Candidate Gillum Adds $167,430 to Campaign Coffers, $92,000 to Forward Florida

Candidate Gillum Adds $167,430 to Campaign Coffers, $92,000 to Forward Florida

Based on recently filed reports, the Andrew Gillum campaign for governor has access to approximately $750,000 through his campaign and the Forward Florida Political Action Committee.

An analysis of campaign reports shows Gillum added $167,430 to his campaign in April. His total campaign contributions to date are $413,229. Approximately $268,109 or 65% come from Florida donors.

Records show Gillum spent $50,500 in April. Gillum’s total expenditures for the campaign were calculated to be $95,180. This leaves the campaign with $318,049 on hand as of April 30th.

Forward Florida, the Gillum related PAC, raised $92,000 in April from eight donors. A total of $60,000 came from donors outside of Florida. The total funds raised through the PAC to date is $601,690. Over 50% of the donations to the PAC have come from outside of Florida.

Total expenditures made from the PAC was reported to be $166,620. This includes a $50,000 transfer to the Florida Democratic Party. This leaves the PAC with $435,070 as of April 3oth.

On Gillum, reported that “As for the states of origin for the money, Gillum has shown the most ability to raise money outside of Florida, particularly in California and New York. His official campaign has drawn 282 checks from California totaling $39,000, and 213 from New York, also totaling about $39,000. He also has 104 checks from Georgia, totaling about $10,000.”

You can see a detailed report on campaign finance for all gubernatorial candidates here.

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  1. How much from out of state contributors who have no interest in the wellbeing of Florida, only the welfare of the national Democratic Party?

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