What Businesses Can Operate Under Stay At Home Order? A Lot…See the List

What Businesses Can Operate Under Stay At Home Order? A Lot…See the List

Can lawn services still operate during the stay at home order? Can accountants go to their office and work? Can construction projects underway, continue? Can Home Depot and Lowes remain open?

The answer to all these questions appear to be yes.

The stay at home order signed by Governor DeSantis, which goes into effect on Friday, includes a wide range of economic activity under the “essential business” category.

The Governor’s order refers to an earlier order implemented in Miami which includes three pages of acceptable business activity. Listed below is the first page of the “Essential Businesses” which can remain open. You can see the full list here.

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  1. Just wanted to let you Patriots know what part.of the purpose of Covid 19 is.
    There will be Sacrifices, yes.
    However we will see
    the restoration of practical skills training instead of ideological education which has no market, while an impetus toward revived domestic manufacturing (rather than foreign-sourced manufacturing) will see significant demand for trained personnel.

    Good day.


    No one should believe or react to any of this nonsense. I, for one, will not accept any of this until we’re shown a side-by-side comparative chart that depicts and compares the year-to-date number of deaths associated with Covid-19 here in America… to the year-to-date number of deaths from the common flu, car wrecks, diabetes, cancer, abortion, trip and falls, et al… here in America.

    But this will never happen, lest we expose the ruse that is designed to destroy our Republic. Wake up America!

    May God continue to bless and protect America, Her President, Her Constitution, Her Laws, Her Sovereignty, and Her Citizens.

    1. Edward, I did some of the math in a previous post. Essentially, if the numbers are correct, c19 is increasing the number of deaths by 13%. Again, 1. who knows how many of the deaths being attributed to c19 actually are, 2. How many of those people had a compromised immune system and would have died from something else. So it’s probably more like a 6% increase in total deaths. Given this tiny snapshot of time, I also suppose that the death rate fluctuates anyway. Need to do some more research on that though.

    2. Edward, your wish is our demand, for your research and education:

      -Worldwide Deaths-
      01JAN2020 to 25MAR2020

      21,297 deaths by Coronavirus
      113,034 deaths by Seasonal Flu
      228,095 deaths by Malaria
      249,904 deaths by Suicide
      313,903 deaths by Traffic Fatalities
      390,908 deaths by HIV/AIDS
      581,599 deaths by Alcohol
      1,162,481 deaths by Smoking
      1,909,804 deaths by Cancer
      2,382,324 deaths by Hunger
      9,913,702 deaths by Abortion

      Where is the outrage?
      The More You Know.

  3. Nobody should be surprised to see the local “Demogag rag” running hit pieces on DeSantis but the irony is rich when a few articles down they want us to show empathy for Gillum. GTFOutta here with that crap. How about a small amount of empathy for the guy that is juggling a pandemic and a new baby and not for the guy juggling meth and a prostitute? There won’t be a happier day in my life when that trash heap of a paper shutters its doors.

    1. I don’t think anyone is still working at the Death Star on Magnolia Drive. Never see more than 1-2 vehicles there, other than all the Fords stored on the side lot.
      Prolly closed it down to employees – all six of them – due to the Kung Flu.

      1. I image the get more renting space for Ford’s overflow stock of vehicles then they do for Mullet Wrapper sales.

  4. MHPO (Manufactured Hysteria by the Perpetually Outraged) is all.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  5. For all those believing the GOP propaganda, just stop.

    This is NOT business as usual. It should be painfully obvious to everyone right now. I can’t think why you people aren’t getting it.

    There are refrigerated morgues needed in NYC to handle the corpses. In other countries, there are piles of corpses on the street and people dropping dead in front of hospitals.

    This isn’t normal and it’s sickening that Trump thinks this is so he can lose the election.

    As of right now, 1,000,000+ are infected. 800 of those are close by in Albany, Georgia and 37 there have died in the last couple of weeks.

    LISTEN to the authorities when they tell you to stay home. DON’T go to church. Jesus wants you to stay inside and not get sick.

    1. don’t know what Trump “thinks”. don’t know what Jesus wants. Just know what they say & have done. Good work on both parts.

      However, your advice to stay out of circulation sounds like a good idea.

      Good work on your part! Also wear a mask.

      muh GOP is da bad guys
      orange man bad
      sky is falling

      have you heard one cough in the past 3 weeks?

    3. oh you speak for Jesus now? get real, lady.

      The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion on the road!

      Yes, I’m sure there’s a lion out there!”

  6. 2004 – SARS / 2008 – AVIAN / 2010 – SWINE / 2012 – MERS / 2014 – EBOLA / 2016 – ZIKA / 2018 – EBOLA / 2020 – COVID-19

    Get the picture folks; see any pattern here?… stop being so gullible. Blow your nose, wash your hands, and get back to work. You’re all being played like a Bill Clinton intern.

  7. Why does it have to be a democratic thing??? It started with China, who asked them if they were democratic? Now think Curious… I doubt that it was politically motivated

    1. Because the Democrats are largely funded by the Chinese Communist Party. Expand your thinking. Will heads explode when We the People find out? Stay Tuned, Enjoy the Show.

      @News Maven:
      55 sealed indictments in MAR2020 for N. Fl. District, bringing total to 791 for our area.
      Total filed nationwide from 30OCT2017 to 31MAR2020 is 160,705, of which approx. 18,000 have been unsealed.

