The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, September 19

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, September 19


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On Thursday, September 14, the Children’s Services Council of Leon County (CSC Leon) approved $150,000 in funding to 10 small nonprofits. Get the details.

Tallahassee Police announced they are investigating a homicide at the Oak Apartment in the 1600 block of Lake Avenue. A man was found at 3:30 p.m. dead inside his apartment and his death is still under investigation. TPD is asking for the public’s help. If anyone has information they are encouraged to contact investigators at 850-891-4200.


Reports indicate that 24-year-old Javon Peterson and 21-year-old Shawnnomarie Barr will stand trial this week for a deadly drive-by shooting outside the Time Saver convenience store. Three people were shot outside the store on Alabama Street on August 21, 2020. Investigators say it was a result of long-running feuds between gangs.

Today, on The Steve Stewart Show: City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow Unhinged! Tune-in at 12 noon on RealTalk93.3.


Gov. Ron DeSantis said that when it comes to the “pro-life” vote, former President Donald Trump will “sell you out” based on Trump’s recent comments on the subject of reproductive rights. These include Trump saying that Florida’s Heartbeat Protection Act was a “terrible mistake” on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott has a challenger in the GOP primary, Panama City businessman Keith Gross. Gross has said that he is willing to spend his own money in the race, and used strong language about Scott calling him a “proven fraud” and that he’s “lied his whole life.” Gross, however, ran for the Georgia legislature in 2008 and 2010 as a Democrat.


Florida State volleyball is hosting the UNF Ospreys at Tully Gym tonight at 5:00 p.m. on the ACC Network Extra. FSU and UNF play for the third time in their series history, with the Seminoles owning a 2-0 edge which includes a 3-1 win in Tallahassee on Nov. 9, 2021.


6 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, September 19"

  1. If anyone is unable to see the left desperatly wants to run against Trump again those defective people should pluck their defective eyes out and use them as marbles. Why give the left what they want? Where is the logic in that? BTW who lost last time?

  2. @A Skeptic, DeSantis didn’t force Trump to do anything. NBC News pushed Trump to take a stand on abortion and he did. He stands for himself. He is going to come up with the right number of weeks and he thinks everyone is going to like him – his words.

    No word on when the “right number” will be revealed but no matter what number he pulls out of the hat or spinning wheel, everyone is not going to like him. Spoiler – there is no such magical number.

    DeSantis has taken a stand too. He has done what he believes to have been the right thing to do. DeSantis doesn’t fail to understand the match; he just isn’t playing games with people’s lives.

  3. @Little Flower — Trump’s on record as praising the reversal of Roe v. Wade and supporting the leaving of abortion laws to the states.

    My take on all of this is that DeSantis is trying to force Trump into taking a side to the left or the right of DeSantis’. Take a stand to his left and suffer barbs now and at least through the Iowa caususes, but broaden is appeal in the general election. Take a stand to his right to cater to the Iowa voters and let the Democrats use that against him in the general election.

    DeSantis is playing a dangerous game. Trying to throw knockout punches, but not understanding the match.

  4. Reportedly, Trump is going to come up with the right number of weeks for an abortion ban. And then, everyone is going to like him, both sides (of the debate) are going to like him.

    Governor DeSantis should use this clip from the NBC Sunday interview in a commercial and play it often. Pro-life voters need to know and understand Trump’s priorities and motivations on the life issue.

    DeSantis 2024!!!

  5. @ Pat A. The third was an innocent bystander – 40-year-old Centel Deshazier was killed. 24-year-old Javon Peterson and 21-year-old Shawnnomarie Barr need to be charged with one count of First Degree Murder and Two Counts of Attempted First Degree Murder.

  6. Investigators say it was a result of long-running feuds between gangs

    On the bright side, 3 or 4 gang members are off the streets.

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