Jet Blue to Begin Tallahassee Service

Jet Blue to Begin Tallahassee Service

Today, Feb. 15, JetBlue Airways announced its intent to serve Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) with direct air service to and from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).

“I am proud to welcome JetBlue to Florida’s capital city! Tallahassee is thriving, and this exciting news is another example of the many great things coming to fruition around our growing community and at the Tallahassee International Airport.

The addition of JetBlue is the result of long-term, focused planning efforts and investments at TLH to expand air service in a way that brings value to our community,” Mayor John Dailey said. “It’s clear that by prioritizing investments in TLH, airlines are now looking to invest in our community, and I am immensely proud of the actions we’ve taken and direction we are headed.” 

“Building off the success of our Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale route, we’re excited to announce this important intra-Florida flight as the first of many new routes to come,” said Dave Clark, head of revenue and planning, JetBlue. 

The addition of JetBlue’s service expands travel options from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale utilizing the Airbus A320 jet, which has a capacity of up to 170 seats, and offers global connectivity to more than 100 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, Caribbean, Canada, South America and the United Kingdom.

Bookings will be available in the coming months on with flights taking off beginning January 2024. 

“Continuing to make strategic, forward-thinking investments in Tallahassee International Airport is paying off with benefits to residents and businesses. TLH is committed to providing an exceptional way to fly, and we’re excited to develop new air service options for travelers with JetBlue,” David Pollard, City of Tallahassee Director of Aviation, said. 

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  1. @A. Skeptic. Those were good times.
    In the late seventies, I hitch hiked around North Carolina. I actually picked up hitch hikers. In early 1978, I deployed via World Airways to Vandel Air Base, Bullund, Denmark. Less than 1 year service in the Marine Corps Lance Corporal Pat A, deployed for a NATO “war game”. Every other day, I had to put deisel fuel in the generators. Otherwise I went to the chow hall three times a day. And drank potato snaps at the All Ranks Club.

    I’d worry more if I was younger. The wackos can’t f-it up totally before we pass. Have a great weekend. I’m spending mine at Shell Point getting my drink on.

  2. @Pat,
    Lot’s of good memories from those days, huh? While back in college at FSU I wanted to fly home (Bradenton/Sarasota airport) for the holidays. There wasn’t a flight straight from here to there, so Air Florida put me on a plane to Jacksonville, then Daytona Beach, Orlando, and finally Bradenton. I’ve always thought I could have hitchhiked and gotten there faster.

    Flying back from Europe in the 80s I landed in Miami planning to catch a Delta flight to Tally. I was traveling for work and had walked all the Passport paperwork through the system in Miami to get to my destination as soon as possible. This raised a red flag with customs and upon my return I spent nearly 3 hours in customs, talking to no one, but under constant monitoring. When they finally let me go, my flight was long gone so they put me on the “next available” where the only seat was in the back row. 5 minutes into the flight the bumping had me in a bad way (motion sickness). I mentioned it to the nice woman sitting next to me and she just asked, “what do you need?” She had a small case full of over-the-counter medications including Dramamine. She saved my bacon that day. I got her name, intending to thank her, but between the bad flight and the drug induced drowsiness I didn’t remember it the next day. I’d still find a way to thank her if we ever knowingly cross paths!

  3. @ A Skeptic.
    My favorite airline was Air Florida. My very first flight I rode jump seat with the pilot. I was working at Tamiami Tower and I would fly home to TLH to visit family and friends.

    Air Florida provided free alcoholic beverages and you could smoke ciggies in the back of the plane. Pipes and cigars were prohibited for safety sake. Air Florida had several daily flights between MIA and TLH because of airline regulation. One of their flights made stops in ORL and JAX. By the time we made TLH, passengers were friends and probably shouldn’t have driven home from the airport 😉

    Back then they were Stewardesses and Stewards. If you got too puggy or fat, you got laid off.

    I was working in Miami when Palm 90 hit the 14th street bridge.

  4. Think positive, less stress, shorter travel time. If volume increases rates go down. It is far better than having to go through Atlanta or Charlotte.

    Who knows, it might even encourage commercial growth.

  5. This is so lobbyists and politicians can get back and forth to FTL? I dont see regular people doing this at $200 a trip, getting to the airport 2 hours early, paying for bags, crappy seats, renting a car, etc. when they can just drive for about $50 in gas.

  6. @Pat — I remember those days, too. I traveled for work a lot back then and Republic became my favorite carrier. They had somewhat unusual routing, such as a flight from Tally to Minneapolis without changing planes (though there was a stop along the way) and some of the best flight attendants I ever encountered. One particular flight had 3 young men as its flight attendants. When the security announcements began, the guy seemed a bit nervous and stumbled his way through, often misspeaking. As he got near the end of the announcements everyone was smiling and giggling, wondering where he’d stammer next. Then the wrap-up began. “And finally folks, we need to remind you that smoking is not allowed in the aisle, lavatory, or overhead bins. Anyone caught smoking in the overhead bins will have their liquor privileges suspended.” The plane erupted in huge laughter. The kid’s “stumbles” had everyone paying attention to the announcer, then he reeled us in.

  7. “Please rally around me for this Jet Blue victory and stop focusing on that pesky out of control crime and how we squander your money on usless (sure we know that) but woke (rejoice we love all woke) spending projects”.
    “Please just chill, take a walk on the Cascades 7M bridge to nowhere. Get your pic taken at the BLM crosswalk”.
    Mayor Flintstone

  8. January of 2024? What Hoops are they having to jump through to take that long just to set up to do Flights to and from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport? A small Booth is all you really need and tell the Watch Tower to be on the Look-Out for another Plane coming this way. Will a couple $Million Tax Dollars be spent on remodeling an area at the Airport for them?

  9. Yabba Dabba Do, Mayor Flintstone!

    I give it 2 years, before they pull out quicker than another former mayor’s “boyfriend.”

  10. “Mayor John Dailey said. “It’s clear that by prioritizing investments in TLH, airlines are now looking to invest in our community,” ………………

    Well, I am pretty sure it is NOT because of the new 21 VIP Seats at Doak Stadium that cost us $27 MILLION DOLLARS.

  11. Imprisoned former mayor tried really hard to get jetblue to TLH.

    I don’t see this lasting but I am so proud that mayor chuckles is so proud. Gmab

  12. Good news. Now all they need is to sell 132 tickets per flight to be profitable. My buddy was a Captain with them based in NY. He quit and started flying a Boeing 737 between Anchorage and Alaska’s North Slope. Airport stories always reminds me of TLH’s glory days prior to de-regulation when Eastern, Air Florida and Republic served the city. I remember the early eighties when general aviation thrived. I remember when Mac Langston was dirt poor but full of ambition…now he’s Mr. Langston. I miss the good ole days. Good luck JBU.

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