Leon County Vaccine Summary Report: Jan 24

Leon County Vaccine Summary Report: Jan 24

The Leon County Vaccine Summary published by the Florida Department of Health is provided below.


  • Approximately 72% of vaccines have been given to people over 65 years of age.
  • Over the last two weeks, vaccine distribution has averaged 1,025 per day.
  • Approximately 43% (17,651) of the over 65 Leon County population (41,000) have received the vaccine.

9 Responses to "Leon County Vaccine Summary Report: Jan 24"

  1. I was called to come in to Leon County Health Department January 12th. When I reached the spot to get the shot, they looked at my paperwork and told me I would not be able to get the Covid shot because I had had my shingles shot six days before. They told me they would reschedule, but I have heard nothing from them. Will I need to apply again or am I on a list to be rescheduled.

  2. I signed up for the vaccine in December. I received a text two or three weeks ago that you had my information and since then I have not received a single call for an appointment. And now you say you’ve vaccinated 73 percent of people over 65?

  3. Will my husband and I get any confirmation of our already scheduled appointment for our second Moderna vaccination due on 2/9/2021, or do we just show up for the appointed time?

  4. I signed up for the first shot on the leon cty health dept website as soon as they started giving the shots to 65 and over. So far I have not received notification that it was my turn to get a shot. When will I be notified that it is my turn.

  5. How can you vaccinate people and end up with nearly a third of the vaccinated population show up as other or unknown on this chart. Add to this the
    very small number of black people vaccinated and you end up with a lot of discontent. If you are going to collect this data and analyze it properly, you first have to ensure your documentation methods are beyond reproach. Currently, they are not.

  6. Me and my husband signed up with form before you stopped. Still hv not been called t with appt to get vaccine. We are 74 and 75. Patricia McNeal and Robert McNeal. 7964 Bernard Street Tallahassee Fl 32317 phone cell 8507280254 home 8508778084. Please call to receive patmcn22@gmail.com

  7. When will 60 year old people be able to be vaccinated and where are sights in Tallahassee. Last, how do I sign up to appointment when my age group is assigned?

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