BREAKING NEWS: City Commission Will Not Establish “Restaurant” Hours for Edison

BREAKING NEWS: City Commission Will Not Establish “Restaurant” Hours for Edison

What started as a City subsidized high-end restaurant can now function as a night club. The City Commission, despite concerns from City Commissioners Scott Maddox and Gil Ziffer, decided not to establish hours for the Edison restaurant. The restaurant will now be able to stay open as late as 4 a.m.

Commissioners Maddox and Ziffer had recommended closing times consistent with restaurant operations in the area, but each time their proposals were shot down by Mayor Gillum and Commissioners Miller and Richardson.

When Commissioner Ziffer asked if any commissioners had concerns about  late night parties at the Edison, Commissioner Miller took the opportunity to respond.

Commissioner Miller mentioned the recent incident at the El Patron, where a murder was committed, and said she was concerned about late night parties at all establishments not just the Edison.

When she was reminded that the City is the landlord for the Edison and not other establishments, she responded, “that does not matter.”

Also, Ms. Miller just weeks earlier voted to expand operating hours for night clubs from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. Ultimately she refused to consider restaurant hours for the Edison.

From the beginning of the project, people were concerned that the only way the Edison could survive is if it became a restaurant/night club and increased revenue through alcohol sales.

The concern was based on the operations of the 101 restaurant which is owned by Adam Corey, the owner of the Edison. The 101 restaurant has failed a liquor audit within the last 18 months.

Coming next, Tallahassee Reports will take a look how the owners of the Edison have increased their influence over the City Commission.

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  1. Another local restaurant owner told me they held an “intervention” of sorts because there had been so many complaints regarding food, but especially service. They had called in someone to help but Adam Corey dismissed every bit of it, saying everything was remaining the same. My husband was there recently and waited 2-2.5 hours for food. You can’t maintain a business this way, so why are we supporting it? What else is going on there if it’s okay to fail? Was it the plan all along to transition into a night club that WE pay for?

  2. I personally will not be patronizing the Edison. I will however support the local establishments throughout Tallahassee whose taxes are used to subsidize their competition (Edison), and who have small business loans which support their operations. These establishments have everything to lose, whereas the Edison has a backstop or business partner in the City of Tallahassee.

    BTW, I haven’t heard anything good about the food at the Edison, so I believe that I am not missing anything.

  3. Preston, you mention the Edison will not disclose the names of investors. Since the Ed receives tax dollars, all info should be public record. The Ed may not be required to release the info, but the City should be required to. Also, DBPR should the info for the restaurant and liquor licenses.

    Just a thought.

    Steve Hougland

  4. Another dirty trick in the plan to wipe out Myers Park neighborhood as we know it.
    This is not the end, but the early beginning of an organized destruction of the South Monroe corridor.
    We will be reading about this for many years to come.
    It’s called “Urban Renewal” and has morphed into incremental steps to avoid challenges to the big plan.

  5. One can only wonder…since The Edison will not disclose its investors – Are the Commissioners Miller, Richardson and Mayor Gillum silent investors? Do they stand to profit personally from the late night “events”? Personally, I doubt it if all of them stand to gain from this ridiculous vote. But, I am curious about the neighborhood adjacent which expressed concerns about just this kind of development? It boils down to an insider, co-owner Adam Corey (campaign treasurer for Mayor Gillum and member of his unofficial traveling posse) getting greater consideration than the citizens who promised better. Elections have consequences.

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