The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, March 23

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, March 23


Last night the Tallahassee City Commission approved changes to the noise ordinance and voted 3-2 to ratify the police union agreement. In addition, one commissioner said that city government is broken and another challenged their colleagues to take a drug test. Get the details.

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TR’s Leon County Commission meeting briefs from the March 21 meeting address the waste collection vendor vote and the marijuana decriminalization proposal.

Leon County Commissioners considered a proposal, backed by Commissioner Bill Proctor, that the county should buy portions of the Apalachicola National Forest with the intentions of developing affordable housing. Commissioner Christian Caban said that a better alternative is increasing housing density in the city’s urban core. 


The Florida Department of Education is considering an expansion of the Parental Right in Education Act that would prohibit all classroom discussion regarding sexual orientation and gender identity in all of Florida’s K-13 public schools. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law last year that, at first, was only directed towards K-3 grades. 

Florida Senate Bill 264 is heading to the floor of the Senate. The bill is priority legislation for Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson that would prohibit six countries from buying or holding interest in Florida land. Among the nations included include China. 

Less than 24 hours after an “open carry” amendment was added to Florida’s permitless carry bill, the amendment has been withdrawn. As it currently stands, the bill would simply repeal the requirement that Floridians would need a permit in order to carry concealed. State Rep. Mike Beltran filed the amendment, but quickly withdrew it saying, “I think it’s good policy, but this wasn’t the right vehicle or the right time. I think that we can try to lock in permitless and then where we can get this another time.” Florida House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo said the current iteration of the bill was fine and Passidomo went so far to say she’s opposed to open carry. 


The ACC announced the indoor track and field Performers of the Year Wednesday and FSU’S Jeremiah Davis was named the Indoor Field Performer of the Year. Davis, who was the ACC Outdoor Field MVP in 2022, is a 5-time first team All-American as a long and triple jumper.  He has finished first 11 times over his career so far including six times already in 2022-23.


7 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, March 23"

  1. “Union and city manager Goad have intimate ties to Scott Maddox who evidently never stopped getting his way at city hall, even from prison.”

    This is correct. The city commission is broken. Three city commissioners voted for an item before knowing the monetary impact it will have on the city’s finances. Who does that? This is basic Accounting 101 on something you should not do.

    I don’t think there is anyone who would not agree that police officers are underpaid, however, when a government entity is continually misusing their funds for campaign contribution kickbacks and causes a deficit in the budget this is of concern.

    Three City commissioners are doing this on a continuum basis. DWC, Curtis Richardson, and Mayor John Dailey. Two sitting city commissioners are not misusing taxpayer funds and are voting responsibly.

    Why would three sitting commissioners vote for something before the monetary impact against the city finances is known? The answer is that they will receive endorsements and campaign contributions for their vote. This has to stop and the sitting city manager not only goes along with this, encourages this and even instigates this… it is just wrong.

    First $27 million stadium giveaway for campaign contribution kickbacks, the $100,000 CSC Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce kickbacks, and now PBA kickbacks.

    The city manager seems to be running a kickback enterprise for campaign contributions for the mayor and two city commissioners than managing the city responsibly and even legally. This has to stop.

  2. Curtis Richardson last night at the city commission meeting seemed like he had dementia. Joe Biden and Curtis both… It must be something in the Democraps water.

  3. Worth noting Tallahassee’s police Union and city manager Goad have intimate ties to Scott Maddox who evidently never stopped getting his way at city hall, even from prison.

  4. And where did that fiction of the local weather come from? A 22% chance of rain on Saturday? Everyone else is predicting at least 60% and solid rain chances daily into next week.

  5. ‘increasing housing density in the city’s urban core. ” How has that worked out for other liberal cities? What we need is for people to have more money, not cheaper housing. Lower taxes, real jobs, not just govt/college.

  6. Buying National Forest land for affordable housing is a Proctor dream item. We’ve heard forms of it before and we’ll hear it again. Buy federal land so the city can absorb additional millions in costs for subsidized housing so the residents can commute an additional 30 minutes to work. Everybody pays.

    I hope his dream remains a non-starter.

  7. Passidoma and Renner acted to limit your right to self protection.

    Instead of buying in Apalachicola forrest, buy some land in Montana. It’s cheaper and it moves out of state all the crime associated with low income housing. It’s a “win win”.

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