BREAKING: Leon County School Board Member Alva Swafford Smith Releases Statement on Hanna Investigation

BREAKING: Leon County School Board Member Alva Swafford Smith Releases Statement on Hanna Investigation

In response to the investigation into Superintendent Rocky Hanna by the Florida Department of Education, Leon County School Board member Alva Swafford Smith provided the following statement:

“Our Superintendents political diatribes and combativeness with the Governor have done nothing but reflect poorly on our district. Regardless of differences, our focus must remain on the education and safety of all students. We should be building bridges, not burning them.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

25 Responses to "BREAKING: Leon County School Board Member Alva Swafford Smith Releases Statement on Hanna Investigation"

  1. He’s elected…he didn’t break any laws..perhaps the us president should remove the elected governor of FL for his views…same thing..move on…Ron and DOE head just need red meat to stir up the insurrectionists.

  2. Everyone just needs to remember how and what Rocky did to his friend to get this job! What goes aroungmd comes around!

  3. Reading these comments is why Tallahassee sucks so bad. She is right about Hannah, the school board is full of nuts especially Roseanne. The leftists screw up everything they touch. They have severely diminished the quality of life in Tally.

  4. Hanna is a punk bully himself. The landslide nonsense is because of the way local elections are rigged by the local DNC. Hanna has to go by the law and not his personal agenda. Once misfeasance and malfeasance comes into play, the Florida Constitution has a remedy.

  5. DBK- I agree. he was a fantastic principal.
    what people fail to understand is he is a gov employee and like any other employee, you do not have free speech at your job. there are new laws (which have withstood the courts btw) and he may have broken them.

    he & his attorneys have costs this county ALOT of money and for no reason. he was never going to win in court.

  6. Alva is the one whose personal opinions dominate the need for good policy. By claiming that we must all be quiet and obey the governor, she is opposing the American way of life – free speech and public health measures as needed. MAGA is a corrupting influence on our politics.

  7. Hanna is in the same boat as Hillsborough County SA Andy Warren. They both allowed their warped political ideology – and in Hannas’ case, his groomer desires as well – to override their sworn duty… and both made public statements confirming their intent to ignore State Law.

    Our Governor is in the right, and within his State Constitutional authority, to clean our local elected positions of those who ignore their Oath of Office and seek to ignore OUR laws… and I thank him for the courage, conviction, and integrity to do so.

  8. Governor DeSantis took an oath to serve the public and that is what he is doing. Elected officials who use absurd and vulgar political ideologies instead of doing their job he has the right and duty to make the correction.

    Rocky started out as a nice high school principal who I believe cared about the students, schools, and the parents. He has sold his soul to political ideologies, of his political party, to use in his next re-election campaign and not serve the children, education, parents, and public he took an oath to serve. Will the County Administrator Vince – King of Vaccination Mandates – Long be next?

  9. The strange part is that he doesn’t need a professional ed license to be superintendent.

    I do not understand why Gov. Santis thinks he should overrule the voters who elect people they elect for speech he doesn’t like (which when I read it months ago didn’t suggest to me that he was telling staff to disregard the law,, that is apparently how Gov Santis staff read it.).

  10. Looks like the Stupidintendent has directed a few staffers to get on here and defend his political activities and grooming practices.

  11. Hanna won his election by a landslide and he broke no laws.

    We have a process for removing a superintendent in Leon county, our vote. I don’t need Manny Diaz from Miami telling me what’s right and it’s messed up that Alva is cheering on the DOE for investigating Hanna for “personal views.” What does that even mean?

    I hope her tenure is short and Rocky doesn’t get bullied out of an elected position.

  12. @NE Moderate – as a business woman (with experience serving on multiple boards) AND a mom – I would agree that civility and collegiality are important! However when it comes to our kids and education – it’s about time someone speaks candidly & voices an opinion (even if it’s not a popular one) in an effort to protect our children and our education system in Leon County!

  13. Kudos to Alva for calling it as it is. Any reasonable candidate who challenges the current Stupidintendent – assuming he isn’t removed from office beforehand – will have an easy go of it.

    “Just Say NO to Groomers and Hate, and YES to Education and Success”

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