Lawrence Revell Named Tallahassee Police Chief

Lawrence Revell Named Tallahassee Police Chief

In a ceremony on the day after Christmas in front of the Tallahassee Police Department Headquarters , Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad announced that Major Lawrence Revell would be Tallahassee’s next police chief.

The selection follows failed negotiations with Goad’s first selection Antonio Gilliam.

Before the announcement, Goad – in a show of community support – recognized elected officials and law enforcement dignitaries. These officials included Mayor John Dailey and three city commissioners, the head of FDLE Richard Swearingen, the state attorney Jack Campbell, and Leon County Sheriff representatives.

Before giving way to Revell, Tallahassee Assistant City Manager, Cynthia Barber – who oversees the TPD , noted Revell’s dedication to the community and said “we stand with you.”

Tallahassee Assistant City Manager Cynthia Barber introduces Major Lawrence Revell.

Revell, who is married with five children, introduced his family and thanked them for there support. Revell said “all praise goes to God.”

Revell brings extensive field and managerial experience to the job. During his career with TPD, he has worked in nearly every division, including patrol, TAC, high risk offenders, financial crimes and the chaplain program, among others.

Most recently, he served as the Major overseeing the Criminal Investigations Bureau with 46 sworn officers and 18 civilian support staff and a $7 million budget. A hallmark of his tenure in the position was the 100 percent clearance rate for homicides his team achieved during 2018.

In his comments, Revell noted his ties to the community, commenting that he grew up on the southside and attended Nims Middle School and Rickards High School. He said “I absolutely love this town.”

Acknowledging that Tallahassee faces challenges, he said he would start a citizens advisory committee to gather information and promised there would be “real conversations on real issues.”

Revell stated that officer recruitment and diversity are two key issues that must be addressed. He promised to address diversity in his command staff immediately.

Another priority Revell addressed was collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. He said “we will break new ground” with our collaboration efforts.

The selection process for a new chief began in August 2019 with a nationwide search conducted by the Florida Police Chief’s Association (FPCA). Following the acceptance of 52 resume submissions, FPCA recommended 20 candidates to the Community Partners Committee. The committee, comprised of community, faith, business and law enforcement leaders, twice narrowed the list down during its public meetings and unanimously voted to advance three finalists for consideration.

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  1. Let the “pandering” begin!! Our new chief of police has already started bowing to the PC crowd by moving his swearing in ceremony to Jack McClean Park so he can show all the citizens of Tallahassee that he is truly a “product of the south side”.

  2. Can we please get a “termination of convenience” clause inserted into Commissioner Proctor’s contract? I am so tired of this guy.
    As I was standing in line to catch a flight at the Tallahassee airport about a year or so ago, Proctor was saying goodbye to a family member who was flying out. Once the family member cleared security, Commissioner Proctor went down the (alarmed) exit lane to say a last goodbye to his friend. TSA agents yelled for him to get back, then two TPD officers intercepted him in the exit lane and escorted him back out into the nonsecure public area. Proctor was laughing the whole time. Of course, no charges were filed. I wonder what would have happened if I had pulled that stunt?

  3. Goad was backed into a corner by his politically correct black dude selection dissing the little Goad.
    Do not over think the Revell selection too much other than it was the expedient thing for the raving leftist Goad to do at the time.
    Revell’s days as Chief are numbered to the day Goad can locate a PC lefty to replace Revell after this whole black dude dissing Goad thing blows over.
    Oh do you think Goad cares if his black dude failed selection sues the City? I dont think so.

    1. Again, we need a new city manager and assistant city manager to bring a fresh perspective, new ideas into the politicized and polarized political atmosphere, and wash the stench of corruption out of City Hall.

      Goad and Barber are good hard-working people that simply need to be reassigned.

      Until this changes is made nothing will improve. It would be nice for the new Chief of Police to start out with a new city manager and assistant city manager.

  4. All white command and different contract for the new chief but lesser contract for the black first choice. Tallahassee just went back 50 years. Lord help as Revell will not be able to deliver and case closed

      1. There is no new agreement. He is an inside hire with time before retirement. He was already executive staff working outside the PBA at the discretion of the City Manager. You don’t renegotiate due to promotion. You get a new pay scale, that’s it. Once he hits retirement he will have to go to contract like Coe once did. It would apply to Outlaw had he been selected just as it was applied to Gilliam.

    1. Not true and not useful at all. YOU are part of the problem in our city. Best for all of us, and especially yourself if you get rid of those racist glasses.

  5. Look forward to a TR review of Revell’s employment agreement and whether he will have the flexibility needed without the assistant City Manager’s tight oversight. Let’s also see what his thoughts are on Marsey’s Law.

    1. And that is the million-dollar question… power over hiring and firing???? already named the 2nd in command??? etc. and, yes…proctor’s not happy. I’m betting he will shine on the man calling him the 3rd choice and such…but who cares? he got the job one way or the other. Now proctor has to deal with it. And poor Revell will be walking on pins and needles knowing he’ll be under major scrutiny and was in fact not their first choice.

    2. If the contract is not substantially the same, they should anticipate a lawsuit from Gilliam for discrimination in hiring.

    1. First thing today (Friday). And of course the local news has it on front page. Can you believe the audacity of Proctor saying anyone else is UNFIT for their job???? Just unbelievable.

      Revell will do great….. if they let him. Hopefully some of the “real conversations on real issues” will include challenging PARENTS and others in the community to do something about out of control teens roaming the streets at all hours of the day & night. The police cannot make a difference without the help and backing of the community. God Bless you Lawrence!

  6. Congratulations!

    In order to keep this momentum moving forward positively there must be a change with the city manager and the assistant city manager.

    And I would recommend that voters make a change for mayor in the next election.

    All the candidates were excellent and again congratulations to Chief Revell.

    1. For his first action, Revell should arrest Buckhead Bill for violating the residency requirement of the county commission!

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