JT Burnette: Two City Commissioners Not for Sale, But Two Were

JT Burnette: Two City Commissioners Not for Sale, But Two Were

Who are they?

In the transcript of an audio recording of a discussion between Tallahassee businessman JT Burnette and several undercover FBI agents, Burnette, who is discussing the ins and outs of getting things done in Tallahassee, indicates that two city commissioners were not for sale.

The discussion took place on September 21, 2016.

JT Burnette states:

You’re not going to buy REDACTED . You’re really not going to buy REDACTED either. .. Right? You’re only going to convince them on the merits of what you’re doing.

At the time of the recording, September 21, 2016, the elected officials sitting on the city commission were Mayor Andrew Gillum and City Commissioners Scott Maddox, Nancy Miller, Gill Ziffer and Curtis Richardson.

The transcript also indicates that at least two city commissioners are on the take. This includes Scott Maddox and an unnamed city commissioner or commissioners.

Explaining the process of getting three votes, JT Burnette and the undercover agent discuss who could deliver who.

JT Burnette: You only need three.
Undercover Agent: And, and REDACTED and REDACTED could deliver REDACTED, if necessary.
JT Burnette: But you don’t need it, you got three.

Also, in a discussion where JT Burnette explains to an undercover agent it is easier to sway the Tallahassee City Commission than the Community Redevlopment Agency (CRA), the discussion alludes to having commissioners “in your pocket.”

Undercover Agent: Well, especially if you’ve got Maddox in your pocket, that’s —
JT Burnette E: Yeah.
Undercover Agent: And REDACTED
JT Burnette : Correct.
Undercover Agent : It’s a done deal.
JT Burnette : It’s pretty much a done deal.

The release of the transcript accompanied a government response to a motion by Burnette’s legal team seeking the dismissal of all charges against him.

20 Responses to "JT Burnette: Two City Commissioners Not for Sale, But Two Were"

  1. Gillum is untouchable. He is already ratting people out and has been to save his own bacon. He still has a problem with that campaign surplus that nobody asks about. No black man like Gillum will go down. Barry and Allison Tant Richard will see to that.

  2. Maddox, Gillium, Miller shady shysters exposed.! great job FBI Under cover agents! That SHOW money worked on the greedy HAVE NOTS! . Beware County & City Commissioners FBI net has expanded.
    Richardson wasn’t in the pay to play scheme but KNEW “saw no evil” of it, whether he acknowledge this TRUTH is a different story. The voters need to clean house of all crooked elected and appointed officials selling or sold their A$$ “votes” to the highest bidder on Taxpayers dime! FBI so ready for the release of unsealed indictments!

  3. Looking at this, “Undercover Agent: And REDACTED” makes me think the Redacted name is Gillum, because if Gillum was FOR it or AGAINST it, a couple other would follow. So if you could buy the Mayor and just one Commissioner, you pretty well have it in the Bag.

    1. In my opinion the FBI will do their very best to protect Gillum to the best of the FBI’s ability.
      So if Gillum is one of the “Redacted’s” expect the FBI to beg and plead with Gillum to turn into the “head squeeler” so Gillum can be set free with just another $5000. fine while everyone else does 2 to 3 years in that Federal Golf Resort prison over there near Pensacola in west Florida.
      Wait and see the FBI will not take Gillum down under any circumstances.

      1. Good point, Snidely, but I hope for Tally’s sake you’re wrong about this local group of FBI agents – let’s hope they’re more dedicated to the law than to the politically-bound people in the FBI Washington Home Office.
        Whoever “Redacted” is (or are, since more than one is indicated), the FBI will need to have solid evidence on them since Burnette’s word alone isn’t enough to file charges, etc. (Unless you’re Pres. Trump, in which case a word from some guy in the restroom who knows a guy who talked to a guy who heard Trump “Say Something” is enough to file charges of “impeachment”.)

        1. Mike,

          Trump, his lawyer, and his offical white house staff all admitted the crime. He’s just too deeply corrupt to know why what he did is criminal.

          He did it. He said he did it. He released proof of him doing it.

          There is no shadow conspiracy acting to remove him. The impeachment is both according to the letter of the Republican written law, and long overdue.

          The media loves him because he drives ratings.

          Stop getting your news from the most ignorant of sources.

          1. James, dead wrong on every point, as are your MSM news “sources”. There is no “crime” nor “proof” of crime nor “admission” of such – the president of the U.S. is constitutionally empowered to conduct relations with foreign nations however he sees fit, including asking about what other American citizens have been doing in their countries, be they candidate or not. Meanwhile, Biden actually did what you dem-socialists are accusing the president of – and he was dimwitted enough to brag it while being recorded. Please try to explain that recording away into thin air, as your MSM seems to carefully ignore it. Biden strongarmed the Ukrainians by denying a billion dollars in U.S. aid unless they did as he demanded. Quid Pro Quo threat, Biden minced no words.

            The transcript of Trump’s phone call is public – that is the only (and all) evidence that matters – and the text contains no strong-arm phrases, no threat of punishment, and absolutely no “give me this and I’ll give you that” phrases or words that could be interpreted as such.
            Schiff’s closed, secretive dungeon where he supposedly hears “testimony” that is in reality mere opinions from people who didn’t hear the actual phone call is irrelevant – their personal opinions regarding the call aren’t impeachable offenses or “crime”. What about their “testimony” requires such furtive secrecy?

            Please quit trying to portray Schiff’s little pretend farce as being “in the letter of the law” – that’s a blatant lie. Trump is being denied the Due Process of law that any American receiving a parking ticket is granted by the Constitution. The right to have the Defense (Republicans and Trump’s lawyers) hear ALL testimony by Schiff’s “witnesses” and review all unedited transcripts, followed by cross-examination of said witnesses, and then to call their own Defense witnesses. Schiff won’t allow any of that. A complete farce and illegal on its face. Also, the right for the “accused” to confront their accuser, which Schiff won’t allow. Until such legal rights of Due Process are granted to Trump, this entire “impeachment” sham is invalid and nullified.

            IF the democrat-socialist case against Trunp is so ironclad, so unassailable, so dead certain, then why the need for “secret” testimony, doctored transcripts and Republicans locked out? Why not bring your ironclad case out in front of everyone and press cameras so everyone can clearly see how rock-solid your case is?

            From your viewpoint, I’m guessing Hillary using her “foundation” for pay-to-play schemes with numerous other nations, or selling 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russians (Uranium One “deal”) don’t rise to the level of illegal activities – of course not. Nothing there, all OK.
            Neither does her having an (unsecured) private server in a bathroom in Denver to circumvent using government email, or smashing hard drives and cellphones that contained evidence – nothing here to see, move on.

            Trump’s most recent rallies were approximately 27% Democrat, 17% Black and 11% Latino. Rallies are attended by thousands with arenas packed to the walls, with thousands more outside watching on TV screens. No dem-socialist candidate can fill a high school gym. All this “impeachment” has accomplished is greatly enlarging and galvanizing Trump voters.

        2. Thank you Mike for your reply below. It’s really unbelievable how many dim-witted folks there seems to be in our country – that would believe ANYTHING that comes out of Schiff’s mouth, not to mention letting him be in charge of this farce of an investigation behind closed doors. So pathetic!

      2. From what I’ve heard, don’t be too sure of that Snidester. He’s a much bigger fish (and LEO resume builder) than Scottie.

  4. Wow… that is some serious stuff right there folks. I have to wonder though, will this be swept under the rug like the serious concerns noted by Matlow?

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