The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, March 6

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, March 6


On February 28th, the Leon County School Board unanimously passed a new policy that provides a process for parents and residents to challenge existing and new school material. Get the details.

A measure before the Florida Legislature proposes an amendment to the state Constitution that would ban nonpartisan municipal elections. HJR 405 would ask voters to approve making all local government elections partisan, meaning candidates for city and county commissions would have to disclose their party affiliations in order to run.

Tallahassee Police responded to numerous requests asking about a recently fired officer, Derek Braxton, after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a man. The former officer is accused of grabbing the victim by the throat and attacking him several times before punching him in the face. TPD explained that the incident at the center of the investigation was when he was off-duty. However, the legal team representing the former officer publicly claimed that his client’s incident did not go through the internal affairs process. The attorney also cited a recent report where TPD Chief Lawrence Revell chose not to fire another TPD officer who tested positive for the drug Adderall while on the job. 

A vehicle crashed into Nims Middle School Friday night causing structural damages. Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna said on Facebook Saturday, “Up early this morning to assess the damage from a vehicle running into Nims Middle School last night at a high rate of speed.”


Florida State Sen. Victor Torres filed a piece of legislation that would legalize adult cannabis use for those 21 and over. The bill would create a “Division of Cannabis Management” in the Florida Department of Agriculture. Possession limits would be capped at 2.5 ounces per user and six marijuana plants, meaning that home cultivation would be allowed if it becomes law. 

Florida State Sen. Clay Yarborough has filed numerous pieces of legislation focused on conservative social issues. SB 1438 would revoke the license of any public lodging that admits a child to an adult live performance, SB 1320 would prohibit people from using preferred pronouns that do not correspond with the gender identity assigned to the person at birth and would ban sexual instruction in the classroom until 9th grade, and SB 254 would give the state temporary emergency jurisdiction over children if they are at risk or are getting what some call “gender-affirming care” and “sex-reassignment” surgeries.


FSU baseball dropped two of three games to the FGCU Eagles this weekend, but got the win yesterday 14-8 after Wyatt Crowell pitched 5.2 innings in relief. 

FSU softball got the win Sunday over Georgia Tech 9-1 with a combined no-hitter. Their next game is this Friday on the road against No. 3 Oklahoma State. 


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  1. “SB 254 would give the state temporary emergency jurisdiction over children if they are at risk or are getting what some call “gender-affirming care” and “sex-reassignment” surgeries.”
    Turning a child (receiving health care from licensed practitioners) over to DCF would be the criminal. Talk about groomers and abusers, DCF enables them via its practices and mismanagement. Typical, throw a child from the GOP perceived frying pan into a known fire.

  2. All races should be non partisan on the ballot. Parties have ruined politics and they should not get to market themselves on the ballot.

  3. @Moderate — If I worked in law enforcement in Tallahassee I’d seek out hard drugs, too. Clearly, the job requires more than caffeine!

  4. No evidence offered that it was Adderall.. just “amphetamines” from what’s known so far. This whole thing very fishy and the official coverup as usual even worse. Major liability for the city. Will be interesting to see Dailey/city estab go into protection mode to defend hard drug use at TPD

  5. @Pat A. I was looking at countertops at the granite place the other day and I swear one of the choices was called Jahquayvion… It was dark with lots of sparkly things in it…

  6. My Deputy friend said, the Leon High School Student Jahquayvion Parks, arrested for having a gun on Leon High campus and a felony amount of marijuana was released after two days in jail.
    When you are weak on crime, crime flourishes.

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