Public Safety Report: Arrests Begin 2021 Down 30%

Public Safety Report: Arrests Begin 2021 Down 30%

Data from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Booking Report show that arrests during the first ten days of 2021 when compared to the same period in 2020 are down approximately 30%. The data shows that there were 190 arrests in 2021 and 277 in 2020.

This is a trend that began last year.

Arrest comparisons for various categories are shown below.

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The number of people booked into jail is was down 35%. Arrests related to violent charges was down 32% and property related charges were down 67.5%. Also, arrests related to weapon charges were up 33.3%

Note: This report is based off of information from the daily LCSO Booking Reports. The data is complied and coded by Tallahassee Reports. The plan is to publish these reports on a weekly basis.

3 Responses to "Public Safety Report: Arrests Begin 2021 Down 30%"

  1. I recently asked a criminal defense attorney how business was, he said it was terrible nobody was getting arrested. I thought he was joking…

  2. A decrease in “arrests” is not analogues to a decrease in “crime”. Like Keanu Reeves teaches our children in his new video game… “What makes you a criminal, is getting caught”

    … so have at it kids… you’re not committing a crime unless you get caught.

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