January Littlejohn Addresses LCS Lawsuit on Preston Scott Show

January Littlejohn Addresses LCS Lawsuit on Preston Scott Show

Local Leon County mother and plaintiff, January Littlejohn, was recently a featured guest on The Morning Show with Preston Scott on iHeart Radio. From the time that Littlejohn was on The Morning Show last year, she has gained state and national notoriety after filing a lawsuit against Leon County Schools for their transgender policies they implemented with her daughter without the Littlejohns’ permission.

Most recently, the Littlejohn’s were struck a blow in their suit after Federal Judge Mark Walker dismissed their case. However, the family will be appealing the decision.

In the interview with Scott, Littlejohn recapped the incident that launched the lawsuit where officials at her daughter’s school put together a transgender bathroom plan without the parents’ permission, and how the superintendent of Leon County Schools has still maintained that students have the right to privacy apart from their parents.

Littlejohn noted in the interview that the basic understanding going forward is that parents have a constitutional right to determine the upbringing of their child “including medical and mental health care.”

“I think what the parents should be asking as a result of this ruling is, ‘What else can school districts do with our children that also does not meet that threshold of shocking the conscience?’” Littlejohn asked. “Because, again, the facts of the case were not disputed and I think the message it sends, loud and clear, to school districts, I worry that they are emboldened, is that they can do anything they want behind the backs of parents as long as it doesn’t meet that impossibly high threshold.”   

Scott noted that now the case goes to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals where he asserted there seems to be indication that they could be sympathetic to the Littlejohns’ case.

“Time will tell,” Littlejohn said. “This ruling goes against the [Florida] Supreme Court ruling so we will have to see if they overturn this ruling.”

Littlejohn, who has worked professionally in the mental health field, contended that they are seeing an “explosion” of young girls primarily “on the autism spectrum” who believe they are now in the wrong body.

She said “we are sterilizing children” by giving them gender affirming care and the public school system “is complicit” with that process.

 The full interview can be listened to here.

9 Responses to "January Littlejohn Addresses LCS Lawsuit on Preston Scott Show"

  1. In reply to “Frustrated Educator” – First, I would be frustrated, too. Good teachers have no support and bad ones can do whatever they want. I have no idea which category you fall into. Parents are portrayed, too often, as the opponent. First, you clearly did not read the ruling. The moment this case was assigned to that Judge it was over in his court. That same Judge is frequently overturned on the appellate level and suspect the same will happen here. He missed other, higher, court rulings. Parents cannot be left out of impactful issues involving their children. You are also missing context when you suggest Mrs. Littlejohn gave the school the green light. The school entered into a pact with the student to deceive and lie to the parents. It crossed a significant line. Gender transition is a heck of a lot more important than a headache and a permission slip is required for Tylenol. You, and others here, should also know the child is doing wonderful. Remember, as an educator, these are not “your” kids. This is a social contagion which can be demonstrated. Ask Chloe Cole, Helena Kerschner, Chris Beck, etc.

  2. The mom reached out to the school and said I’m letting her (the daughter) take the lead on this. Do what you think is best. They have that in emails!! That’s why her case was dismissed. I feel bad for this child who is now 16. Could you imagine having your mom blast your identity crisis all throughout national news!! And she claims to be a mental health professional. Way to ruin your kid.

  3. DeSantis should keep his dirty nose down in The Villages politics, where he’s fully owned. I’m a voting Republican and I refuse to sell my soul to his brand of hate filled trans and homophobic and anti-womens’ choice politics.

  4. @Robin G.

    Mrs. Littlejohn did not give the school carte blanche to handle the situation as they saw fit, she reached out to a single teacher whom she assumed she would have an interactive process with.

    Leon County groomers shut Mrs. Littlejohn out completely. She reacted accordingly. Stop protecting KLMS in this situation.

  5. It looks like the Govorner may take out Rocky in one way or another before the Littlejohns get another day in court. However there are more perpertrators still remaining on the School Board. But it kind of stinks that all that likely will be done may be just a fat monitary pay out to the Littlejohns from the court.
    I say that not to appear mad about the Littlejohns getting paid because of what happened rather that justice will remain unserved.
    And if the Govorner does take Rocky out in some way that will still not be enough. Rocky did not act alone he had large numbers of school employees helping him. They need punishment too.
    And finally one may think a substantial monitary financial award to the Littlejohns would teach the leftist voters who support and supported Rocky to maybe start voting conservative once they realise we the taxpayers will be the ones paying a likely very large monitary settlement to the Littlejohns…but no your twisted leftist neighbors will keep voting for the leftist candidates.
    But at least Desantis is trying to help Leon County in ways no other Govorner in the past ever has. Thanks to our Govorner.

  6. Me too Mr Lyle. Who is so stupid to actually believe in more than two genders. This Country maybe has two decades before it is so weak/woke that we are conquered by China.

    Joe Biden is so terrified by Fox news he cancelled the traditional Superbowl interview. If he affraid of Fox News, he must be terrified by China. China is free to float all the balloons it wants over our Country. The border is wide open. Chinese are crossing our border with MS13 members. Our airspace is wide open. All liberals fight for is that there are more than two genders and we will teach your children that.

    Maybe if our military spent less time teaching Marines, Sailors and Solders Woke Crap/Fiction and more time teaching how to fight and win, China wouldn’t be floating balloons.

    China gave Mitch McConnel a shipping line. Who would give Hunter Biden a half million dollars to paint them a picture. China owns McConnel and Biden.

    Time to get real. Our local government is screwing us that work for a living.

  7. Except mom exchanged emails with the school and told the to handle the situation with the daughter as the school saw fit. The child was struggling. All this publicity will only make things worse for that kid.

  8. I hope she bankrupts the Leon County Public Indoctrination System. Groomers and pedos are running the show… and it’s time for them to go.

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