The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Jan. 4

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Jan. 4

Local News

Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch filed for re-election on Tuesday. Welch, who was elected in 2020, is up for re-election in 2024. During his first term, Welch voted against the Blueprint economic development grant to FSU for stadium upgrades and supported the Northeast Gateway project. See press release.

The city of Tallahassee sent out an alert Tuesday about a utility scam.The city said that it will not contact utility customers demanding immediate payment. The city said it will not send customers a barcode via a text message or other methods for immediate payment. If a customer is contacted by call or text and a request for payment is made, it is likely a scammer not affiliated with the city of Tallahassee utilities department.

Florida News

Yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was inaugurated as Florida’s governor for a second time. In his inauguration address, DeSantis noted many of his victories in his first four years and stated, “In captaining the ship of state, we choose to navigate the boisterous sea of liberty rather than cower in the calm docks of despotism.”

In Washington D.C., the Republican Party is battling over who will be the next Speaker of the House, and Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is joining a faction of the GOP opposing the speakership of Congressman Kevin McCarthy. On Donalds’ first ballot, he voted McCarthy, but subsequently voted for Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. “The reality is Rep. Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have the votes,” Donalds later tweeted. “I committed my support to him publicly and for two votes on the House Floor. 218 is the number, and currently, no one is there. Our conference needs to recess and huddle and find someone or work out the next steps.” The House adjourned last night with no Speaker.

Sports News

After a victory in the Cheez-It bowl and the Noles’ first double-digit win season since 2016, the running back room is getting a little thinner. FSU running back Treshaun Ward is entering the transfer portal after running for 628 yards, seven touchdowns, and averaged 6.6 yards per carry. However, the 2023 running backs room will still feature Trey Benson and Lawrance Toafili among other younger backs.

Florida State defensive backs coach Marcus Woodson has been hired for the same position at Arkansas. Woodson’s contract expired on December 31 and the Noles did not appear to be interested in renewing his contract, according to NoleGameday.

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6 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, Jan. 4"

  1. Rep. Byron Donalds from Florida would be a good choice for speaker. He’s sharp, intelligent, and strong… and his presence as Speaker would continue to expose the Marxicrats as the only true and historically-proven racists in this country.

  2. McCarthy was instrumental in securing a majority in the House of Representatives and McConnell was a hindrance in the process regarding the Senate. The Republican mutineers should vote McCarthy in as UN not doing so it is a good way for the mutineers to lose their next elections if they continue this mutiny.

  3. @ Pat… the dysfunction in the DC House shouldn’t surprise anyone. The reality of the Uni-Party of DC Corruption is becoming more apparent to everyone as each day passes. What did people expect to happen when Mitch McConman and the other Senate Republican Rats joined forces with Chucky the Clown Schumer and China Joe (Traitor) Biden to stick it to the taxpayers and citizens, and cut the legs out from under the new Republican-controlled House.

    Mitch McConman had a chance to take control of the Senate, and blew it. Kevin McCartpath had the chance to facilitate a red wave in the House, and blew it. Why should either career Establishment Uni-Party Tool be reward for failure.

    New blood is needed across the board. We must move on from the Bush/Cheney/Rove mentality of appeasement and elect need leaders who can grow a set and stand up the the Marxicrats and their Destroy America Agenda. Same ol’ Same ol’ just ain’t cutting it anymore.

  4. “supported the Northeast Gateway project” ………. The Northeast Project is to improve the flow of traffic so, if you want to improve the flow of traffic in the Northeast, just add long Right Turn Turn-lanes on Thomasville Rd. and leave the rest alone. Thomasville Rd is 6 Lanes plus a Median, the people will adapt, just add the Long Right Turn Turn-Lanes.

  5. Byron Daniels, Matt Gaetz, and the others holding up the House Speaker election now know what it feels like to be a voter. I voted for Scott and Rubio because they were not as bad as their opponent. I wish both had been defeated in a primary challenge. To Gaetz and the others you have two choices: Jeffries or McCarthy. My advice is do what I do, hold your nose and vote for the republican on the ballot. The choice is between Bad and Worse. It is what we voter’s get everytime.

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