Sean Pittman Moves Influence to Leon County School Board

Sean Pittman Moves Influence to Leon County School Board

Records show that local political insider Sean Pittman, whose connections to the City of Tallahassee have recently been diminished, has made moves to increase his influence with the Leon County School (LCS) Board.

In fact, Pittman’s recent activities with the LCS Board is beginning to look remarkably similar to his activities with the City of Tallahassee over a 15 year period.

During one stretch of time, Pittman was a campaign vendor for two Tallahassee city commissioners, a donor to all five Tallahassee City Commissioners, was being paid by the City of Tallahassee to lobby state government, was lobbying the city commission, and was a frequent traveler with Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Records now show Pittman’s relationship with the City of Tallahassee has changed significantly.

Currently, none of the current city commissioners have paid Pittman or his company, ESP Media, for campaign services. Also, he is no longer being paid to lobby state government for the City of Tallahassee, he is not a registered city lobbyist, and his choice for mayor, Dustin Daniels, lost to former Leon County Commissioner John Dailey.

However, recent campaign records and a review of Pittman’s activities show he has made efforts to increase his influence with the Leon County School Board.

During the controversial 2016 race for Leon County Superintendent, Pittman donated $2,000 to candidate Rocky Hanna. This donation came after a campaign donation to Scott Maddox, who also made a run for the position.

Hanna went on to win the superintendent’s race in 2016. Maddox recently plead guilty to federal charges that included bribery.

During the 2018 election cycle, Pittman again weighed in on school board races. He was hired as a campaign consultant by Daryl Jones who went on to win his race against incumbent LCS Board member Maggie Lewis-Butler.

Pittman was also hired by Marcus Nicolas as a campaign consultant in a race against incumbent LCS Board member Joy Bowen. Bowen went on to be re-elected.

During the 2018 campaign cycle Pittman also donated $250 to LCS Board member Alva Striplin, who won her race against Ricky Bell.

Also, a little over three months ago Pittman rolled out the “Sean Pittman Show.” The podcast is billed as a show “where we talk about politics, business, entertainment, sports, and all the things that make us who we are! Each week, we feature guests and discuss topics that matter most to you.”

A review of the shows to date, reveal that six of the guests are current or former elected officials with connections to Pittman. Two of the current elected officials include current LCS Board member Darly Jones and Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

Superintendent Hanna appeared on the show days after the recent school transportation crisis hit.

If Pittman continues to follow the approach he implemented with the City of Tallahassee, there will be an increase in the use of campaign donations and public relation opportunities to benefit favored officials. This will ultimately lead to more campaign work for Pittman and eventually, lobbying or consulting fees from vendors that want work with the LCS.

Tallahassee Reports will continue to monitor these activities.

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  1. Does anyone remember the mayor is not a novice? He’s not a political newcomer, having been a county commissioner for some time. Bottom line: he knew, or should have known, the Kraft “ground-breaking event” was off limits. And Steve should’ve written him up accordingly!

  2. It is common practice in most cities for the mayor and other local dignitaries to participate in a groundbreaking for a new or expanding business. It doesnt mean everyone in attendance is in the back pocket of the new business…it just means they are supporting local economic growth, any new jobs being created, and the expanded tax base it will bring. It DOES NOT mean the mayor is endorsing the Infiniti dealership. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one… however he’s dead wrong on the ethics board.

    1. This wasn’t a groundbreaking, this was a TV commercial. There is no way there is any doubt.

      He is not supporting a local business he is supporting himself in a PR stunt to boost his profile for his next election campaign. This is purely a misuse of his position . This is so inappropriate if not illegal and this has become so prevalent in Tallahassee that people think this is helping boost business.

      The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is a PR outlet for local elected officials. No wonder everyone is confused.

  3. At last Commission meeting, go to 1:12 on video. Mayor gives a shout out to two contributors and friends before voting for one of them to get a fat contract. He is the ENDORSEMENT MAYOR.

  4. Sadly if Mr. Pittman were to run for office our voting sheeple would gleefully vote him in office and in a landslide.
    Democrat, name recgonition, and that giddy feeling our voting sheeple got over Obama.
    Again what our communitty needs is some conservative candidates of courage who (like Jeremy Matlow) are not afraid to run as a Democrat.
    I’ve said it before:
    Congrats to all you beautiful losers who tried and failed as Republicans. Sorry you all had to experience that pissing in the wind feeling of disapointment as losers. Thinking historically I can not recall an elected local Republican politician other than Manny Joanas way way back in the day.
    Tired of losing yet?
    Well then trail blazer Jeremy Matlow just gave you tour sign if you want to serve and make a difference. Stop chasing windmills and run as a Democrat already all you conservative beautiful losers who tried and failed as Republicans then tried and failed again. Tired of losing yet?

  5. Mr Pittman,

    Please show us documentation of the contract and receipts of the amount you paid for your picture framed portrait of your Law Firm posted in the TSA area of the Tallahassee Airport.

    If you cannot show us documentation that you paid for this ad it is theft. It is theft against the taxpayers and the citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County and the entire region.

    Either show us the contract and the receipt or pay the citizens back. I’m sure that amount is more than enough to be considered felony theft if you did not pay for this ad.

    Meanwhile we would also like to see documentation and receipts and the contract for Gary yordon ad at the Tallahassee Airport.

  6. Stanley we all know the mayor is white.. how pathetic and weak to throw out the race card. It just undermined and prejudiced everything you posted.

