The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Feb. 21

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Feb. 21


A Tallahassee woman accused of a 2018 kidnapping entered into a plea deal and will spend 10 years in prison. She entered a no-contest plea to charges of accessory to murder in connection with the 2018 kidnapping and killing of 27-year-old Kelton Washington. 

On Wednesday, February 23rd, the Tallahassee City Commission will hold a regular meeting at city hall beginning at 3 p.m. The issues to be discussed include an update related to the Real-Time Crime Center and the recent announcement about JetBlue service in Tallahassee. Review the agenda here.

Florida A&M University announced Monday that it’s receiving $1.3 million from BP to help fund scholarships for students. It’s part of an HBCU fellowship grant program put on by the oil and gas company. The grant money will fund five full-ride scholarships each year for the next three years.


Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Annette Taddeo announced her plan “RESET” as she seeks to become chair of the Florida Democrat Party. She noted that she thinks most Floridians feel a distrust of Florida Democrat Party officials. “We know that major donor confidence is quite low, and we know the party has never built a meaningful small-donor program to unleash the potential of our Democratic base,” Taddeo wrote.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested moving federal agencies outside of Washington D.C. to counter the “accumulation of power” in the nation’s capital. “Too much power has accumulated in D.C. and the result is a detached administrative state that rules over us and imposes its will on us,” DeSantis said


The Tallahassee-based Community Leadership Academy (CLA) Lions boys basketball team won the 1A Florida Independent Christian Athletic Association (FICAA) state championship on February 11. The Lions defeated the Beacon of Hope Christian School Eagles, out of St. Augustine, in the state title game in blowout fashion, 70-29.

In their first series of the new season, Florida State baseball swept the James Madison Dukes to start the season 3-0. In the final game of the series on Sunday, the Noles blew out the Dukes 17-10 in an overall barrage of runs throughout the weekend. The Noles’ next game is on the road tonight against the Jacksonville Dolphins at 6:00 p.m. and can be heard of 100.7 WFLA. 

In Sunday’s Senior Day game, the FSU women’s basketball team defeated the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 80-66. The Noles honored seniors Valencia Myers, Erin Howard, Taylor O’Brien, and Jazmine Massengill before tip off. However, freshman phenom Ta’Niya Latson took over by dropping 31 points while shooting 63 percent from the field.


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  1. Pat,

    And Jeb Bush’s daughter’s multiple arrests….. We can find plenty of examples for any argument but if you look at the % of crime committed by Black people razed in a single parent or no parent household versus the % of crime committed by Black people razed a two parent household the difference is striking.

    I am all for arresting and putting people in jail no matter what their background. I also say we must stop creating government dependent communities. Welfare has done much more harm than good. We must stop paying women to be single.

    You and I agree on much of this, I just know, based on decades of data, that this is not a racial problem but a legislated problem.

  2. Hey Ed, Leon County Judge Barbara Hobb’s son was arrested for shooting un-armed female. Ex-U.S. Rep Al Lawson’s son was arrested for trying to run over a human being at a gas station. The media barely mention the crimes those men committed. And they came from “good families”. What once was “gansta rap” is now “drill”. The difference is with Drill the lyrics are about real crimes that the artist committed. How about a little sympathy for those that have to pay the bill for raising generation after generation of a government dependant community. BTW, when is the next visit to Tyre Nichols’ family Ben Crump is planning. When will Al Sharpen visit George Floyd’s family, again. Sooner or later you realize you are being used. In the end, ask, is the problem getting better or worse. Contrary to Florida Rep Hinson’s view, we need to start, “arresting our selves out of this problem”.

  3. What other criteria do these people committing these crimes have in common? How many of them are from a non-traditional families, what is the range of social economic status, what are the ranges of education, how early were they exposed to “the system” and for what transgression. If they were razed when I was, what was there childhood lead exposure?

    Growing up in the south last century it was not uncommon for many a teenager to commit the transgression of drinking a beer or 12. If you were caught by the police or Sherriff you experience could go a few different ways. Seven out of 10 times they would make you pour it all out and send you home, if they were real hard asses they would call your parents. This reaction from law enforcement was not the case for Black people in most cases. They were not given that 2nd chance without being recorded in “the system”.

    We should be giving tax breaks to low income married couples razing children and stop paying mothers to be single.

    Criminals need to be put in jail and put to work learning while they are in there. I am not for soft sentences or no bail, do the crime do the time.

    But the root of these issues are not races based. Decades of government and law enforcement policies have perpetuated a prejudice that the People of this country for the most part have put behind them.

    With a level playing field for all people, race would not be a factor in crime at all.

  4. Let me state the obvious, Gadsden County residents and Leon County residents are having to live in communities with crime problems. And almost Dailey the Leon County Daily Booking report and the Gadsden County Court Docket are filled with African Americans that broke the law…at least 83% or higher are black. But you have to look to find that out because the media glosses over the story and leaves out the facts. To put a finer point on the situation, we have a black crime problem. And our local politicians were certainly never bring that to anyone’s attention.

    For Example, “A Tallahassee woman accused of a 2018 kidnapping…no picture or mention of the criminals race…I could be wrong, she may be Irish. The State of Florida spends approximately $320 million dollars yearly just to provide public defenders to represent the criminal indigent. And it goes up every year. Then the COT, Leon County and Gadsden Couty turn around and throw millions more at the problem. I guess when the taxpayer runs out of money, maybe something will be done.

    Today, in Quincy, an African American woman, who was out of jail on bond after committing an attempted 1st degree murder, whose Public Defender got multiple extensions of her court date final has her day in court. And she had her bond revoked because, while waiting for her trial, she was arrested for assault.

    “Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested moving federal” Hey Gov, have your staff answer emails from constituents and amend your Constitutional Carry Bills to allow open carry. Please do not make me hold my nose in 2023 to vote for you like I must when Scott and Rubio are up.

    “JetBlue service in Tallahassee” not one mention of the deal the taxpayer is funding to get JBU to service TLH.

    “Florida A&M University announced Monday” a degree from FAMU means nothing to some businesses. They grade on a curve and have low standards. I know of businesses that after a FAMU Grad interviews throw their application in the trash.

    We have to take back control from the liberals. It will not be long before the IRS tax rates are changed from you pay 11% or 22% to you get to keep 11% or 22%.

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