Pamela Marsh to Lead First Amendment Foundation

Pamela Marsh to Lead First Amendment Foundation

Former U.S. Attorney Pamela Marsh will become president of the First Amendment Foundation on Dec. 1, the open-government advocacy group announced Friday. Marsh, who served as U.S. attorney from 2010 to 2015 in the Northern District of Florida, will replace longtime foundation President Barbara Petersen.

Marsh is an attorney at the Tallahassee firm Ausley McMullen. She said in a prepared statement Friday that she is “honored and excited” to join the foundation. “Perhaps now more than ever, the mission of the foundation is critical to Florida communities and to a thriving democracy,” Marsh said. “Barbara Petersen built her legacy fighting for open access to government meetings and public records, to ensure that the public stays well informed and able to participate in government and be heard.”

Petersen announced this year she was retiring from the job, though she will work with Marsh in the December transition and advise the foundation in 2020. She was honored Thursday night during a retirement event at the Florida State University law school.

In a statement Friday, Petersen said Marsh “has a passion for open government and buckets of energy; she’s smart and curious and will take FAF into its next phase. Pamela Marsh is the perfect choice and I’m immeasurably pleased to know I’ll have the chance to work with her through the transition.” (Disclosure: The News Service of Florida is a member of the First Amendment Foundation.)

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  1. How can a member of the same Democrat Party now conducting a totally secret “impeachment” where no information emerges (except selected bits that fit their prejudged outcome) POSSIBLY purport to be president of ANY “open-government advocacy group”?
    No members of the Republican party (or anyone else) is allowed to hear testimony, nor is the accused given any chance to see or defend themselves against their accuser. This entire Democrat charade would be thrown out of any courthouse in the nation. It’s diametrically opposite from any conception of “open” or “thriving democracy”.
    Democrats spend the bulk of their time and energy trying to circumvent, negate, or abolish the Amendments. Recall, obama regarded the Constitution as a “charter of negative liberties” that limited what government could do. Most Democrats have proved time and again they feel the same. Why Tallahassee persists in electing and appointing Democrats to high positions, despite the rampant corruption that’s endemic to the party and resulted in local indictments is a complete mystery.

    1. Deannexation from the city, north of I-10 is the only solution. Call it North Tallahassee, Killearn or Bannerman, Florida, whatever.

      Heck, even call it Maven, Florida, I don’t care.

      Until the northside money is cut off, nothing will change at city hall.

      1. Maven, I’m on record for about 5 years now (here in TR) saying NE Tally should secede from “downtown Tally”. My example is NE Atlanta and the outlying suburbs seceding from Atlanta and establishing their own cities, school systems, and police forces – all because “Atlanta” was corrupt and broken beyond repair – and taxing all to pay for it.
        Atlanta’s separations happened in 2005.
        Let’s just call ourselves the City of Bradfordville – we are far more involved (and live) in this Northern area than we are Downtown Tally.

        Quote: “As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta (Tallahassee), NORTHERN suburban communities acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities. These cities, after breaking away politically from urban Atlanta, have become so successful that a libertarian think tank, the Reason Foundation, has featured Sandy Springs as a model of effective government. ”
        and so on:
        “While incorporation has been popular with residents of the new cities, not all of Atlanta is as satisfied. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit in 2011 to dissolve the new cities, claiming they were a “super-white majority” and diluting the voting power of minorities.”

        I rest my case. Link:
        The same secession should happen here in Tally, it’s been done before – and it worked very well for the new NE cities formed in GA that left “Atlanta” behind.

  2. The U.S. Attorney’s office under Pamela Marsh is where probable cause and indictments went to die in the reign of Mayor John Marks. She also has served as advisor to the COT in the last couple of years of the FBI investigation. Now, she oversees an org with the missions statement of open and transparent government. Ironic.

  3. Ausley has been “The Firm” for decades for the Fake Newsocrat. So, not a surprise move here.

    There was a lot of illiberal corruption going on between 2010-15, as evidenced by the current indictments. Yet her office was exonerating, not prosecuting.

  4. I think that Marsh was appointed by Obama to the District Attorney position at the recommendation of former commissioner Alan Katz. Her liberal opinions will make sure the conservative perspective will never have a chance with this Foundation.

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