Allison Tant & Corey Simon Provide Legislative Update to NEBA

Allison Tant & Corey Simon Provide Legislative Update to NEBA

On May 30th, the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates held their monthly luncheon and hosted Florida State Senator Corey Simon and Representative Allison Tant who both shared their opinions on the recently completed legislative session.

While reviewing the legislative session, Tant said that one major thing that happened for her was being able to carry a bill that allows children with disabilities to stay in the school system until they’re 22 years old. The bill has now been signed by the Governor. However, Allison also mentioned a workforce bill that has passed that she called her favorite.

Simon stated the 2022/2023 budget made “vital investments” into affordable housing, hurricane recovery and environmental infrastructure, along with a historic amount of money allocated towards workforce housing.

Additionally, Simon explained that this year’s budget addressed critical needs by providing a tax relief. Simon stated, “The tax relief package includes permanent exemptions on baby and toddler necessities such as, strollers, cribs, diapers and baby wipes. The tax relief package also includes two back-to-school tax holidays lasting fourteen days each.”

When asked about bringing new industry to the region, Simon explained that his main focus is making sure taxes are kept low in Florida and providing infrastructure for new businesses.

Tant stated, “If you don’t have the affordability, if you don’t have the education, if you don’t have the healthcare to provide for somebody, an employer is not going to move here.” She went on to say she thinks that the workforce bill provides assistance in those areas, along with the affordable housing bill.

When asked how inflation and inflated interest rates would affect the construction industry, Simon stated, “The steps we’ve taken when we talk about workforce housing in conjunction with our business community is the way to go.”

Tant commented on a construction project she supported, an affordable housing community for disabled people called Independence Landing. She added, “Fortunately, the affordable housing budget contemplates some of that in it, but yes it is a real factor with every business.”

5 Responses to "Allison Tant & Corey Simon Provide Legislative Update to NEBA"

  1. Allison Tant is delusional if she thinks a company thinking about moving to Tallahassee is worried about where the people that can’t afford to buy a house are living. And if they aren’t educated? She needs to point the finger at her boy, Rocky. Shaking us down for more money just feeds the beast and makes everything worse.

  2. @Pat — The rag that FSU puts out (FSView / Florida Flambeau) is a perfect example. Their most prolific “columnist” is an idiot, but his columns can be entertaining. In back-to-back columns a few months back his “the sky is falling” arguments blasted DeSantis censoring school books, then blasting FSU for not censoring student speech that he didn’t agree with.

    A skinny, blond, white, male kid has no place on The View. Not sure what he thinks his career is going to look like.

  3. College Journalism Degrees are comparitively easier than other course studies. And being a reporter doesn’t require a mental giant. Add that to colleges dumbing down curriculum and it becomes obvious why news reports lack any depth. As Rush always said, they are the Drive By Media.

  4. Why is it that no one – reporters or otherwise – asks people like Tant to clearly define the terms “affordable housing” and “workforce housing”?… and exactly what makes them affordable and/or workforce housing?

    Furthermore… other than taxpayer subsidies and taxpayer funded projects… exactly how will government bodies utilize “our” tax dollars to make them affordable and/or workforce housing.

  5. If what you are calling the “Affordable Housing Bill” the same as what Biden is planning then, NO. Biden’s plan is to have those with a Credit Score of 680 or better help pay for Homes for those with lower Credit Scores and THAT is BS. I worked hard for my Credit Score and knowing how the Government works, you would be helping them get into a better House than what I can afford. There is nothing wrong with Renting.

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