The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 5

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 5

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Local elections are over a year away, however local progressives have signaled they will target Leon County School Board member Laurie Cox during the 2024 cycle.

TPD announced yesterday a third arrest was made in connection with an officer-involved shooting on Sandpiper Street. Tyrell Guinnie, 26, was charged with two counts of accessory after the fact. The first suspect was picked up in Tallahassee, and the second suspect was located and arrested in Alachua County earlier this week.


The officer shot last week was hit in femoral artery. New details released in home invasion incidents.

Tallahassee Community College hosted a final town hall to discuss possible rebranding. The college is considering changing the school’s name to more accurately fit the college’s vision for the future.


Florida State athletics will add women’s lacrosse as a varsity scholarship program, Vice President and Director of Athletics Michael Alford announced on Tuesday. With this decision, FSU becomes one of 118 Division 1 NCAA women’s lacrosse programs spanning 16 conferences. The first season will likely be during the 2025-2026 school year.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis questioned the decision to oust Kevin McCarthy from the post of House Speaker. DeSantis called it “performative” and just “theatrics” and replicated other comments from Florida Republicans who have criticized Matt Gaetz to doing this for publicity without a replacement for McCarthy.

A new law in Florida that went into effect this week makes child rapists eligible for the death penalty if the victim is under 12 years old. The new law, signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is considered a direct challenge to existing U.S. Supreme Court precedent, which prohibits the use of the death penalty for sexual predators.

The State of Florida’s August revenue exceeded initial projections recording a gain of $285.7 million, an approximately 8.8 percent increase compared to initial economic forecasts. Sales Tax collections for the month surpassed estimates, with a boost of $136.9 million, driven by an ongoing inflationary trend leading to higher consumer prices and increased sales tax receipts.


4 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 5"

  1. There need to be investigations on who rakes in the $$$$ when local corporations and colleges make sweeping name changes. It seems the perfect avenue for the “good ol’ boy” network, payback, and/or money laundering. In these economic times, the proposal alone seems patently absurd.

  2. I applaud Governor DeSantis for signing the new law regarding child rapists, as I do anyone and everyone who proposed and/or passed it.

    Charlie Daniels would be considered “politically incorrect” now, but no one can argue that when America embraced more of what he references in “Simple Man,” and less of making every excuse for the perpetrator without regard for their victims, we had an awfully lot less of these types of crimes.

    I disagree with the new law in only one aspect: I believe the death penalty should apply in every case with irrefutable proof of guilt. The dead do not re-offend.

    No child should EVER lose their innocence to predators. Not a single child.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to law enforcement!! I agree with Mr. Hawkins – it is just a matter of time! I am most grateful for the report that the officer who was shot is doing so well and has such support. Society needs to normalize that criminal activity also comes with “occupational hazards” so commonly referenced, dismissively, in regard to the risks faced every day by law enforcement. Grateful to all who serve with professionalism, honor, integrity, skill, and dedication. I truly cannot fathom! Thank y’all!

  4. I will say it again, Tallahassee’s NEW Slogan for Law Enforcement should be “YOU WILL GET CAUGHT”.

    Why does TCC need a Name Change and what Name would more ACCURATELY fit the college’s vision for the future? Tallahassee is Florida’s Capital City and isn’t the majority of the Students going there FROM the different Communities in Tallahassee? Save your Money, leave the Name alone.

    Imagine the cost alone just to change the Name of TCC. Letterhead, Business Cards, every small and large Signs that are all over Campus and around Town, The TCC Flag and Symbols in all the Classrooms, The items in the Gift Shops, everything that is On-Line, all the TCC Vehicles that have TCC all over them, The Signs on the Buildings and by the Roads at TCC and around Town. Don’t forget about the TCC Campuses around Florida. Plus everything else, we are talking a Few $Million easy and a few Years to do it.

    I wonder what Groups will be protesting that new Death Penalty Law?

    If The State of Florida’s August revenue exceeded initial projections recording a gain of $285.7 million, an approximately 8.8 percent increase compared to initial economic forecasts, then WHY did the State fill the need to raise the Property Tax, or is that BECAUSE of the Property Tax Hike?

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