The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Dec. 28

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Dec. 28

Local News

Tallahassee Police is investigating a stabbing that occurred in the 3700 block of Rosewell Drive on Christmas Eve. Law enforcement arrived and found a male victim suffering from multiple stab wounds when he is subsequently transported to the hospital. Preliminary findings reveal all parties involved are known to each other, and the stabbing occurred following a verbal dispute. No arrests have yet been made.

Tallahassee Police is also investigating an attempted armed robbery from a shooting that occurred on the 1700 block of De Saix Boulevard on Christmas morning. The victim of the attempted robbery ran away after the suspect asked him for all of his money. The victim was shot in the wrist while running. He suffered from non-life threatening wounds. There is currently no suspect description, and no arrests have been made.

Florida News

Florida CFO and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said families should dispose of their Christmas trees as soon as possible. “While it may be tempting to leave the Christmas tree up a little longer this year, it is extremely important to take down your family’s tree quickly to prevent a fire-related tragedy,” Patronis said. Nearly 30% of Christmas tree fires occur in January, according to NFPA research.

Former Florida State lawmaker, Director of Emergency Management, and current Congressman-elect Jared Moskowitz admitted that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “crushed” Democrats in 2022. Moskowitz made the claim because Mike Lindell, the right-leaning businessman, said on Twitter that he is going to Florida to audit the state’s election system because there is “no way” DeSantis defeated Charlie Crist by such a wide margin. Moskowitz responded to Lindell on Twitter confirming that Democrats did get beaten handily.

Sports News

Florida State men’s basketball freshman Cam Corhen, who helped lead the Seminoles to a win over Notre Dame in their only game last week, has been named the ACC Rookie of the Week. Corhen scored his career-high of 18 points in leading Florida State to its second ACC win of the season over the Fighting Irish.  The Seminoles are now 2-1 in league play heading into a New Year’s Eve matchup against No. 14/17 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium with the tip time set for 1:00 p.m.

12 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Dec. 28"

  1. @ Inyra… I can appreciate your angle here, but there are two important factors you perhaps unintentionally overlook in your assessment.

    1. The events and businesses you mention are marketed to adults, not children
    2. The guilty party with respect to any negative impacts on children they may cause, is the parent/guardian who brought the children to those events and businesses

    Those who intentionally target and/or exploit our children with their marketing and tactics – to try and warp their impressionable minds in an attempt to normalize their perverted, immoral, and sexually twisted desires and agendas – are the perverted criminals guilty of sexualizing and/or grooming children… and they should be treated as such and face the most punitive punishment possible.

    Its a simple and easily honored request… LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE

  2. Just an aside.
    We want to make sure we stop all possible, potential sexualizing where a child could see it. So let’s take legal action against anyone letting a child watch Miss America and Miss Universe pageants, or participate in a child beauty pageant; watch parades where female participants’ garments show too much; go to beaches, lakes water parks where swimwear is too skimpy; watch the Grammy Awards with all the obscene red carpet outfits; watch anything with people or animated characters twerking or gyrating their hips or putting a hand down near their crotch; cancel the restaurant license of any Hooters restaurant that lets a child inside their restaurant or even so much as looks in their windows; close down any movie theatre that lets in a child to see a PG or PG-13 movie; penalize every athlete that smacks a teammate’s butt, or hugs them or jumps on them in celebration, or adjusts their jock strap if children are in attendence or might be watching on TV; scantily clad athletes in any sport, and cheerleaders, should be banned if children are in attendance or might be watching on TV; and on and on; ban the TV commercials that are to racy. All of these things may be construed or miscontrued to be sexualized, sexualizing, and/or child grooming.

  3. Mr Whip

    It was the former police chief and his investigators, I believe, who cracked the Markel case. Best police chief Tallahassee ever had. Years later Campbell is still unable to wrap it up so in desperation his attempting to give a “special deal” is a modus operandi .

    And I mean a special deal as in the past I have seen a pedophile receive a job at DCF for lying and giving false testimony to persecute whistle blowers who exposed his father in corruption. He should have been removed, disbarred, and prosecuted a long time ago.

    Mr Vicious

  4. “Welcome to Tallahassee/Leon… the Chicago/Cook of the South”

    Compliments of the Marxicrats and their sheep

    @ vicious… lay off the meth and seek help. You’ll feel better about yourself, I promise

  5. @ David:
    Jack Campbell, offspring of former Sheriff Larry, is a leftist with a big ego and down with the local woke folks. Dont anybody hold their breath waiting for Campbell the younger to do the right thing. Unless he thinks it will turn into a “national obsession case”.

    I imagine Campbell is a little disapointed because none of his “show” cases, including the Dan Markell case, grabbed national media attention along with the national obsession like the Treyvon Martin case, the Casey Anthony case, or even that kid that killed his girlfriend out west and ended up offing himself in some south FL swamp.
    Sure Jack has had some national brief mention in the press but nothing like his dream case hitting the big time. Not even close.

  6. When caught, the Suspect that Shot the Victim as he was running away needs to be charged with Attempted First Degree MURDER.

    The Suspect that Stabbed the Victim multiple times ALSO needs to be charged with Attempted First Degree MURDER.

    Jack Campbell needs to step up and start hitting these criminals where it hurts.

  7. The DAILEY crime report…

    Take the 50 Klown Kars recently purchased by TPD and disperse two of them to the mayor and city manager as their official vehicles, then sell the rest.

    Hire 50 new police officers then promote 50 rank and file as a special task force to deal with the crime crisis. The state senators and representative should officially notice the Tallahassee crime crisis to highlight the dereliction of duty of local officials.

  8. News of another shooting or stabbing doesn’t shock me anymore. It has become a part of Dailey life in Tallahassee and the surrounding communities.

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