NE Tallahassee Propels Dailey to Decisive Victory

NE Tallahassee Propels Dailey to Decisive Victory

A look at the numbers behind the race for Tallahassee mayor shows that voters in Northeast Tallahassee selected Mayor Daily at much higher rates than voters in other parts of Tallahassee.

An analysis of unofficial results provided by the Leon County Supervisor of Elections shows that Dailey received 9,011 votes in precincts located in District 4 (Killearn, Summerbrooke) while Dozier received 5,195 votes. This is a 3,816 margin for Dailey.

Dailey won the mayoral election by 3,990 votes – 34,441 to 30,451.

The breakdown of the votes by districts – provided in the table below – shows the votes gained by Dailey in District 4 far outpaced his performance in any of the other four districts.

Dailey outpaced Dozier on the southside (District 1) by 735 votes and won District 3 (Waverly & Piedmont area) by 654 votes.

Dozier edged Dailey in District 2 ( FSU, Westside) by 662 votes and in District 5 (Lafayette Park, Eastside) by 553 votes.

Dailey’s margin of victory in District 4 was 5-6 times the margin in the two other districts (1 & 3) he won.

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  1. @ Inrya… so… you have type-to-voice conversion program on your computer, that’s cool. I take back my recommendation that you partake in a pharmaceutical remedy for your bitter dark heart. Perhaps a better approach would be some kind of anger management, or few sessions with a psychiatrist. Either way, I hope you feel better soon sweetheart.

  2. @ Edward Lyle
    I don’t need to take a chill pill, offer proof that Dozier would be better, or do anything else your sexist, condescending mouth spews and demands so vomitously. Bye, now, sweety.

  3. Mr Rusty

    Your name is apropos.

    The Rusty and Barb show would be more applicable.

    My calendar is filled through the next year, but if asked after that I will pencil it in, not. But don’t give up hope!

  4. @ Rusty… excellent idea. If they both (wink) agree to show, l’ll even show up to present the counterpoints to their circular arguments… and bring a second bottle of water for Sybil.

  5. Steve, could you please invite both Hope and Nicholas Weed on The Steve Stewart Show to discuss their views of Tallahassee government? If you conduct the interviews at the same time, one could even say you may get two for the price of one.

  6. Yes, I believe the people who benefited from the VIP seats are the developers who reside in the Northeast by buying votes by paying politicians and propaganda agencies. Unfortunately , there are those who go with the flow – over the cliff- leftist loons, e.g., Mr Ed.

  7. @ Inyra… take a chill pill. This was merely a vote for the lessor of two evils. If you believe Dozier would have been any better, you’re naïve. Sprawl versus congested infill… you explain to me how one is any better than the other in your mind. Clearcutting and environmental destruction by greedy developers, or clearcutting and environmental destruction for solar panels and windmills. One leads to housing and economic and community development, while the other to wasteful spending for inconsistent and unsustainable faux energy sources. And btw, when you fail to condemn the FAMU and TCC handouts along with the FSU handout, you show your hypocrisy and partisan selective outage.

    @ Deep Six… good and funny analogy. A choice between feces versus vomit, or a choice between two STDs… it’s a toss-up.

    @ POC and Frank… agreed

    @ Weed… I surely HOPE you have a better day. Oh, and lay off the weed and Matlow pizza… the brain cell destruction is evident.

  8. Mr Frank

    You are living in the dustbin of old news. I believe giving away $25 million of taxpayer dollars to get a return on campaign contributions is more current and relevant.

    POC, FLC & Deep Six

    You should start a new political party called the Kool-Aid Party. Until then please find a rehab center and admit yourselves ASAP.

  9. Dozier never recused herself, while on the County Commission, whenever her Father’s company, Mad Dog Construction, had projects before the County Commission. Secondly, her connection to John Thomas Burnette never received the proper investigative attention by the Tallahassee Democrat…as it would have if Dozier had not been their ‘favored’ candidate.

  10. Very well stated, Inyra!

    This was a contest between two candidates. You could compare the NE voters to the voters who voted for Fetterman. Uninformed. Dailey will continue to misuse his office as a stepping stone; his only interest is running for governor. Only then will reality set in as Democratic Party local candidates never do well in statewide elections. Informed voters would have chosen a better path, but let this play out and reality will set in. Start the countdown for the next political scandal…

  11. The vile uber left Capital District Kommissars, Matlow, Porter and now O’Keefe will continue to push their radical leftist agenda until they reach full control. They never go away and will remain a constant cancer. The Northeast of the Capital District should unite and begin de-annexing immediately. You have newly elected Cory Simon who can help with that push.

  12. A victory for Dailey, but not for Tallahassee. Dozier has the endorsements of groups who are determined to destroy this society and Dailey is just as much of a threat, but on a smaller, more local level. If we can keep this threat on a local level, we may better be able to defend against it. I am very disappointed in Dozier. I thought she was far more invested in the good of this town. She is of the same ilk as Porter and Matlow.

  13. You get what you paid for…in this case we all will suffer to get what the republican party, monied powerbrokers, and same ol corrupt influencers paid for. Clearcutting and environmental destruction by greedy developers like Boulos and the Ghazvinis (codes, what codes, we dont need no stinkin’ codes); unchecked urban sprawl while lower income taxpayers help pay for the expansion of services the high income areas need; toxic water and aerosolized pollutants up the yinyang for southside residents; more grift with city salaries, insider hiring and favoritism; fewer infrastructure improvements; more mismanagement of Blueprint tax dollars (oh wait, the last of that was given to the very rich FSU stadium, initiated by powerful boosters and city upper mgmt); the list of grift and graft goes on. Thanks for nothin’ Manny Diaz and Bill Proctor, what backroom palmgreasing are you getting out supporting John Daily and his same ol same ol grease dealers?

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