School Board Approves 2020-2021 School Resource Deputy Program Agreement

School Board Approves 2020-2021 School Resource Deputy Program Agreement

At its April 28 meeting, the Leon County School Board approved the 2020-2021 School Resource Deputy Program Agreement between the Board and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act (Senate Bill 7026) requires that each district school board in the State of Florida partners with law enforcement to assign at least one deputy at each school to promote safety.

In Leon County, the Sheriff assigns 25 full-time employees to the School Resource Deputy (SRD) Program: one deputy per school, two Sergeants to serve as supervisors, and one Lieutenant to serve as supervisor.

Duties of the SRD include conducting annual Active Shooter Training, presenting programs to students, helping develop school safety plans, and taking law enforcement action when necessary.

According to the agreement, the total cost of funding the 2020-2021 School Resource Program is $2,844,002.76. The agreement states that the Board of County Commissioners will fund 50% of the cost of 25 SRDs assigned to schools prior to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act.

The Board will pay the Sheriff $1,422,001.38 for the program, subject to appropriations by the Board of County Commissioners. The agreement states that if the Board of County Commissioners does not cover the 50%, the School Board will be obligated to.

The agreement will take effect beginning July 1, 2020 and will end on June 30, 2021.

The Sheriff is scheduled to update the School Board on the SRD program’s progress by August 2021.

3 Responses to "School Board Approves 2020-2021 School Resource Deputy Program Agreement"

  1. Please point out there are almost 40 traditional public schools in Leon County. The Sheriff’s Office can’t and doesn’t cover all the schools. Elementary schools are being covered by off duty TPD officers.

  2. Wait, they vote on school resource officers but Rocky’s political appointments at $100,00 plus per person goes on without any comment as Rocky solely appointed people into jobs without advertising or requiring an interview? The interview was giving Rocky inside information during the campaign or covering up his dating of teachers. Rocky you are an embarrassment. Those you appointed without an interview should resign. $100,000’st o Rocky’s insiders, 46 the lowest paid salaries in Florida to teachers!

  3. Hanna’s refusal to allow the teachers and other school board personnel who want to carry firearms legally concealed to protect the schools is a function of Hanna’s funding from leftists and not the safety of childern and school personnel.
    We need both Resource Officers AND the unknown element of exactly who else on campus may legally whip out a pistol and send a would be school shooter to the promised land to effectively deter future school shootings.

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