    1. If Andrew G. would have attacked the Ethics Officer & Board Chairman…. Steve Steward would have had two or three articles written by now..

      By the way, please explain how someone can put a high profile politician in a commercial without permission?

      1. Stanley, you want to play the race card! Why don’t you explain to the voters why you and Pat Weaver, both black, attended every speaking engagement for Supt. Rocky Hanna and acted like fools. He wanted the black vote. You tried your best, but he turned on you and now you are mad. Oh! by the way, did you return the new car that Rocky and his brother gave you for your efforts.

        1. Alex BRAVO for you! Thus far crickets from Mr. Sims the race card player and gift taker! Exposure of one’s own beam in their eyes!

          1. Stanley, glad you are working. No need to talk. I know all I need to know about Rocky and you! However, you need to be careful who you talk to about that car you got in 2016. People do talk, even friends.

  7. From one taxpayers trough to another. Anyone surprised? Mosquitoes don’t care where their life blood comes from at taxpayers expense. It’s the nature of his business! Okay FBI what’s cooking with this one? Circling the wagon has commenced.

  8. What or shall I look ? forward to an article on the increasing influence Vancore Jones has on the new City Manager & Mayor?

    Even Tallahassee Reports has a closer relationship with this white Mayor… What happened to a response to the Mayor’s attacks on the Ethics Board & Chairman? “Did you order the CODE RED?”

    I hope ?? and pray Tallahassee Reports research department is as good as recalling what the current Mayor said on the campaign trail, and what he’s saying now after the Krafts Motors commercial..

    Keeping it real and fair..

    1. I would think that the cost amount of The Kraft TV commercial – that the mayor appeared in and which was clearly a misuse of his position – is technically a gift which is illegal because it is over the $100 limit.

      I don’t see how this can be ignored any longer.

      I also agree that the mayor’s bizarre behavior temper tantrum regarding his appearance at the ethics board is being ignored.

      Citizens are entitled to good leadership and these two incidents are huge red flags.

      1. Steve refuses to write about Mayor Dailey in the same regards as he did on Gilliam. He was black and Steve felt less cautious with the negative articles, and now he lets John Dailey participants in Kraft Motors commercials.. No a WHITE WORD!!!

        1. I don’t think the seriousness of the ramifications of that Kraft car commercial is realized. Would an airline pilot in uniform make a commercial for a jet manufacturer? Would a doctor wearing his Hospital white coat make a TV ad for a certain brand of prescription medication? You just don’t do these things and it is troublesome on so many levels that it needs to be addressed and the mayor needs to be held accountable.

          1. You guys have John Daley wrong. I’ve known him my entire life, and while he is more liberal than I like he is a good man. I really don’t think he thought the Kraft commercial was going to be a commercial. My bet is he went there to promote local business and development. In fact I believe he called Chris Kraft and asked him to remove the part with him in the commercial because he was unaware that was what they were going to run. We are lucky that John Daley wants to represent our city as Mayor. And yes, he will be passionate about it. He is trying to clean up the complete mess left behind by our former corrupt elected officials. I say give this good man a break and let him do his job.

          2. Will,

            Shame on you!

            When you are mayor you don’t make mistakes like that! It is called shameless self-promotion and no breaks given here just because you knew him.

            I believe Mr Dailey knew and should have known what he was doing was a conflict of interest, inappropriate, and illegal. His actions must have consequences just like everyone else.

            I suggest you counsel your friend and encourage him to self-report himself to the ethics board or resign. This was a serious breach of integrity and does harm to the community at large.

          3. Hope, I don’t think its a mistake to promote our local economy by showing up at a ground breaking. Just because they used that in a commercial without the Mayor’s consent shouldn’t negatively reflect on him. I want my Mayor advocating for local business. And again, when it was brought to the Mayor’s attention he requested they remove that portion of the commercial. Chris Kraft probably employs 100 people. It ain’t easy being either one. But I’m fine with your opinion….even though it’s wrong. John Daley is a damn good Mayor. We’re lucky to have him.

        2. Stanley does all those articles Steve wrote about Maddox and Carter Smith and Burnett and Adam Corey and Jackie Pons means he hates white folk? Has he ever wrote about hispanics folk? Maybe they are the only ones he really likes. When you accuse people of being racist because you don’t like there opinions it makes it harder for them to take the rest of us seriously. How will we ever get past the color of our skin when you and Dr. Holleyfield call everyone who disagrees with you a racist? Maybe the real racist is you! I speak my mind alot and many white and black folk disagree with me but I don’t single out the white folk and call them racists because they disagree with me I just know there opinion is wrong and move to something else.

          1. Well I learned that writing/speaking skills from Tallahassee Reports…. Steve and I have had this conversation about the writing style on alleged corruption dealing with blacks compared to white corruption! Steve clearly lets and wants his reader to know they are black!

      2. Hope, the great thing about democracy is that we can agree to disagree. There is no cover up, but that sounds like someone saying they don’t beat their wife. Either way it’s hard to address.

        Here’s hoping you have a great day!

    2. Will,

      You are advocating that your friend, Mayor Dailey, receive special treatment for his breach.

      You are misguided and mistaken and the cover-up is beginning to be as troublesome..

      Apparently you and the mayor don’t want to do the work that needs to be done, but promote yourself shamelessly to compensate for in action. This is simply The Usual Suspects mission statement and we have had enough.

      Some of us know the difference between right and wrong and some of us don’t and you apparently fall in the category of the latter.

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