out…

  24. Anyone who thinks the Tallahassee Democrat is Marxist is an idiot. According to Media Bias Fact Check, they tilt right of center, while Tallahassee Reports is solid right. Actually, far right, if you read some of the inane and inflammatory comments. We have no “far-left” in America; that is simply absurd.

  25. I subscribe to both TR & TD. I like to be informed on both sides of the issues- that way I can decide for myself. Dozier not rejecting endorsements of these extremist anti-police organizations tells me all I need to know.

  26. Looks like the Tallahassee Marxicrat has triggered their cubicle-troll progressives to attack Tallahassee Reports. Truth scares the hell out of the Marxicrat. The Defund movement swept across that nation as driven by the fraudulent Marxist blm money extortion and laundering scam, and was and continues to be fully supported my the Marxicrat Party and some weak-kneed Republicans. I think he’s far from top notch, but to lay it all on Daily is disingenuous to say the least.

    Who endorses who is extremely important… and it’s fair and fundamental political journalism to report on that information. If one is afraid of their endorsements, then one should not accept them nor brag on them.

    That the two Marxicrats on our Commission (Matlow and Porter) support Dozier, is all me and my family need to know to give our votes to Daily. I truly wish there was a better option, but I’ll be damned if me and mine will help these progressive lunatics take over and destroy our City.

  27. “Are you saying it is fair for the TD to ignore the positions of the groups endorsing Dozier?”

    I would have no problem with the TD reporting the endorsements.

    I believe TR and the TD should report that Kristin Dozier pointed out in the WFSU, League of Women Voters, and the Tallahassee Democrat forum debate that under Mayor Dailey’s watch the funding for police officer patrols has been reduced. She was concerned and she is hearing from citizens that they want more TPD patrols and the reason they don’t have them is because under Dailey’s watch he has reduced funding for patrols. Dozier pointed out that the funding for patrols is less than it was 10 years ago. Dozier uncovered a huge misstep that the mayor has made and highlights that Dailey is unconcerned with the crime problem. It is also rational to deduce that because of this misstep by Dailey the crime problem has become worse.

  28. I did not argue that any of those positions are not “extreme”. It is clear that the repeated use of that word is intended as a scare tactic due to its negative connotations. Likewise, the use of socialism/socialist is a common right-wing scare tactic that occurred three times in this article. It is blatantly obvious why the author chose to focus on the “socialist” nature of the groups involved and not the popularity of any of the “extreme” positions that are mentioned.

    As it turns out, most of the positions mentioned in the article are widely popular and not considered “extreme” by most, especially working class people. Many who struggle with high rents would agree that housing should not be a profit tool for greedy landlords and don’t see it as an extreme position. Many in Tallahassee would also agree that funds should be redirected from the overinflated police budget to build communities and fight extreme poverty, not pay for training from an accused war criminal.

    Aside from that, multiple sections of this “news story” are clear and obvious editorializing, such as the entire “Election Implications” section. If this is intended as an editorial, it should be marked as such. My criticism would change from “this is biased reporting” to “your politics are awful”.

  29. I figured something was up when I noticed new sock accounts popping up last week in the TR comments trying to once again portray the Matlow-Porter wing as the “conservative choice.”

    Our Tallahassee staff meetings must be a hoot.

  30. I think the reduction in police funding should impact first and foremost the neighborhoods where people are calling for the reduction. If not, why not?

    I would like to see more local police not less. @Steven, if you see any police in your neighborhood, feel free to send them over to my neighborhood. Thank you, in advance.

    “Policing makes poverty worse”? Does anyone doubt that wealthy neighborhoods are well policed (and will continue to be so)? Maybe, policing makes wealth increase. As I said, I would like to see more local police.

  31. An obvious and embarrassing example of biased reporting. Why not pepper in a few more scare words like “extreme” and “socialist” and run it as an opinion piece?

    1. Hi David, The use of extreme is in reference to the groups desire to abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism and their constant reference to defunding the police. I believe it is fair to label these positions as extreme. I would welcome a comment on how these positions are not extreme.

      On the use of “socialism” in the article, one group admits they support socialism on their website.

      Steve S.

  32. Yes, I believe that is fair; that is a huge misstep for DAILEY on its own. His wife has an interest in one of the entities and people should know that. I could go on and name instance after instance of Dailey’s missteps, but I doubt it would make it through the moderation process.

  33. In answer to your question, yes. But, not at the expense of not reporting Dailey’s actions, in-actions, misuse of office, associations with special interests, and abysmal record. By not reporting Dailey’s baggage this is nothing more than an attempt at a smear campaign that will backfire on DAILEY.

    1. O.K. So the Tallahassee Democrat has reported on the alleged connection with FP&L and Dailey and has allowed Dozier to make it about selling the city’s utility. However, they have not reported on the extreme positions of these groups that have endorsed Dozier. Is that fair journalism?

  34. Struggling to find anything wrong with wanting a little gun reform to prevent mass shootings, wanting equitable jobs and unions, or wanting clean renewable energy? As well, the idea of reducing police funding so that it can be allocated to programs that reduce poverty sounds like the right idea, because the stats are telling us that policing likely makes poverty worse and that may have a net negative impact on crime, rather than a positive one. Policing needs to change and I think a lot of people agree with that idea.

    Overall, this seems like maybe a little subjective fear mongering rather than objective analysis of policy.

  35. This attempt to discredit Dozier is laughable. Her credibility is intact and her opponent’s is rapidly evaporating. The only thing this does is question the credibility of this publication. Has. TR become a special interest of Dailey?

    Should Dozier file an election’s complaint that there was no disclaimer used stating paid for by Dailey for mayor campaign?

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