The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, March 24

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, March 24


The Governing Council of Leon County’s Children’s Services Council (CSC) met on March 23rd and approved 3 consent items and voted on whether additional staffing positions would be necessary. In a previous meeting, the Executive Committee could not reach a consensus on the staffing proposal.

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Leon County’s new Council on the Status of Men and Boys is taking the next step in its efforts to curb gun violence. It’s trying to get buy-in from the service providers who work with at-risk young people and their families. Those key stakeholders came together on Wednesday.

A federal judge has delayed the trial of a man accused of threatening to commit a mass shooting on FSU’s campus. Federal agents say he posted a picture of a rifle threatening to commit the atrocity. FSU was not mentioned by name, but the address listed in the post was FSU’s main address. The man was set to stand trial beginning in early April, and now the trial is set to begin in June.


The Florida Senate is going to be considering legislation that will lower the jury vote threshold for death sentences. The bill was inspired after one vote kept execution from taking place for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School assailant in Parkland. The bill would establish that eight of 12 jurors must agree on the death penalty.

After years of funding, the fight over the fate of Enterprise Florida and VISIT FLORIDA returns. The budget proposal from the Florida House Transportation and Economic Development budget cuts funding for Enterprise Florida, and Florida House Speaker Paul Renner is seeking to also eliminate funding for VISIT FLORIDA. Renner said that Enterprise Florida “has overpromised and underdelivered.” 

The NAACP has officially issued a travel warning for people considering moving or visiting Florida, especially for minorities. They said the impetus for issuing the warning is for what they call the state government targeting “diversity and racial issues.” 


No. 7 Florida State softball is hitting the road to take on No. 15 Duke Blue Devils in order to take on its 10th ranked opponent of the season. The series will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday with ACC Network having the coverage.

Florida State baseball is also hitting the road to take on the No. 8 Virginia Cavaliers. The first game takes place this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and the rest of the games can be heard on 100.7 WFLA


11 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, March 24"

  1. absolutely correct keepiru! Someone please investigate the real reason the TCS principal
    was fired! It wasn’t because of a statue. She has a history.

  2. Cannonfodder, you are absolutely correct that “Tjose who scream loudest about “grooming” are the ones doing it the most!”. Incidents of grooming, underage pornography and child molestation seem to be occur in highly disproportionate numbers within the evangelical community.

  3. And not one word in all these “briefs” about the firing of Ms. Carrasquilla at TCS over complaints made by three lunatic parents about a…wait for it…statue?

  4. “suicide rates amongst the LGQ++ is rising. Exactly what happens when” the government kowtows to the uber religous right by systematically removing every single thing that supports inclusion and appreciation of diversity, and replaces it with belittling, fear mongering and censorship. Tjose who scream loudest about “grooming” are the ones doing it the most!

  5. Who gives a damn what the NAACP does? They only representa small minority of the population and their members are going to come to the beaches regardless of what the national organization says.
    Also, the 400 non profits in this town compete with each other for government funding dollars which support overlapping programs. Most of these organizations are simply not necessary but they exist to pay the salary of the Director and maybe staff.
    If you vote for Democrats in this town, then YOU are the problem. Pay your high taxes, but I’m moving away… with no regrets.

  6. Eh, whats one more travel advisory? The NAACP already advises people not to travel to Florida due to all the black on black violence. Redistricting is really the least of their problems.

  7. The NAACP would do well to pull that silly ideology warning disguised as a Democratic Party desperate scare tactic. They should reissue a warning that the current trafficker-in-chief dementia patient has created such a weak national security that it got an American killed today. Shame on the NAACP!

  8. @Pat — Society is now raising the fourth generation of welfare babies since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1965. It’s clear that paying people to be poor just doesn’t work. Instead of a model based on “stay poor enough and the government will keep sending you money” those government funds would be better spent on creating opportunity, or best spent not at all. People will find a way to succeed when it’s an option.

  9. Cut BOTH Enterprise Florida and VISIT FLORIDA Loose totally and Hire a few People and put them in an Office in the Capital Building and make Promoting Florida their Full Time JOB. This should be able to be done for about HALF of what you give Enterprise Florida and VISIT FLORIDA.

    I would lower the jury vote threshold for death sentences to 9.

    I would like to see the Board of the NAACP actually go and sit down with the Governor and members of the Legislature and talk with them with an open mind and try to understand what is in the Bills and not just what some peoples Opinions are, remove all the Drama and the Opinions of those who don’t understand .

    I am still trying to figure out what exactly the County’s new Council on the Status of Men and Boys does. Is it supposed to be a “Go Between” between all the other Organizations? The “Go Between” between all the Organizations and the At Risk Kids? The “Go Between” between all the other Organizations and the Parents of At Risk Kids? WHAT? They were given over $200,000 last year and I don’t know what for.

  10. It would appear that Royle King’s group has accomplished one thing, spending 1.5 million dollars. The cause of the 20 to 30 young people being killed by a bad guy that used a gun, is obvious. Just call it like it is, in the black community, resides a large group of very content residents that are okay with the gangster lifestyle which of course includes out of wedlock births, dropping out of school and gun violence. Instead of throwing money at the problem, I propose take the money from the problem. Stop, minimize and/or regulate who gets free taxpayer money. Making being poor suck a worse than working a legitimate job.

    IMO, Rocky has embraced the LGQ++ group/lifestyle. What is beginning to come to light is, suicide rates amongst the LGQ++ is rising. Exactly what happens when you ignore the mental health issue they have, gender dysphoria, and let the disease fester and consume the individual.

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