DeSantis Makes Two Appointments to CSC Leon

DeSantis Makes Two Appointments to CSC Leon

Governor Ron DeSantis recently appointed Simone Marstiller and Brent Johnson to the Children’s Services Council of Leon County.

Marstiller is Of Counsel at Gunster, Yoakley, Stewart P.A. She has a history of public service, previously serving as Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Marstiller earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and her juris doctor from Stetson University.

Johnson is the Executive Director of Radey Law Firm. Previously, he served as a Senior Manager at North Highland Consulting and was a former Staff Auditor for the Florida Auditor General. Active in his community, he currently serves as a member of the American and Florida Institutes of Certified Public Accountants. Johnson earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida State University.

Approved by Leon County voters in 2020, the CSC of Leon County was established to provide children with early learning and reading skills, development, treatment, preventative treatment and other services.

It is an independent special district that provides funding for those services throughout the county by annually levying property taxes, not exceeding the maximum millage rate of one-half mill.

The organization’s board consists of 10 members. Other members include County Commissioner Carolyn Cummings, Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna, School Board member Darryl Jones, 2nd Judicial Court Judge Anthony Miller, Department of Children and Families appointee Terrence Watts and DeSantis appointees Zandra Mallory Glenn, Richard “Paul’ Mitchell and George “Mark” O’Bryant.

5 Responses to "DeSantis Makes Two Appointments to CSC Leon"

  1. it was the insider Richardson-WilliamsCox-Dailey crew we are supposed to like according to new city talking points on here, who supported the CSC tax. looks like they’re on the way out and good riddance

    Snidely graft and taxation in DeSantis lobbying hands is no better. Trump would drain the whole dadgum thing

  2. The initial local leftist thought process was to funnel a good bit of the funding to enrich local Reverends. In the trusted since reconstruction process of getting oit the minority votes for Democrats from the pulpt.
    Since the vast majority of local minoritys are voting for restoring the economey with a Trump vote that process has been kind of shot to #ell.
    Anyway now we have a good chance that some of our local youth will benifit and perhaps be guided into the workforce rather than being recuited into the gangbanger lifestyle. WIN WIN for everybody!

  3. Have they even figured out what to spend the $10-mil a-year on yet?… beside more free food for the obese children of lazy and irresponsible parents… you know, like multiple other taxpayer funded operations do?

    Gotta keep those diabetic pharmaceuticals in business don’t ya know.

  4. Great job Govornor,
    Look at the listing of the 8 members in the artical. The first 3 are leftists, the Judge is questionable, the Children and Familys guy is also questionable BUT Terrance will vote with the 5 rock solid conservative Govornor’s Appointees. Well played Govornor.

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