    1. Like it or not, World War Flu is here, it’s as much spiritual warfare as it is digital/information warfare, and meatspace warfare- it is a War for your Mind, and social media, entertainment, andcomments are one of the many fronts where it is being fought.
      Americans will unite when they learn the TRUTH, and not until then.
      Like it or not, time to put on the big boy pants, and do your best to see through the fog of war.
      Its Real, and It’s Happening. Pray, seek the Lord’s face and Fight, Fight, Fight!!

  8. The only thing DeSantis has or ever will do wrong is listen to or respond to a Loony democrat idea. Loony democrats at every level of government should be seeking mental help!

  9. To answer, basically any retail location that doesn’t sell groceries, home improvement supplies, or electronics deemed essential(phones, computers, etc), so basically clothing stores, and most recreational businesses (gyms, bowling, tennis, etc), there’s obviously more but that’s what most people will notice is different, more stuff on the backend (,like idk toy manufactures probably will have to close)

    1. Billy Bob, it’s okay to think for yourself, free yourself from Mental Slavery. Trust and put faith in yourself and your God-given ability to reason and think logically.

  10. Thousands of people die in this country every week for various reasons. So the health impacts as a result of this “virus” situation are not uncommon. What is uncommon are the “reactions” to this situation. The reality, numbers, and reactions associated with this entire situation are simply not adding up.

    How many people have died on the streets of Democrat-run cities like New York, LA, SF, and Chicago this year so far… how many from opioid addiction or car wrecks… how many from the common flu so far this year…and how many innocent babies have been murdered in PP clinics this week so far? Where’s the panic, shutdown, the economic destruction, and daily death-count ticker for those? Will destroying our economy and bankrupting our country take care of these too?

    I believe we may be witnessing the most extraordinary, malicious, and nefarious election meddling scheme of our lifetime. Orchestrated to be so extraordinary that the notion of such a scheme can be quickly dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. Something is not right here. A healthy and natural dose of cynicism is in order folks. Be smart, use your common sense, and may God bless us all.

    1. Your so right Luke ..I agree this is all so stupid.. Look at the list more people died of Chicken pox then this stupid “virus” we have viruses all the time why make a huge crap pile out of this 1.. Oh thats right cause it came from China LoL

    2. Agreed. Facts:

      Population = 2,705,000 (2018 est.) 2020 Murders (Jan 1 to March 31) = 93
      3.4 per 100,000 population

      NY City
      Population = 8,399,000 (2018 est.) 2020 Murders (Jan 1 to March 28) = 67
      0.8 per 100,000 population

      Population = 21,299,000 (2018 est.) COVID-19 Deaths = 144
      0.7 per 100,000 population

      United States
      Population = 328,240,000 New Jobless Claims on 3/28/20 = 6,600,000
      2011 per 100,000 population

  11. I can’t figure it out from that list of Businesses SO, what is the ONE Business that HAS to close? Which Business did not give to your Campaign because this list, pretty much says ALL Businesses can stay open but I am sure, there is at least ONE Business that HAS to Close?

      1. And if they get caught they can lose their license, my wife is a hairdresser and doing someone’s hair can get you in trouble.

  12. My heart is full of humble, caring people during this time of heart ache and pain. I’m just over whelmed at how most people are doing as they are instructed. Those who are not aware or just don’t care to know the seriousness in what is happening, please take time to find out. You might can save a life or two. You could even save your own life. We need everyone pulling together and pray while you wash your hands and thank God for being alive. Families are hurting for loss of loved ones. Please help by staying home unless your duty is else where and make sure you protect your little ones that are too young to understand. May God be with you all. I love you all, I will be praying for everyone. God is in control.

  13. Covid 19 has put me out of business as freelance videographer. Still have YouTube channel lots of local events

  14. So there is NOT an ORDER to stay at home, just business as usual. Just don’t leave home without ur mask or sanitizers?

  15. On the lighter side:
    Seagulls and pigeons up and down Florida’s sandy white beaches are complaining due to a lack of french fries, hot dog, and hamburger remnants in their diets.
    Their leader, wise old Jonathan Livingston Seagull, based in Melbourne Beach went on a rant about how even the beach trash cans are offering no sustenance to his beloved flocks of devoted followers.

      1. I keep hearing about morgues “filled with people” but the total number of increased people dying from c19 as a percentage of the total number of people dying from everything else in the world is absolutely tiny. Why would such a tiny increase in worldwide deaths collapse the system? This is also not accounting for the fact that some of the (many?) of the people dying would have died from something else, if not c19.

        1. 7,500 people die every day in the USA. So, it’s about a 13% increase in deaths per day counting an additional 1,000 per day dying from C19 (it’s less when you consider some would have died from something else. And 1,000 seems to be the highest day so far). So if a morgue is used to handling 50 bodies at a time, there are now 56. How is that an overwhelming increase of dead bodies?

          1. You should’ve been taught that statistics lie. As of right now the majority of the deaths are occurring in NYC. Your calculations assume the deaths are spread out evenly nationwide. Yes those numbers don’t seem bad if they would airlift patients and distribute them to each and every hospital throughout America. But the reality is that the 10% increase in deaths is probably in 10 hospitals which to them is actually a 500% increase. As the virus spreads in other cities more cities will become overwhelmed and the average will also increase.

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