The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 2nd

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 2nd

Local News

A number of citizens voiced support for Taylor Biro via email or in person during Thursday’s meeting of the Tallahassee Citizens Police Review Board. Biro – a member of the CPRB – has been under fire for her anti-law enforcement views. The Florida PBA Big Bend Chapter is calling for the removal of Biro for “promoting an inappropriate, incendiary, and anti-police message.” The issue is expected to be addressed at the December 7th city commission meeting.

As part of the Killearn Country Club multi-phase renovation project, the demolition of the clubhouse facility will begin on Friday, December 2nd. The demolition of the clubhouse will clear the site for construction of new amenities. See video here.

Tallahassee Police reported a shooting incident in Frenchtown around 9:40 a.m. Thursday. The incident occurred in the 800 block of Golden Street. The victim suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and the incident is not expected to be fatal.

Tallahassee Police arrested one person in connection to the shooting incident on FAMU’s campus near recreational basketball courts. TPD arrested 21-year-old Da’Vhon Young and is being charged with one count of murder and four counts of attempted murder. FAMU announced earlier this week that they had employed the use of over 1500 cameras and license plate readers to assist law enforcement in tracking the suspects.

Florida News

Florida Sen. Rick Scott was recently interviewed on a Georgia radio station where he discussed the United States’ immigration policies and said that the country should have a policy prioritizing immigrants with “Judeo-Christian values.” Scott said that currently, the United States has an open policy where officials have no understanding where people are coming from. Scott said that if we’re going to increase immigration, he contends that the United States should vet them properly to ensure they believe in the values of the United States.

Florida’s legislative leaders have begun signaling that more pro-life legislation in the upcoming session is not on the table. Pro-life groups have, in weeks since the GOP’s domination in Florida during the November elections, have been calling for more legislation to further curb abortions. New Senate President Kathleen Passidomo said they would likely not take up more legislation until after the Supreme Court weighs in on the existing 15-week abortion ban. She also said she doesn’t believe in abortion except for rape and incest.

Sports News

FSU women’s basketball defeated the Wisconsin Badgers last night 92-87 as Ta’Niya Latson led the Seminoles down the stretch with 27 points. The win marks the Seminoles’ 10th straight in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, currently the longest streak between schools from either conference. FSU improves to 13-2 in the challenge and 8-1 this season.

15 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 2nd"

  1. Ed Lyle,

    Bellamy had the most money and most extensively coordinated establishment campaign Tallahassee has ever seen, with the possible exception of Dailey post-primary. Chamber pulled out all the biggest guns they had (two 501c4 electioneering groups, $500,000+ spent, John Thrasher endorsement) and lost by 12 points.

    Nothing is responsible for Matlow’s big win besides his broad popularity and strong campaign. He has stayed in good stead with Republicans by opposing the Dailey CSC property tax increase, standing against wasteful spending, and fighting for reform of our still Maddox-appointed City Hall status quo.

    The ginned up “anti-police” fake outrage is looking sillier every day and the salty old boys would do well to drop it.

  2. Mr Ed

    Regarding your political analysis or attempt at it, it is word salad meets feast of fools –and any further contemplation of such you may want to keep your day job.

    Bellamy lost because he was not true to himself. He is a leader yet allowed himself to follow the Insiders and jumped on the bandwagon of buffoons. People saw through that. If he would have run for mayor he would have won.

  3. One woke progressive wacko is one too many. Bellamy was never going to win because he was never set up to win. It was a classic leftists illusion designed to give the appearance that pizza boy and his warped ideology had more support than they actually do. It’s an old school political stunt, and it worked. With the campaign coffers Bellamy had and a REAL campaign manager, he would have won. The Democrats run this town, whether it’s the left-leaners or the progressive wackos. An earnest review of the elections results of the past couple of elections makes that abundantly clear.

    Their focus is to present the illusion of competition. It’s human nature to want balance. If the electorate realizes that there is no balance, opposition will have a chance… so, keep up the illusion of opposition, and maintain control. The reality is… the only real battle in Tallahassee is between the Democrats who want to screw everything up, and the progressive Marxicrat wackos who want to blow everything up. Neither portends a happy ending.

  4. Mr FLC

    Bellamy is not worthless as he is a good citizen and a good surgeon. He miscalculated and should have run for mayor. But, at the end of the day he is a better surgeon than politician. I HOPE he changes his party affiliation and becomes a Republican and at that maybe one day make a good Surgeon General.

    There are five woke city commissioners so attempting to pigeonhole in only two is disingenuous. There is the true hypocrisy.

  5. @Weed

    Bellamy is worthless and no longer a threat like the Matlow/Porter wokesters are. I HOPE you will someday recognize your own hypocrisy.

  6. The worst part of Davhon Young’s situation is the good screwing the taxpayer gets. The taxpayer is probably already paying all the bills to raise his kids. Now we are on the hook for years of legal representation he will require. I seriously doubt the black community will ever change.

  7. @Weed,

    You vehemently supported those that created this situation (ie…Matlow) and in a juvenile fashion threw insults to us that spoke against it.
    Now you have an issue with high crime? You and your ilk allowed this!

  8. We have the Dobbs decision. The Republicans in Florida have the governorship and a supermajority in the Senate and House. But, apparently, there will be no more pro-life legislation, except perhaps, to water down the modest 15 week restriction that passed last year (and which did not prevent the Republican victory this year). That says it all.

    If our problems, as a society, significantly increase, the scapegoating will expand from the pre-born to other groups of people. I guess we should expect the same lack of protection for the additional scapegoats at that time.

    I will be voting for the Republican primary challengers every chance I get.

  9. The response will be typical infringement of non violent people and their right to bear arms, when we all know the real problem is violent young men in specific areas.

  10. The DAILEY shooting report # 101. I have never witnessed a city having such a high crime problem and the lack of response by leaders to it.

    Biro has compromised the board and her position and we have the intelligence provided and it deems that she must be removed. Again, now we have two problems…Biro and the lack of leadership. If she did that on an airplane they would throw her off in a New York second.

    Mr B

    You make no sense.

  11. Biro needs to Resign NOW.

    I am Pro-Life but, ALL Abortion Legislation should stop until the Supreme Court can catch up.

    The U.S. needs to seal the Border and Cancel the open border policy until we can Vet or Deport ALL of the illegals already here.

    Da’Vhon Young needs to be in Prison until he turns 80 Years old.

  12. Biro must go, as well as her apologists on this sham of a board. Better still, shut the whole lie down and establish a new board tasked with addressing the root cause of violent crime within our communities of color.

    You can never solve a problem you refuse to acknowledge

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