Leon County Releases Mask Ordinance

Leon County Releases Mask Ordinance

Listed below is the first page of the Leon County Emergency Ordinance 20-15 mandating masks due to COVID-19.

The full ordinance can be found here.

Violation Language

A violation of this Emergency Ordinance is a noncriminal infraction. A violation of this Emergency Ordinance does not authorize the search or arrest of an individual. Prior to the issuance of a citation, the individual will be asked to comply with the Emergency Ordinance or be able to explain how an exception in section 3(ii) applies to them. Failure to comply with the requirements of this Emergency Ordinance presents a serious threat to the public health, safety, and welfare, and a citation may be issued for such a violation after the inquiry referenced above.


20 Responses to "Leon County Releases Mask Ordinance"

  1. When does it end? It has a start date, but emergency ordinances are meant to be for definitive periods, not in perpetuate.

  2. Punks showing their skivvies not charged but these county comission bolsheviks want to ticket Americans over the phony virus panic? I guess they are controlled by ghosts from the Twilight Zone. Like law enforcement has time for this nonsense.

  3. As long as you are making us wear Masks and making it a Fineable Offence, can you do the same to make everyone pull UP their Pants.

  4. What I hear most of you saying is “Don’t confuse me with things like words, numbers or facts! I am not wearing the mask”. COVID19 has the potential to kill you and the people you care most about. Defiance is not a good defense against a killer disease.

  5. Wait… it says a person has to be able to explain when asked how an exception in 3 (ii) applies to them. First off, who has the authority to ask the non mask wearing individual and second, their own faq sheet states “People who cannot wear a cloth face covering are not required to show proof of their medical condition nor are they required to name their medical condition.” Smh

  6. you commissioners are actually blaming Gov Desantis for your mask BS? If THAT doesn’t prove this is all about politics and not actually “safety” I don’t know what will

    1. The Mayor, The City Commission, and the County Commission have always hated the largest employer in town. The have filed lawsuits against that employer, they have admitted (snuck) protesters into the Capitol Building after hours in secret (Alan Williams who ran for Supervisor of Elections), they have demanded that statues in front of the Capitol come down, even put a very sketchy best bud of Mayor Andy in charge of lobbying the State. Is there any surprise that State Leadership refused raises for State employees for so many years?

      You vote these people back in, you will get the same crappy results from a bunch of grifters.

  7. Vote all incumbents out!

    The black pastors need to condemn politics in their Church and resume to teaching the word of God and not teaching the word according to Andrew Gillum and Curtis Richardson…shut it down!

    Vote Tommy Mills for Sheriff!

    Vote Bill Schack City Commission!

  8. I have been told that there is a Law that states you can NOT have a concealed weapon on your person, even with a License to carry, and wear a Mask that conceals your identity, if that is true, what precautions have you taken to ALLOW Licensed Concealed Carry people to carry their Weapons while wearing your mandated Face Masks?

    1. hey tony,
      this is inaccurate info 🙂 i have a CCL and checked with Charlie Strickland of Talon. Check Talons FB page for info on that.

      1. Wait… it says a person has to be able to explain when asked how an exception in 3 (ii) applies to them. First off, who has the authority to ask the non mask wearing individual and second, their own faq sheet states “People who cannot wear a cloth face covering are not required to show proof of their medical condition nor are they required to name their medical condition.” Smh

  9. Question: I have a Coworker who is White, he wears a Mask that is solid Black that covers from the bottom of his eyes to his neck. Is that OK or is it considered wearing “Black Face” and he is now a Racist?

  10. You can take this Emergency Ordinance and replace all of the “Covid-19” wording with “FLU” and have the same results. Why hasn’t that happened before?

  11. Would someone tell me why these people lie and when called out it they just ignore it? I do know why….just would like to see some accountability. But when TR is the only media to point out the lies, this is what we get.
    I guess the people who continue to let Democrats run this city and county either have a head nod from these elected officials and are profiting from the schemes cooked up or they are just lazy and want someone to not only make decisions for them but expect to be taken care of in every sense of the word…roof over their heads, food in their bellies, abortions and anything else medical, needed or not…or they are full of guilt for something they did not do 200 or more years ago and are begging for forgiveness. I don’t see where these voters or politicians call out black on black crime that is killing 10’s of thousands of black people each year. What the hell is that? Other local media and all the local politicians imply black citizens aren’t smart enough to know this or would rather have what little they have so they won’t speak out. I just don’t get it. I had 2 family members murdered – one shot, one beaten – and thank God the perpetrators went to prison. We got justice because we demanded law enforcement from the police to the State Attorney’s office enforce the law. We did’t riot in the streets, burn down businesses, take over neighborhoods, terrorized the citizens in those neighborhoods or call for the police department to be de-funded. We called the State Attorney’s office, we called our local and state representatives and media. We talked to the people responsible for citizens safety everyday. We got results by insisting those elected officials sworn to uphold the law actually do their jobs!
    When the real history of the political parties is not taught at any level of education, there is no accountability. Democrats are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, the modern plantation and more. If you think the Democrats have changed, look around. The only thing that has changed is their wallets and their moving from the old plantation to the new plantation because the minorities that allow these people to lead them are no better off today than they were before.
    So wear your masks, run get tested using materials that are not as reliable as the testers are claiming – because it’s okay to lie – use taxpayer monies to live a sub-par life, and one day it’s all over and the next generation has nothing more than the previous or the previous. If that’s the legacy folks want for their kids, you are certainly going to get it by continuing to vote Democrat at the ballot box – locally, state or national. I hate it for you but only you can change the outcome.

  12. Not sure which is worse: That Leon county has a bunch of lockstep liberals pretending to be a “government”, or that the county has a bunch of lockstep liberals that voted for this “government”. What’s next – All citizens will be mandated to wear “I pledge allegiance to black lives matter” Tshirts when in public? Tally and Leon County will be seeing a shrinking population, just as Chicago, New York, San Fransisco, LA, Seattle et al have seen for years. With a shrinking tax base, a state-leading violent crime rate, and a remaining population that demands ever more government-funded social programs, the picture isn’t promising.

    1. This decimation of local sales tax revenue will result in a fiscal year budget deficit of a magnitude never before seen in the history of Tallahassee.
      And since the city and county Gestapos will never cut their self-dealing pet projects (like the Light$ey Nature Park) they will have but one alternative: to raise your property taxes.
      Get ready, businesses.
      Come September, these clowns will have their hands in your pockets, taking every last penny you have left, after you’ve been effectively shuttered for half the year!

      The time to RECALL all these tax-and-spenders is TODAY!

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