Florida Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Focuses on State Supreme Court

Florida Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Focuses on State Supreme Court

In a recent interview on WFLA’s Morning Show with Preston Scott (100.7 FM), Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis discussed his campaign for governor.

DeSantis, who was first elected in the US House in 2012, is a former Navy lawyer that graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in History and from Harvard Law School.

DeSantis told Scott that Florida is at a historic moment with the 2018 elections and that the first sixty to ninety days of the elected governor’s tenure could be the most influential in Florida’s history.

This is due to three potential Florida Supreme Court vacancies.

He added replacing liberal judges that have had a record of being activists and legislating from the bench will open up legislative opportunities that have been stymied in the past.

“In one fell swoop you can be in a situation where you are transforming the court into a legal institution that respects the law and respects the constitution..”, said DeSantis.

DeSantis said that changes to charter schools, tort reform and welfare reform could get renewed consideration with new appointments to the Florida Supreme Court.

On the political side, DeSantis said that he believes a lot of voters in Florida want to see someone run for governor who represents the conservative base and who has supported President Trump.

Scott asked DeSantis what Trump has done to win him over.

DeSantis said, “Trump means what he says” and cited Trumps handling of the Israel embassy move and noted that other presidents had promised action, but Trump got it done.

He further noted that Trump’s independence and deviation from conventional beltway wisdom has allowed him to pursue an aggressive domestic and international policy.

DeSantis said Trump “has been the most effective president advancing key conservative priorities since Reagan, and it is not even close.”

As it currently stands, DeSantis will face Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the Republican primary for governor in August.

4 Responses to "Florida Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Focuses on State Supreme Court"

  1. Opie has been in the state and federal government since he was 23 years old. He is NOT honest and is one of the rich farm boys from Polk county. He has never had a real job. Opie Putnam is bought and paid for. DeSantis is a way better pick. Far less swampish then Putnam.

  2. Snidester, you can’t call DeSantis a Swamp Creature and fail to address Putnam’s (Big) “Sugar Daddy.”
    Or discount the wounding he’ll take from that overblown CCR fiasco – which never allowed anyone incorrectly OK’ed to buy a gun.
    Frankly, I hope whoever emerges victorious in the primary ends up bringing the party together, because either one is a better choice than Mrs. HURM. (This morning, Preston raised the possibility of her starting a state income tax – what a horrible decision that would be.)
    And they’re both light years ahead of Hizzoner.

  3. Hmmmm a five year Swamp-Man or the honest Adam Putnam? Decisions decisions. Which would be the better?
    I will allow Trump this Swamp-Man [political only] endorsement and vote Putnam.
    The intelligent voters of Florida totally understand it was a political only endorsement and that Trump already knows Florida is not stupid enough to put a Swamp-Man in our Governor’s Mansion.
    Five years is way too long up there in the swamp. He will never wash that swamp stink off or get that swamp mentality out of his head.
    Vote Putnam.

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