Tallahassee City Commissioners Complete Evaluations of Appointed Officials

Tallahassee City Commissioners Complete Evaluations of Appointed Officials

The 2022 evaluations of appointed officials by Tallahassee City Commissioners were recently completed. The appointed officials include City Manager Reese Goad, City Attorney Cassandra Jackson, Treasurer Clerk Jim Cooke, and Inspector General Dennis Sutton.

Appointed officials were notified of their evaluation in a memorandum sent by Mayor John Dailey on November 16, 2022. The memorandum included the ratings by each city commissioner for each appointed official.

City Commissioner Jack Porter did not submit her evaluation by the requested deadline of November 14th, therefore her assessments were not included in the memorandum.

In a statement to TR, Commissioner Porter stated, “Honestly, I just moved my grandmother into a nursing home in Clemson, and I spent most of November out of town taking care of that. If anybody was disadvantaged by my being late, I apologize. I think anybody who reads my evaluation letters will see that I take this seriously.”

The Evaluations

The rating scale used for the evaluations is shown below:

4.4 – 5.0 O = Outstanding
3.5 – 4.4 EE = Exceeds Expectations
2.5 – 3.4 ME = Meets Expectations
1.5 – 2.4 NI = Needs Improvement
0 – 1.4 DME = Does Not Meet Expectations

The evaluations – provided below – show that all the appointed officials had a median score of 5.0 – which indicates outstanding performance.

Of note, City Attorney Cassandra Jackson received a score of 5 from all four of the elected officials that submitted evaluations.

Also, City Manager Reese Goad received a 5 from Mayor Dailey and from City Commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson, while City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow rated Goad a 0.

The appointed officials compensation package provides for a 5.0% salary increase for a performance evaluation of at least “meets expectations.”

The evaluation process was initiated on October 5th when Ellen Blair, the city’s Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development, sent information via email to all the elected officials.

Blair noted that the “evaluations should be completed and returned …. by Monday, November 14, close of business. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact me. “



11 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commissioners Complete Evaluations of Appointed Officials"

  1. Great points, Thomas C. Hooker.

    Reese Goad is wildly out of his depth professionally and extremely overpaid, as are Barber, Rick Fernandez crony/nepotism hire Christian Doolin, Dailey’s former aide Thomas Whitley, Artie White not to mention Blueprint where taxpayer salaries are just as delusionally inflated.

    The connection between the Maddox/VancoreJones era of City Hall and today’s even dumber iteration has been obscured by “defund the police”- flavored, Chamber-driven hysteria over Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter. But the truth is, they’re the only leaders in that building who aren’t on the take from the self-serving developer/TALCOR insider old boys’ complex.

  2. I coulda used my November vote to vote out the mayor, Wilson-Cox and Maddox. But no, I voted to to keep them in office in spite of their corruption, cronyism and fiscal mismanagenent. What’s that saying about the definition of insanity and repeating the same things…expecting different results? As Dailey, DW-C, Richardson and Maddox continue their same old ways, thus allowing 5% pay raises for their buddies in graft, I’ll just complain a lot about their corruption, but moan even more about Porter and pizzaman, who I voted against.
    All the while making sure I do not blame myself for voting for the same ol same ol, to keep these grifters in power. No matter what, don’t look closely at myself in the mirror!

  3. Deputy City Manager… another position that doesn’t have the qualifications and experience needed. She is tied to the police yet she has no law enforcement expertise or background. This situation has been going on for far too long and should have been rectified a long, long time ago. The city doesn’t want people in the manager and Deputy manager positions to know what’s going on or to be experienced or qualified because it would be the shake up of the century, which is needed.

  4. It’s a good gig if you can get it. Here is the Deputy City Manager, the person who reviews ALL Police Department reports and decides what media outlets are allowed to learn about our crime rate. Good gig.

    “In 2021, Cynthia Barber made $224,784 by working as a Deputy City Manager at the City of Tallahassee. Cynthia Barber salary was 32% higher than the average and 24% higher than median Deputy City Manager salary in 2021.

    Cynthia Barber salary was 338% higher than average City of Tallahassee salary and 381% higher than median City of Tallahassee salary in 2021.”

    From opengovpay.com

  5. To Commissioner Matlow…… This isn’t the first time you gave Reese Goad a “0” so, what I would like to know is, have you tried sitting down with him like two grown Adult Men and tried to work out the issues you have with him? If so, what was the outcome?

  6. When one commissioner grades a 5 and another grades a 0 for the same employee it turns the process into a meaningless, political joke. Our commissioners are worse than the biggest brat kid you have ever known. They’re incapable of thoughtful, reasoned decision making. They’re despicable…

  7. When you have a out of control crime rate and getting worse DAILEY, water quality issues, special interest developers getting fined for environmental issues, it is irresponsible for any commissioner to rate the city manager anything higher than a 1.

    Commissioner Richardson should break out of his comfortable alignment and show some leadership and align with Matlow and Porter to oust the city manager so that Tallahassee can do a nationwide search for a proper and experienced city manager. Not a city manager chosen for political expediency. Commissioner Matlow is the only commissioner who showed leadership here.

    It is time to put the crime crisis and environmental issues on the radar screen.

  8. Snidely has conducted a carefull scientific study of the our Nannie’s evaluation process and the results conclusively support the finding that all the evaluation participants (with the exception of Reese Goad) are enjoying unlimited free pizza and drinks along with anytime free delivery from Matlow’s pizza joints.
    In addition my scientific study also supports the fact that both Dennis Sutton and Jim Cooke each had their orders messed up and on one or more occasions had pineapple on their free pizza when nobody likes pineapple on pizza. Those 4.8’s prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Science.

  9. Sorry to repeat, but… Once again, the Marxicrats (Matlow already and Porter inevitably) on the Commission throw back the curtain and expose their true motivations… hatred and control. Both constantly display the reality that they have no desire whatsoever – nor intent for that matter – to work together as a collaborative body charged with conducting the people’s business. Their claims of their support for diversity and equality are simply marketing tools and a means to a hoped-for end. They lie with impunity and possess no loyalty at all to this city or her citizens. That Porter hasn’t submitted her evaluation yet, simply means that she hasn’t yet been told by her handlers what to do or think.

    They are mere tools of the tyrannical progressive lunatics and a cancer on this commission, and both should be censured until they can be voted out of office.

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