CSC Executive Committee Discusses Purchasing and Travel Policies

CSC Executive Committee Discusses Purchasing and Travel Policies

At their April 10th meeting, the CSC Leon Executive Committee discussed their existing purchasing policy and establishing a new travel policy. According to staff, the travel policy will be used to authorize and obtain reimbursement of travel expenses for employees of the CSC Leon. The traveler must choose the most economical method of travel for each trip.

The purchasing policy outlines the duties and authority of the CSC Leon regarding the purchase of goods and service, and prohibits the use of CSC credit cards for personal items.  Currently, two staff members are authorized to use CSC credit cards, but the Executive Director indicated that three members have cards. The Committee is considering changing the policy to authorize the three current users.

Committee member Paul Mitchell explained that he needed more time to have a deeper understanding of the policies and wanted to wait for the next meeting to reach a consensus.  The Committee agreed to come back and look at the policies and make a final decision at the next Executive Committee meeting in May.

Mr. Mitchell suggested forming a direct support organization to allow staff to purchase food and drinks for volunteers meeting at the CSC Center. He noted that when taxpayers agreed to fund the CSC, they didn’t have in mind that they would fund anything other than programs and administration.

Dr. Glenn asked how would they elicit dollars to provide the direct support services. Mr. Mitchell explained that there are multiple ways to do it, and that there could be a donate section on the CSC website. He stated “There are plenty of friends of the Children’s Service Council of Leon.”  Grant recipients would not be allowed to make donations.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Executive Director Ceka Green advised the members that since the new permit-less gun carry law has passed, the CSC will establish that guns will not be allowed into the building.

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  1. The purpose of the CSC was to “pass through” funding to non-profits that assist children. Seems that Green is assisting her and her cohorts bottom line at taxpayer expense. Can’t wait to vote too defund this waste of money. Does anyone know if we can start a petition to defund this taxpayer farce?

  2. “The traveler must choose the most economical method of travel for each trip.”

    I believe that method is walking. Considering the CSC is suppose to concentrate on Leon County, and the city and county have gone “sidewalk crazy,” that method of travel should be the norm. No travel policy required.

  3. “Currently, two staff members are authorized to use CSC credit cards, but the Executive Director indicated that three members have cards.”

    Translation: Someone issued an unauthorized person a unauthorized taxpayer-funded credit card, and thus, and unauthorized person is using said unauthorized taxpayer funded credit card… ergo… and and all all purchases made by the unauthorized person with the unauthorized taxpayer-funded credit card are… wait for it… “unauthorized”.

    Might someone want to look into what the unauthorized person has been doing with this unauthorized taxpayer funded credit card?… oh, and find out who issued an unauthorized person an unauthorized taxpayer-funded credit card?

    … just a thought

  4. This is the non-profit and elected official grifting cabal, chapter 11.

    Look no further than Blueprint, Blueprint Advisory Committees and OEV, The Chamber, CSC, Rick Minor, Council on Boys, KCCI, United Way of The Big Bend, United Partners for Human Services, COCA, etc,…

    It is always the same, feed at the trough, free snack, travel, jobs for relatives.

  5. “Travel Budget? WTF? Where are they traveling too?”

    They are traveling to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Buffalo Pool Party Junket at taxpayers expense. Need you ask?

    Nonprofits supported by taxpayer dollars flood this event and it is the biggest elected officials PR event of the season all funded by taxpayer dollars. This farce is repeated year after year yet no one has ever been able to name one benefit that comes out of this event. It sucks the energy out of Tallahassee by advertising that Tallahassee sucks, and – so badly so – that they have to go out of town to hold an event. Your City and County Commissioners waste our tax dollars on this event with the exception of Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter.

  6. Donate to The CSC web site?? Are you kidding?? They get $6M from property owners, each year, who pay their property tax bill.

  7. Be sure to let them know that ANY use of Travel and the Credit Cards that is NOT CSC Related WILL result in Charges and Arrest.

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