The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, August 21

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, August 21


Select a Restaurant and Place an Order


On August 23rd, the Tallahassee City Commission will consider approving several proposed amendments to the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) Policies and Procedures. These changes come after several controversies with the CPRB which resulted in the removal of CPRB members and resignations.

On Saturday, Office of Economic Vitality Director Keith Bowers announced that the Amazon facility will open mid-September. Information provided to the county shows the date could be as early as September 14.

A suspect was arrested in connection with a series of attacks from last week which included an axe attack and then a shooting. Cory Tanner, the suspect, allegedly got into a verbal fight with a man in a wooded area and subsequently struck him with an axe around 4 p.m. That man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Tanner was also named as the suspect who got into another verbal fight less than an hour later with another man in the same area. Police said Tanner shot the man in the head and fled the scene.

The Leon County Sheriff’s office was involved in an incident at the Rickards v. Leon preseason high school football game at Cox Stadium from Friday night. An 18-year-old was arrested following an altercation inside the stadium and a 15-year-old was also arrested after LCSO spotted a gun inside his waistband. The gun was later determined to have been an Airsoft gun which shoots BB pellets. The game abruptly ended at halftime.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted to Twitter, now known as X, that Florida is prepared and ready to help California as they are facing Hurricane Hillary. “In Florida, we know how challenging storms can be and have significant experience responding in their wake — we stand ready to help the people of California in any way we can,” DeSantis said.

Former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “big-government conservative” regarding the Governor’s fight with Walt Disney. “Look, a leader who is not willing to stand up for the well being of children and the innocence of children, that’s not somebody that you can count on,” DeSantis said.


Two goals in the second half gave the No. 6 Florida State soccer a boost as they beat the No. 9 TCU Horned Frogs. The Seminoles now hold an unbeaten streak of 17-straight non-conference games dating back to Sept. 1, 2019. The Seminoles also improved to 12-3-5 against top 10 opponents since the 2020 season. 


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  1. BTW Skeptic : Speaking of Tal-Tran, the new electric buses are the – Proterra Four or Five. Company has filed for bankruptcy or pre-bankruptcy. Just search the name, and get past the vendor’s puff ‘n smoke advertisements . I say puff and smoke………cause they tend to blow up ! Yeah, the batteries explode. Watch the videos (maybe on youtube ). I think we bought five of these torches . Wonder who locally profited ?

  2. Axe violence – Being attacked with an axe may be even more disgusting and horrific than being shot.

    If you eliminate guns, you still haven’t solved the problem of violent crime.

  3. Brian Welch sending a LOT of mail on the NE park. It is hard to take seriously or as fact. Anytime the word Blueprint is mentioned I smell a lie. BP=BS. Like when Pingree threatened in public that if he didn’t get the Welaunee connector ta Roberts than “you” wouldn’t get the NE park. Or when he said BP would look at traffic calming on Shamrock (not allowed by State Statute because of the fire station). Or when he said that McLaughlin would never have a connector to Welaunee Blvd. (look at the plan)

    Blueprint (not the IA) presents so few options to the public and to the IA it is ridiculous. Like a restrictive restaurant menu. No substitutions. I you don’t take ALL of the fields you don’t get shaded structures (pavilions for picnics) or something else. It is practically extortion.

    I want to write back to Welch but the last time I spoke to him his attitude was, well, “tough #$%*” . He is so disappointing.

  4. I believe if I was governor of a state in the path of a hurricane Governor Ron DeSantis is the first person I would call. Governor DeSantis gets extra credit for being proactive and contacting them before they have to contact him. Now that’s leadership…
    Thank you Governor DeSantis!

    Swish swish swish… that is the giant sucking sound reverberating from Amelia Island I’ve wasted taxpayer dollars where elected officials and nonprofits wasted taxpayer dollars on this boondoggle disguised as a PR event for elected officials to embolden them which actually translates to election interference.

    Also, it is a huge PR faux pas in a massive ad to advertise that Tallahassee sucks and is not good enough to have a business conference in their own City. There is no reciprocal benefit to this farce. If private entities want to attend this junket that is perfectly acceptable but when you add non-profits and elected officials it is a farce.

  5. @David — It’s time for an overhual of Taltran. I know that government programs, once enacted, seldom get drawn down but Taltran’s ridership is down nearly 70% in the last 2-3 years but it’s budget is unchanged. The per-mile cost of ridership, to the local taxpayer, is 3 times what at was.

    Expanding TalTran to Amazon doesn’t seem like a good move….

  6. Hey, all you COT and County lard bricks that had a Ritz-y weekend: don’t forget to turn in your expense reports ASAP! Our property taxes are waiting to hit your bank accounts.

  7. Shut down the Citizens Police Review Board and give it to or back to the Ethics Commission.

    Has Tal-Tran expanded their Manhan Route to the Amazon Facility yet?

    Before you send help to California, maybe you should wait to see what those 4 Storms in the Atlantic is going to do first.

    I’m OK with my Governor being a Conservative.

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