The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Dec. 12th

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Dec. 12th

Local News

Tallahassee Police confirmed an accident involving a pedestrian shut down part of Capital Circle Northeast last Saturday night. An adult male was struck by a vehicle around 11:30 p.m. and parts of the highway were shut down for approximately one hour.

The City Commission recently discussed a follow up from a meeting held in October related to the city noise ordinance and voted 5-0 to direct staff to meet with impacted parties – including various citizen and neighborhood committees – and to bring back recommend changes in January.

Two former Citizens Police Review Board members said politics is to blame for them not getting reappointed. Former member Barry Munroe said that he never saw Taylor Biro’s “anti-police” sticker on her cup, and he called it “mythology.” Biro denied bringing any anti-police mug to a CPRB meeting and board chair Edward Gaines said that he remembered the cup staying “Abolish Police Brutality” and said he was a supporter of Biro. Get the full story about the Biro removal here.

The Leon County Commission will hold a regular Board meeting on Tuesday, December 13th. You can read the agenda here.

Florida News

The Florida Legislature unveiled its bills related to hurricane relief ahead of its special session. One of them is for residents to earn tax refunds for the days their homes were uninhabitable because of the pair of storms. Under the Division of Emergency Management (DEM), the bill also creates the Florida Emergency Management Assistance Foundation, a proposed state nonprofit to distribute funds, grants, gifts and more to local governments and individuals impacted by natural emergencies.

Lawmakers are also working on legislation that will plan for $1 billion for reinsurance to stabilize Florida’s property insurance industry. Homeowners with coverage from state-run Citizens Property Insurance are likely to see rate increases and insurers are likely to get more protections from lawsuits.

Sports News

Florida State University’s Senior offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons is being recognized for his work with the non-profit he founded, Big Man Big Heart. Gibbons was named the recipient of the 2022 Wuerffel Trophy during The Home Depot College Football Awards on ESPN Thursday night.

Florida State men’s basketball defeated the Louisville Cardinals 75-53 their in second ACC game of the season. Caleb Mills scored a game-high 16 points on six made field goals and Matthew Cleveland pulled down eight rebounds and Naheem McLeod added a career-high six blocks. The Noles are 1-1 to start conference play.

9 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Dec. 12th"

  1. Barb

    You frequently state your views on abortion which you are against and criticize certain elective officials for their stance, yet conveniently protect, defend, admire other elected officials who are also pro-abortion.

    I was merely pointing out that you are stating certain elected officials have made us safer (which is false) are the same elected officials who are pro abortion.

  2. The topic is police abolitionists as members of the Citizens Police Review Board. I made a comment commending the elected officials who do not support the abolitionists as members of the Board. I am not uninformed; I disagree with you.

    The topic has nothing to do with abortion – another misdirection play.

  3. Barb,

    Perhaps you missed the crime stats which are horrendous and telling of being in a crime crisis. Become informed. Plus, your merry band of three are pro-abortion. Just the facts ma’am…

  4. Blaming the city manager regarding the CPRB is a misdirection play.

    Williams-Cox, Richardson and Dailey have made us all safer and I am proud of them for doing the right thing.

    Police abolitionists should not be on a Citizens Police Review Board. It’s the classic “fox guarding the hen house”.

  5. The dust has settled regarding the CRPB and here is what we know:

    Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox is incapable of correctly gathering intel. She was throwing out a proverbial grenade to her nemesis and the mayor and Commissioner Richardson jumped on board. I believe her intent was to drive a wedge between the PBA and her nemesis rather than for the citizens. This was self-serving and it backfired.

    The board should have never been created in the first place. Again, inmates are running the asylum, literally. The current city manager was chosen by Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, and Curtis Richardson. The mayor, Dianne Williams-Cox, and Curtis Richardson want to maintain this situation that makes it cushy for them, but a nightmare for the citizens and city they are supposed to be serving.

    Had we had a informed and insightful city manager free from political bias this board would have never been created in the first place.

    I do not think commissioners should be able to vote unless they are present and not by a Zoom call. Why is Commissioner Williams-Cox phoning in her votes? This has to stop. No Zoom votes allowed! She did this during her election as she zoomed in her campaign debate rather than showing up in person. This is unacceptable.

  6. So the story goes that the mug read, “F*** the police”.
    Then it read, “Abolish the police”.
    Now it’s claimed to have read “Abolish police brutality”.

    The first two claims were identical except for a single word. It’s hard to that two people could see the message and read “F***” as “Abolish” or vice versa, but the messages are similar.

    I have to believe that what’s behind door number 3 is a fabrication as it adds a word and drops the participle “the”. It’s a completely different sentence structure that contradicts the first two claims.

  7. The 3rd ittem in the article needs a little explanation in order for our local voters to process the reasoning and meaning of why the board members all made their statements that they never saw the mug in question and more importantly why your elected Nannies are ignoring the ” never saw the mug statements “. And also why your elected Nannies are ignoring various statements and interpertations of what was written on the mug in question.
    Here you go:
    Leftist standard operating procudure when caught dirty is to lie. So the CPRB board members were 100% confidant that your elected Nannies, also being the leftists y’all voted into office, would grant legitmancy to their lies. Even though we have photographs of the offensive mug in question.
    So to sum up the CPRB’s choice to lie about the mug; in leftist history and in the leftist minds of the CPRB board they were 100% confident your elected Nannies would accept their lies and allow them the “wink wink” leftist benefit of doubt.
    So what threw a monkey wrench into the CPRB’s logical choice to lie and what made your elected Nannies kick the CPRB lieing members to the curb you may be asking???
    Simple grasshopper: a bigger Bull of The Leftist Woods had already spoken into your leftist Nannies ears and ordered the outcome even prior to the start of the lies and resignations. It was the Police Union.
    You may say the newbys on the CPRB board should have known the Police Union already had ahold of them by the short curleys and have been intelegent enough not to lie under those circumstances. But truth is leftists are all group thinkers of low intelect and incapable of making correct decisions.
    Had the CPRB board members known the Police Union already had them by the short curleys they would have not all lied and they would have lost only one green haired pig ring nose jewlery wearing member.
    Sorry for the long public service explaination but leftists are complex not logical in their thought process.

  8. Why does it take a vote to direct staff to meet with impacted parties? They are voting on whether or not to do their job?

    This city is about as bass ackwards as they come. The City Manager was appointed by a convicted felon that had to be incarcerated because he is a public menace and most of the miscreants on the commission are cool with it.

    I used to get annoyed with my mother in-law when she would say Tallahassee is run by a bunch of boobs…she’s from D.C. so she knows a boob when she sees one.

  9. So… Biro said she didn’t bring it, Gaines said he saw it but it said something else, and Monroe said he didn’t see it, and because “he” didn’t see it, its all a lie.

    No wonder it’s a mess… who picked these clowns?

    Shut this sham of a board down.

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