Opinion: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Shows the Heart of a Public Servant

Opinion: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Shows the Heart of a Public Servant

At the close of the February 12th Tallahassee City Commission meeting, City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox shared some of her views about Tallahassee.

I have included a video of her comments below because I believe her words provide a rare glimpse into the sincere thoughts of an elected official. Seldom do we see politicians put down their guard and speak from the heart.

Now, many may disagree with the ideological leanings of Commissioner Williams-Cox, but if you can put aside partisan politics for a moment and listen to her words, it is clear she has the heart of public servant and a deep allegiance to Tallahassee.

In the short clip, you can hear her concern and hope for Tallahassee as she states “we do have issues and we do have opportunities to do better.” You can also hear her ask for help from the broader community.

For me, it was refreshing to hear Commissioner Williams-Cox speak about Tallahassee with words not scrubbed by a PR professional.

See 72 second video clip below.

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7 Responses to "Opinion: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Shows the Heart of a Public Servant"

  1. She may have good intensions BUT, she is basically a Female Bill Proctor as, it seems every thing she says she injects Race into it.

  2. Nothing but Yada Yada Yada! Or did I miss something??? Not impressed “seat warmer” lack of substance, only rhetoric lightweight’s spiel!!! When is her term up?

  3. Praise God! First positive article about a black person in government… Good job Steve, and yes Definitely Diane is a KEEPER’

    1. SMH. Steve offered his opinion. It’s not an article, Stanley. All one needs to do in any article is take the name out of it…the facts are facts unless it is an opinion, as this is labeled. In articles the details of the public record or facts tell the tale. If the reader turns into a racial issue to deflect from the content it is an indictment of the heart of the reader…not the reporter. The reporting in Tallahassee Reports is factual. Let the chips fall where they may.

      1. At taxpayers’ expense, she spearheaded the Burn & Loot Marxists mural on Gaines Street.
        This Opinion is now very embarrassing to read.
        The headline should say “…Shows the Heart of a Marxist”

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