The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, March 28

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, March 28


Today the Leon County School Board will review the curriculum intended to be utilized in grades 4 and above for the statutorily-required instructional topic of Human Growth and Development. The curriculum has been edited after some Board members and parents voiced concerns.

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On March 23rd, Sheriff McNeil gave a report to the Tallahassee City Commission on the Sheriff’s Council on the Status of Men and Boys (the Council). Previously, the City Commission reserved $140,000 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the startup funding of the Council. 

Tallahassee Police confirmed one woman was shot Sunday evening around 9:30 p.m. at a restaurant parking lot in the 2600 block of West Tennessee Street. The woman’s gunshot wounds in the neck are non-life-threatening. The incident began after a verbal altercation between the victim and suspect escalated, however, no suspect has been arrested yet. 


Immediately after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 1, which opens up private school voucher program access to all regardless of income, Florida Democrats called the legislation “reckless” spending of Florida’s public school dollars. “Everyday people in this state deserve better than free handouts for the excessively wealthy designed to defund public schools while also keeping educators impoverished by robbing district funds,” said Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book. 

A Florida bill, HB 1161, is being considered with the intention of setting penalties for knowingly releasing, or letting escape through gross negligence, a nonnative reptile of concern to a Level Three violation. Knowingly releasing or letting escape through gross negligence a venomous reptile would be a Level Four violation.


Leon High School collected double digit hits enroute to a 17-5 five-inning victory over visiting Rickards under threatening skies Monday at Leon.

No. 7 Florida State men’s golf finished their first two rounds of The Valspar Collegiate Invitational at third place with a score of 10-under. However, they are eight shots back of first place No. 3 Texas Tech. 

Florida State baseball takes on the No. 3 Florida Gators in Jacksonville tonight in the second meetup of the season. The Gators pulled out a come-from-behind win last week in Tallahassee. The Noles will be looking to right the ship against their archrival as they have been on a recent slide dropping recent series to Virginia and UCF. The game can be heard on 100.7 WFLA


11 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, March 28"

  1. I have noticed what looks like renovation being done or possibly demolition at the Tallahassee Democrat.

    I believed there was a chance for the Tallahassee Democrat to make a right at one time, but it had a love affair with Scott Maddox that went off the rails… and you know the rest of the story.

  2. @News Maven — The Democrat, like so many of its peers, fell victim to the surge of digital news and its own model of a target audience in the lower third of the income range. Then they hastened their demise by trying to soak existing subscribers to make up the revenue loss due to hemorrhaging subscribers.

    Had they presented a more even handed handling of the news they might still be relevant.

  3. TONY for Police Chief, City Manager, Mayor and perhaps even President. Glad to see someone suggesting action that will produce real, lasting results.

  4. “The woman’s gunshot wounds in the neck are non-life-threatening.”

    I don’t know who penned that gem, but I do know I don’t want them triaging me.

  5. I am so sick and tired of all these Leftist, Liberal Democrats blaming the GUS every time there is a shooting. It is NOT the Guns, it is the People HOLDING the Guns. If you want to to slow down and stop MOST of the shootings going on in the Cities all over this Country, you should start doing “Stop & Frisk” and “Stop & Search” on all Males between the ages of 15 and 55 in the areas where the crimes happen. Arrest every one with a Concealed Gun with out a License and those who are not allowed to have a Gun. By doing that, you will be taking Guns off the Street and taking Criminals off the Street as well. It is a WIN – WIN all around. Yeah I know, that would be called Racist by those who are committing the Crimes or by their Families. I guess it is better to let them shoot people so the Anti Gun People will have something to complain about.

  6. There needs to be some things come too light on Campbell.I am having a discussion with the Lord on this one.

  7. @David — You’ve got more faith in Campbell than I do.

    “Disturbing the Peace” seems more likely and with the weak “noise” laws that we have Campbel won’t even waste their time trying to convict and collect a $25 fine.

  8. WHY do people feel the need to Shoot someone after a verbal altercation? When caught, Charge that person with Attempted MURDER. But I am pretty sure that Campbell will only charge them with Assault.

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