The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, July 11

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, July 11


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Florida State University wants to get more student and faculty inventions out into the real world. The school is launching a new program to streamline that process and double the number of startups created each year.

Members of Tallahassee’s Greater Frenchtown/Southside Citizen’s Advisory Committee clashed with Boulos President Hadi Boulos Monday night over plans to build new affordable housing.

African-American heritage preservation sites and museums are set to receive $800,000 from the state as part of budgetary appropriations. In Tallahassee, the Riley House is one of the sites that will benefit, along with 30 other historic sites and museums across the state.


In his re-election bid, Florida’s junior Senator Rick Scott raised $1.5 million in the second quarter. He now has $3 million cash-on-hand and, so far, the only high-profile Democrat to file and run against him is the frequent campaigner, Alan Grayson.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently said that Disney’s employees are supportive of him in his war on the “woke.” He said that he believed his had the support of Disney workers because he won Osceola County by seven percentage points which is “where the majority of Disney employees live.”

According to recent reports, Florida’s fresh seafood industry is taking a hard hit. Rising diesel fuel costs and hurricane damage to fishing and shrimping boats has caused significantly reduced hauls across the entire state. Florida’s March 2023 landings on the west coast, for example, were down nearly 73 percent from the historical average, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fishery Monitoring Branch.


After Kevin Pettis was removed as Lawton Chiles’ High School’s football coach, Chiles Athletic Director Mike Eto announced Bill Ragans was named as interim head football coach for this upcoming fall season. Ragans as the head football coach at Leon High from 2007-2012 and played defensive back at Florida State from 1987-1990.

Florida State baseball’s Jackson Baumeister was taken as the 63rd pick in the Competitive Balance Round B by the Baltimore Orioles. He went 5-5 with a 5.09 ERA this past season.


9 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, July 11"

  1. Ref “African-American heritage preservation sites and museums are set to receive $800,000”, how many people visit that old Tallahassee black school house the taxpayer finded to have preserved? My guess is not too many.
    I saw the saddest sight this afternoon at Subway. A young black male struggling to learn how to make a sandwich. He had no idea. My guess is he is illiterate and couldn’t read the cheatsheet. Sad, but a stark reality that all the money in the world isn’t going to fix. Life in the black community is getting worse and until politicians remove the incentives to not working, I don’t think there is much hope for most of them.
    The young black Subway employee…I bet he quits or gets fired and turns to a life of crime like 22- year-old Solomon Sadiq.

  2. Fishing hauls are down because both State and Federal waters are being OVERFISHED legally and illegally. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE…

  3. WHY do we give Developers Money to build here? He asked the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for about $1 million to help build it. If you are worth your salt, a Bank would be loaning you Money on the Build. You have several Subdivisions being built out in Leon & Wakulla Counties now, there is your Collateral for the next loan. The Developer should pay to Build it, should hire a Real Estate Company to handle the Leasing and Tenant Control and hire an HOA Company to handle the Maintenance and any Repairs. If anything, the City/County can possibly help out a little with the Permit Process. If the Developer set the Rent to hire, no one lives there and the only one losing Money is the Developer and NOT the Tax Payers.

  4. “African-American heritage preservation sites and museums are set to receive $800,000 from the state as part of budgetary appropriations. ”

    Stop. Just stop. The political climate today has elevated “black” to a privileged class. This has to stop if we’re ever to become race neutral or race blind in this country. I have nothing against preserving ALL of our history. But identifying black {history|anything} as more important than red, yellow, white, or any other color history has got to stop

  5. All anyone has to do is look at the Boulos development on Appalachee Parkway to know this person was not properly following environmental guidelines and whatever jurisdiction he fell under failed to make him come into compliance. Unfortunately the publisher who should be scrutinizing, exposing, and reporting this takes money from Boulos and publishes PR pieces to participate in the cover up.

    Kudos to the group of citizens in Frenchtown who stood up to Boulos..

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