Rocky Hanna Continues to Make Campaign Donations Through Las Vegas LLC’s

Rocky Hanna Continues to Make Campaign Donations Through Las Vegas LLC’s

TR’s review of campaign donations show that Superintendent Rocky Hanna continues to make donations to candidates in the Big Bend area through corporations registered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TR has recently reported about Hanna’s connections to LLC’s registered in Las Vegas that have been listed as the source of local campaign contributions.

The most recent donations were made to Allison Tant, a Democratic candidate for the Florida House.

Records show that three LLC’s -HAH I, HAH II, & HAH III – each made $1,000 donations on 11/21/2019 to Tant’s campaign. The LLC’s are registered at 4730 S Fort Apache Road Suite 300, Las Vegas Nevada.

The campaign contributions to Tant come after TR reported on donations made to three other local candidates: City Commissioner Curtis Richardson, Leon County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson, and Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge.

TR has submitted questions to Mr. Hanna about the Las Vegas LLC’s but have yet to receive a response.

19 Responses to "Rocky Hanna Continues to Make Campaign Donations Through Las Vegas LLC’s"

  1. Politics and Public Education; a historically failed partnership to be certain. We are now and will continue to pay for the mistake of mixing the two.

  2. People that accept campaign contributions from Rocky Hanna, before you cash the check look yourself in the mirror and repeat these words… “I just accepted a campaign contribution from a man that hid from child support for 10 years which is child neglect, I a just accepted a campaign contribution from a man that dated the teachers he supervised and evaluated, later bullying one teacher who broke off the relationship into a transfer with a monetary settlement, I just accepted a campaign contribution from a man that knowingly and admitted to falsifying information to state and federal authorities.”

    If this is who you are, you are as bad as Rocky Hanna.

  3. If anyone believes Rocky past statements that he was “never a politician” these contributions and numerous LLC’s reveal how dark and sinister Rocky is.
    Do not re-elect a dark and sinister character who has broken the Educator Code of Professional Ethics to the office of Superintendent.

    Send Rocky a clear message, never again!

  4. So, Rocky pays off politicos and fellow politicians and he is still paying off child support?

    Curtis Richardson has a second job doing PR work paid for by the school system or state? What does Curtis do? How much is Curtis paid ? Curtis is double-dipping from taxpayers.

    Jimbo Jackson is double dipping, also.

    Nick Maddox is double-dipping.

    The Republican party needs to wake up and bring forward some candidates who are ethical, experienced, and not double dipping.

    We need a journalistic expose on the source of where these funds in Las Vegas are coming from.

    Rocky made a wrong turn and rather go down the path of righteousness he chose to go down the rocky road.

    Hopefully, Manny Joanas will consider running for the county commissioner at-large or school superintendent seat. Hopefully Emily Fritz will consider running again. There are hundreds of qualified experienced people out there and hopefully they are encouraged to step up as they are needed desperately to help drain the swamp. Drain the swamp!

  5. Alison Tant is a mom with a child with a disability. She knows full well Rocky’s complete disregard for those children. He thinks he can buy her, and maybe he is right, but I don’t think she will be supporting him behind the scenes. Sometimes being a mom comes first, which Rocky will never understand. Hopefully she is smart enough to avoid a Gwen Graham, and figure out a way to limit any fallout from being associated with him.

  6. Anyone who votes for Rocky Hanna is endorsing his corruption! Clear examples of conflict of interest or should I say Rocky is interested in paying for favors!

    Rocky hired Curtis Richards at a salary almost double that of a first year teacher. What does Curtis do for the salary? Jimbo Jackson (who is a nice person) give the money back. Make a statement that you understand that this is a conflict.

    Rocky is paying off back child support that he actively hid from while he gives cash to political candidates.This is a sick? Disgusting? Yes and yes!

  7. Crime family! Remember: Jumbo and Curtis work for Hanna. Leon County Schools pays then near six figures. Curtis does PR for Lively. Have you saw or heard anything about Lively since 2016? What does Curtis Do?

  8. The REAL story here is where did this payola come from?
    Rickards CONtractors?
    I’m not buying the “investments” cover story.
    Hey, Curtis: The Sergeant Schultz routine ain’t working.

    1. Politicians will deny it, but when you accept campaign contributions from another politician, you are endorsing that person and announcing you will work with them. I am saddened by commissioners Desloge and Jackson endorsing Hanna.

      1. That is why MOST (75% to 80%) of my Campaign Funding is out of my own Pocket. There is NO NEED to raise over $10,000 to run a Local Campaign. Part of my Platform is to “Reel In Wasteful Spending” and I use my Campaign as an Example.

    1. Proof Positive Desloge is a Republican In Name Only.
      A RINO
      And all you pudskies in wealthy North East District 4 knew Desloge was a RINO when you elected him.
      Lets hear you pudskies weigh in on why you think its OK for Deslodge to accept campaign contributions from Hanna!!!

  9. Now that Hanna has filed to seek re-election, I wonder how many of these recipient’s will be returning the favor and send Hanna some of their HAH, HAH, HAH money.

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