Post Hurricane Poll Shows Gillum/DeSantis in Dead Heat, Scott Ahead of Nelson

Post Hurricane Poll Shows Gillum/DeSantis in Dead Heat, Scott Ahead of Nelson

The race for Florida governor is essentially tied according to the first public poll conducted after Hurricane Michael. Twenty days before Election Day, Democrat Andrew Gillum is at 47 percent, while Republican Ron DeSantis is at 46. However, among those who say they have already voted, DeSantis is at 49 percent, while Gillum is at 45 percent.

In the race for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat, Republican Rick Scott has a narrow lead over Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson, 49 to 47 percent. Scott is at 50 percent with those who have already voted.

The survey was conducted by St. Pete Polls and first reported by Peter Schorsch of

The poll of 1,974 likely Florida general election voters was conducted from October 15, 2018 to October 16, 2018. This poll used the registered voter lists supplied by the state of Florida as of September 12, 2018. The sample of voters that were contacted included random samples of registered voters within the boundaries of the state of Florida.


The poll was conducted through an automated phone call polling system. The results were then weighted to account for proportional differences between the respondents’ demographics and the
demographics of the active general election voter population for the state of Florida. The weighting demographics used were: political party, race, age, gender and media market. The voters polled were chosen at random within the registered voter population within the state of Florida. Voters who said they were not planning to vote were excluded from the results below. The scientific results shown for the questions below have a sample size of 1,974 and a 2.2% Margin of Error at a 95% confidence level.

12 Responses to "Post Hurricane Poll Shows Gillum/DeSantis in Dead Heat, Scott Ahead of Nelson"

  1. Whoops my bad Gillum’s the Mayor of Tallahassee – not Leon County.
    There: take that haters!
    I Grammar Policed myself before you could show you’r superior intellect.

  2. More breaking news: drove in from GA Saturday 10.20.18 on 319 South into Leon County. Noticed the big Welcome to Florida/Open for Business/Governor Rick Scott signage has been removed and replaced with a small “don’t blink or you will miss it” Welcome to Florida sign.
    Maybe the big ‘ole honkin sign got blown over by the hurricane and was damaged beyond repair.
    Maybe the Mayor of Leon County Andrew Gillum’s supporters were tired of looking at the big ‘ole honkin Welcome to Florida/Open for Business/Governor Rick Scott sign and replaced it.
    Don’t know.
    Just reporting the facts.

  3. Breaking News!

    Jeffrey Schweers of the Tallahassee Democrat contributed content to the Naples newspaper regarding DeSantis not releasing travel papers.

    Are you kidding me!? Mr. Schweers should be writing articles at his own newspaper and asking questions about Gillum not releasing his travel papers regarding New York, a baseball game in New York, the play Hamilton in New York, and the Costa Rica trip?

    Gillum released his taxes that reveals more questions and where are his 2017 taxes?

    The bias and mistreatment regarding candidate Ron DeSantis and the way Jeffrey Schweers is pro Gillum and is biased DeSantis is blatant and unprofessional. Gannett should step in and deal with the corruption at the Tallahassee Democrat starting with the editor William Hatfield, Jeffrey Schweers, James Call and clean it up once and for all.

    The biased reporting, the lack of investigative reporting, and the corruption at the Tallahassee Democrat where the reporters act as PR reps is a major contributing factor why the crime rate is so high in Tallahassee.

    It should be Front Page News everyday screaming Gillum’s incompetence, corruption, and the most recent reveal of Mr. Gillum turning Florida Power and Light away during the hurricane Hermine restoration.

    Mr. Schweers and Mr. Hatfield, where are the articles exposing Mayor Gillum doing great harm to the citizens of Tallahassee during hurricane Hermine – turning away a utility company – that was here to help? Gillum’s selfish act is the epitome of an inhumane act that caused great harm to the citizens he took an oath to protect.

    I see Mr. Schweers is contributing to the harm of the citizens of Tallahassee and has progressed to potentially harming the the citizens of Florida who will not be warned about the egregious inhumane act that Mr. Gillum perpetrated during Hurricane Hermine.

    Citizens of Florida and beyond have a right to know and the Tallahassee Democrat chooses not to protect citizens. Only promote and act as PR reps to a candidate that they are heavily paid to advertise locally.

  4. Does anyone know if the FBI is still investigating Gillum and other Tallahassee cronies? All of a sudden everything is way too quiet…..way toooo quiet…..

  5. Way too many polls are pointing to Gillum by a narrow margin.. Very skeptical .. Consider the ton of money pouring in from Steyer.. Gillum is in trouble…

    Time to increase the pressure on Gillum and see what happens.. DeSantis.. Stay the course. The economy is great. Employment is great. People making money. Keep the energy going and keep the base motivated..

  6. I see the Tallahassee Democrat reporter James Call is acting as a PR rep for Gillum rather than an unbiased reporter.

    Rather than reporting the recent reveal of Gillum turning Florida Power & Light away from citizens because of political paranoia, the Tallahassee Democrat reporter, James Call, feels it’s necessary to promote Gillum rather than report Mr Gillum’s lack of accomplishments, failure to keep crime down, the FBI investigation, inappropriate relationship, and giving a two million payout to a person he is in an inappropriate relationship with.

    This is most of the reason why the newspapers are in a rapid decline because nobody trusts them anymore with reporting such as this.

    When the Tallahassee Democrat shutters its doors and Tallahassee Reports replaces it, will they wonder was the biased reporting worth it?

  7. Has anyone noticed how the national media is ignoring Gillum? And the local media as well?

    After the big reveal regarding Gillum sending Florida Power and Light away seems to be the A-ha moment (finally) for even the supporters that Gillum is not fit to lead.

    I believe they also have realized the seriousness of the Tallahassee crime statistics and Gillum unable to control the crime problem, his failure to even admit there is a crime problem, and his lying about it. It gets worse, he does nothing about it.

    Not only is Gillum unqualified he’s dangerous because he puts himself first and his politics. He doesn’t want to be governor… he wants to be president.

    The media should be reporting Gillum’s cowardly and selfish act of turning Florida Power and Light away during Hurricane Hermine. It should be Front Page News on the national and local level.

  8. Anyone see the big sign set up near the RV park out Mahan, just before the Auto Museum?
    It says:
    “Gillum is my Mayor.
    Trust me, you don’t want him as our Governor.”
    Assume it’s there to inform the out-of-town work crews getting off I-10 and heading into Florida’s Crime & Corruption Capital.

  9. Wowzers the fancy chart with that word “Scientific” as a part of the header along with that official looking “Methodoligy” section almost made you forget the polls all had Hillary spanking Trump up until 9:58PM on election eve way back in 2016…Right???
    Even with the “automated” phone system you still are gonna have conservatives not participating or lying and choosing Gillum because the data is likely available to the public regardless of what the automated system promises.
    DeSantis wins by 20%.

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