Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch Raises $62K in First Month of Campaign

Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch Raises $62K in First Month of Campaign

The re-election campaign of Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch is reporting that the campaign collected a total of $62,815 in contributions from over 200 donors in the first month of fundraising.

Welch announced is intention to run for re-election earlier this year.

During Welch’s initial run for office in 2020, Welch raised $56,056 with approximately $20,000 collected in the first month of the campaign.

Welch went on to defeat incumbent Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge.

In the press release on the fundraising, Welch said “I am humbled and grateful by the outpouring of support as we kick off our campaign for re-election in 2024. Our first-month contributors represent a broad and diverse cross-section of Northeast Tallahassee families, individuals, and businesses.”

“It is the privilege of my life to serve the residents of NE Tallahassee and one that I will never take for granted. Every day, my focus is on keeping you informed, staying engaged, improving our quality of life and ensuring that we live in a safe and prosperous community. Thank you for trusting me to represent our interests on the County Commission.”

Official campaign reports – which lists each donation – are due to be filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections later this month.

6 Responses to "Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch Raises $62K in First Month of Campaign"

  1. @ Dawn Plummer
    Democrats arent destroying Tallahassee, clear-cutting developers (unrestrained by city and county land development
    boards that ignore the intent of land development codes) are literally destroying Tallahassee and this county. Environmental codes…we dont need no environmental codes.

    Wait, I’m sorry, you are right after all Dawn. The Democrats in office ultimately are responsible when they allow beautiful oaks to be replaced by little holly twigs and agree to call it even. Democrats are allowing developers like Boulos and the Ghazvinis to clearcut whole mature forests and fill in wetlands to create penal colony looking tracts of what they claim are affordable houses.

    And lest we forget, it was these same democrats that handed $20 mil of taxpayer money to FSU so its richest fans can lounge their butts in luxury stadium seating.
    Oh but wait again, that wasn’t all democrats, just city mayor John Dailey along with Leon County commissioners Jimbo Jackson, Bill Proctor, Carolyn Cummings and Nick Maddox, and city of Tallahassee commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson rammed and scammed that handout through.

  2. Be aware of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” as the old saying goes. If you’ve taken the time to follow how Welch votes, you may have noticed how he just glides along with the agenda set by Proctor and Maddox.

    For certain he’s in the pockets of local developers and never opposes their radical money-making projects. He’s never met a Southside taxpayer money give-away program he doesn’t think is critically important. He rarely says anything original at the commission meetings but just goes with the flow based on which way the “political wind” is blowing. Kind of a “don’t rock the boat” kind of guy. And yet, he represents the district with the highest paying taxpayers in the entire county.

    When Desloge was commissioner he at lease was a “mover and shaker.” Unfortunately, he rocked the boat a little too much and went crazy with some of his proposals. Believe me, I’m no Desloge fan and was very glad to see him go.

    I optimistically looked forward to seeing a better Commissioner when Welch won. I voted for him. After watching what he does, or doesn’t do for that matter, I, and perhaps some of you, may share my disappointment.

    Be very careful with your vote when the time comes. You may regret what you get. I did.

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